344 Chapter 344: Time to die

    The hammer struck Long Chen's chest, making him fly away like a broken kite as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    He crashed 200 meters away from the king.

    Long Chen could feel that a lot of his Bones were broken, but fortunately, he hadn't died.

    His Demon Monarch Physique had taken care of most of the damage, but the attack was just too powerful and Long Chen hadn't achieved a high enough realm in Demon Monarch Physique cultivation, otherwise, he wouldn't even be scratched from an attack like this.

    He struggled to stand up and used his sword as support to stand up. His chest was aching and he could hear the sound of his bones making noise as he stood up, but he didn't let the pain show on his face, even after all that.

    "Hah, I guess it has actually come to this. I can't win without giving myself to the darkness," Long Chen muttered as he saw the king stepping towards him.

    He was just about to use the Second Skill of Law of Darkness when he heard the sound of claps.

    "Great work kid. I hadn't expected that you would have taken care of my enemy and weakened him for me. You even made him use a protection treasure that I didn't even know he had. I hadn't realized that this old guy would have so many tricks up his sleeve, but then again he survived last time because of something similar as well,"

    Long Chen saw a woman walking towards the king from behind.

    "It's you!"

    "It's you!"

    Long Chen and the King both said at the same time.

    "Huh, so my assumption was correct. You're with the assassin that targeted me a few weeks ago!" The King glared at Long Chen as he said.

    "And you! Don't think that I won't be able to take care of you just because I'm injured!" The King told the girl that was walking towards him as he picked up his hammer.

    "You old fool, you've lost everything. You're injured, your armor is destroyed, your life-saving treasure has been used up, your guards are dead and you have even used most of your Qi. I don't think you should be that confident," The girl said with a grin on her face.

    "You witch, even if you dare to seek benefits at others expenses, you should see your strength first! Just like a single spark can create a blaze, even an injured lion like me can burn you to ashes!" The King let out.

    "Hahaha, You old guy. Even in such a situation, you don't stop bragging. Today is the day you'll be punished for all your crimes. With your death, the sins of your clan shall be wiped clean," The girl said smiling as she took 2 knives out and held one on each of her hands.

    Long Chen was still standing there with the support of his sword. He was astonished at how the situation had changed. The one on one death fight that was unfavorable to him had changed. A new member had joined the fight while giving Long Chen a way out.

    What really shocked Long Chen was the identity of the girl. The girl was none other than the same girl that he had talked so many times since coming into the Kingdom.

    The girl that managed the reception and took care of the hotel in which Long Chen was staying.

    'She was the assassin that attacked the King previously?' He wondered.

    He was quite surprised that she hid her identity so well. She seemed like such an average girl. Even he himself wasn't able to guess that she would be an assassin.

    He walked towards the wall and sat down as he started restoring his Qi and healing his internal injuries.

    The girl looked so confident that he was sure that she would defeat the king.

    The fight between the king and the girl began. Although the king had been fighting for so long, his Qi reserves were still not depleted.

    Even though he was injured, he was able to utilize most of his strength. But it still looked like he was not in his optimal condition.

    Long Chen could see that the girl was definitely an expert from the way she fought. Surprisingly, her cultivation was also revealed at the moment. She was a Sky Realm cultivator as well. Although she was only in the first realm, unlike the king that was in the Second Realm already.

    'She must have an artifact that was able to hide her cultivation from my eyes before. But that artifact can't hide her cultivation now that she's using her Qi,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the girl.

    "Your Majesty, we're here!" It was at that moment 10 more guards came there. They were all in Earth Realm as well, but none of them were in the higher stages of the Earth Realm.

    Even the strongest cultivator amongst them was only at the 6th stage of the Earth Realm.

    "Hah, My men are here! You can't escape, you witch! Last time you were lucky but this time, you won't be!" The King said smiling as he continued his battle with the girl.

    Even though they were weak, Long Chen realized that if they all joined with the king to attack the girl, she might be in danger.

    "Looks like they won't let me get rest in peace," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He used one of the strongest martial skills of the Dark Soul Sect and used his Qi to make a bow. He even made the strings of the bow with his Qi along with the arrows.

    Long Chen shot an arrow after aiming at one of the guards. The guards were focused on the king and didn't see an arrow coming towards them.

    The arrow penetrated the forehead of the strongest guard and killed him instantly.

    The guards began searching the direction where the arrow came from, and soon their eyes fell on Long Chen who held a bow in his hand. Right at that instant, Long Chen fired another arrow that penetrated the head of another guard.

    "There he is! Go catch him before he kills us all!" The guards said loudly as they ran towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't stop firing arrows and one after another, the guards kept falling down to the ground.

    Before a single guard could even reach him, they had all died.

    "Poor guys. Looks like they didn't even have shields or any defensive skill," Long Chen let out loud as if he was trying to mock the king himself.

    "You bastard! You ruined everything again!" The king roared loudly as he glanced back at Long Chen for an instant.

    The small moment of diversion was enough for the girl though. She utilized the opportunity and managed to break the defense of the king as she stabbed one knife at his neck, and the other one at his chest.

    "Urghh," The king coughed out a mouthful of blood as his heart and neck were stabbed.

    "Have a great journey to hell," The girl said, smiling as she sliced his neck off. The King's head was separated from his body. His headless body fell down to the ground.

    The girl looked towards Long Chen after killing the king.

    "Thanks, kid. You helped me so much. Without you, it wouldn't even be possible to complete the mission so soon," The girl said with a bright smile on her face as she stepped towards Long Chen.

    "Now that I've thanked you, it's time for me to kill you. Even though you helped me, I can't let you live. Sorry kid. Tough luck," The girl said as her smile widened. She once again brought her knife out as she stood just 2 meters away from Long Chen.
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