343 Chapter 343: Nine Swords Destruction

    "You do know how to be proud. Too bad that your pride will be your downfall today," The King said as he brought his weapon out of his storage ring.

    It was a silver color hammer. From first glance, Long Chen had recognized that it was an Earth Grade treasure.

    Long Chen didn't attack and instead started speaking.

    "Let me ask you a question first. Do you think..." Long Chen asked, but before completing his sentence, he disappeared from his position as he appeared behind the king and swung his sword towards the King's neck.

    The King's reaction was much faster as he turned back and used his hammer to stop the sword.

    Both the weapons clashed, but the difference between their strength was just too much.

    Because of Long Chen's power being restricted, he wasn't able to use his full strength. He was pushed back 10 steps, but he wasn't harmed as his body was still quite strong.

    "I can win, I'll go then," Long Chen smiled as he started running away.

    That is what the king saw, but in reality, Long Chen was still standing there and he had begun using his law of Illusion on the king.

    He had already used the law of Illusion a lot today, and he was sure that he wouldn't be able to keep it up for long. Still, he did hope that the King would fall for his truck and chase after the Illusion.

    He had planned that when he would reach near him, Long Chen would attack him with his sword.

    He had tried something similar on Lang Jing during their first fight, but it had failed. Lang Jing was too sharp and his senses were too amazing. Long Chen was caught, but he did hope that the King won't be like that.

    The King didn't have the resources and skills of the Dark Soul Sect, he wasn't even as strong in cultivation as Lang Jing.

    Long Chen was sure that if his cultivation wasn't restricted, he would not have such a hard time in this battle. He would have been able to match the King, even though barely.

    The King did fall for the trick as he chased after the illusion that was running away from him.

    In no time, he had reached in front of the real Long Chen who was waiting eagerly.

    As soon as the King got near him, Long Chen swung his sword. The sword cut the neck of the king and separated his head from his body, but Long Chen didn't look happy.

    He saw the king standing 10 meters away from him. There was a scratch on his neck that was bleeding, but it was only a minor injury.

    "I must say, you almost got me. I lost my life-saving treasure because of you, but I did survive. You won't survive though. You must pay for my treasure with your life!" The King said as he glared at Long Chen.

    The King had a life-saving Jade in his pocket that had been passed down from generations in the Rui Clan. It was a treasure that was always in an active state. As soon as the person that was protected by the treasure, it would get to work.

    As soon as a life-threatening attack would break his defenses and touch his body, he would be teleported to a nearby place while a clone would be left behind.

    Unfortunately, it was a one-time use item. As soon as it's effect was activated to save a life, the treasure would be destroyed. Long Chen's attack killed the useless clone, not the real King and he realized that.

    Even though the treasure activated, Long Chen was still able to give him a wound.

    Without waiting for the King to attack, he teleported behind him as he attacked with his sword. His attack was again intercepted, but he made a Qi Knife and threw it towards the King's chest.

    The King didn't try to stop the knife and let it hit his chest, but he wasn't injured.

    "My armor is  Earth Grade treasure. It automatically projects my chest against weapons of lower grade. You can't do anything to me," The King sarcastically said.

    "Vajra Finger!" He called out as he used his left-hand finger to strike Long Chen, but Long Chen once again used his teleportation and changed his location. He appeared behind the king and threw a Qi knife towards his neck this time.

    He didn't wait there as he knew that the King would intercept the Qi Knife, that's why he teleported once again and appeared on the other side and attacked with his sword.

    At the moment, 2 attacks were coming towards the king. One was the Qi Knife, coming towards his neck while the other one was the King's Sword coming towards his chest.

    Long Chen was sure that his King's Sword would be able to penetrate an Earth Grade armor.

    The King also seemed to have sensed the sword's power. He realized that he was in a big problem.

    He decided to use his hammer to protect his neck that was most important, while he moved his body to dodge the Sword.

    His speed was quite fast as he took care of the Qi Knife, but he still wasn't able to dodge the Sword completely.

    Although he did manage to protect his heart that was targeted by Long Chen, the sword did manage to penetrate his chest. The sword missed King's vital organs by a small distance only.

    The King moved back and the sword was removed from his chest.

    His chest had started bleeding, but as his cultivation was high, he didn't show the least bit of pain on his face.

    "Good! Very Good! You dared to harm our Royal Body? I'd let you see the real meaning of pain when we slaughter you," The King laughed hysterically as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Nine Swords Destruction!" The King roared loudly. The Shadow of 9 swords could be seen appearing over his head that kept getting bigger.

    "You like to dodge right? Let us see where you run to now!" The King said as the swords advanced towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen used teleport just when the sword shadows were about to strike him, but the sword shadows didn't stop. It was as if they had a soul and they knew that they had to kill Long Chen no matter what.

    Long Chen threw his Qi knife towards one of the swords before he teleported once again and dodged the attack.

    The Qi Knife clashed with the sword and immediately got destroyed.

    "That knife was equal to the Initial Gold Grade weapon, but it was destroyed. Just how powerful are those sword shadows?" Long Chen muttered.

    He was constantly chased by the swords without even having any time for relaxation.

    He ultimately teleported right in front of the king and when the sword shadows got there, he instantly teleported 100 meters away.

    "Let's see how you like Xianwu's skill. 7 Forms of Saint Sword:5th Form- Chaos!" Long Chen slashed towards the King.

    A powerful arc of light came out of his sword and advanced towards the king.

    The Sword shadows dodged the king right before striking him and moved towards Long Chen, but they were met by Long Chen's strongest skill, the 7 forms of Saint Sword.

    The Sword shadows clashed with the 5th form of Saint sword, Chaos, and after a bitter struggle, both of these attacks were destroyed.

    Long Chen had used so much Qi during this and he realized that if things keep going on like this, he would end up losing this battle. He had already used most of his Qi.

    If he lost all his Qi, he would have no choice but to run away or use the 2nd darkness skill which he didn't want to use unless he absolutely had to.

    Right at that moment when Long Chen's attention was diverted, he sensed danger as a hammer flew towards him, but it was too late now.

    The hammer struck his chest.
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