346 Chapter 346: Harmful

    After some more struggle, Xun started speaking first.

    "Alright! Let's release together! 3... 2... 1..."

    They both released each other at the time. Xun began rubbing her cheeks as she glared at Long Chen.

    "Hey Xun, Now that you can finally touch something real, how does it feel?" Long Chen asked.

    "It feels nice. I never thought that I would be able to touch anything," Xun said as a pleased smile appeared on her face.

    "You'll be able to touch many more things when I become the strongest and make a body for you," He said smilingly.

    "I'll wait for that day," Xun replied as she glanced at him with a bright look on her face.

    "Yeah, then you'll be able to eat to your heart's content. Maybe you'll grow a little as well," He chuckled as he told her.

    "Hmph, you're just jealous of my beauty," Xun snorted.

    "Hah, maybe. Oh right, I completely forgot that I called you out for a reason," Long Chen said as if he suddenly remembered something.

    "What reason?" She inquired.

    "It's about the poison. You're so knowledgeable, don't you have an idea what I can do? I can't kill him without healing the poison and my strength won't recover without killing him," Long Chen described his problem.

    "I can tell you that your poison problem will be solved as soon as you kill Lang Jing. As for how you'll do that, That's a whole different matter," She told him.

    "The poison problem will be solved?" Long Chen exclaimed.

    "Yup. There's something in the bloodline temple that will solve your problem as soon as you complete this trial," She said.

    Long Chen fell in deep thought as he tried to analyze the meaning behind her words.

    "Does this have something to do with the rewards?" He asked.

    "You'll know soon enough. For now, you should focus on killing Lang Jing," She smiled as she told him before she disappeared.

    "Sigh, Killing Lang Jing, that's easier said than done. I feel like I'm still not strong enough. I'll need to find an opportunity to get the better of him," Long Chen muttered as he tried to come up with a plan.

    It took him one week to get back to the sect and he landed right before the mission hall.

    He walked inside the punishment hall and walked up to the table of level 3 mission elder.

    "Little friend, you're back quite fast. It's only been 5 months. As expected of a Demon Ranked disciple, you're indeed strong," The elder saw Long Chen and with a pleased look on his face, greeted him.

    "Here is the Ruler and here's my badge. Can you transfer the contribution points faster? I'm in somewhat of a hurry," Long Chen told the Elder.

    "Oh, Of course. I'll do it right away," The Elder didn't mind Long Chen's tone and picked up the badge as he started transferring the contribution points.

    "It's done," He said as he gave the badge back to Long Chen.

    "Thanks," Long Chen took the badge and thanked the Elder before he left.

    He walked back to his courtyard and didn't forget to message Lang Jing that he was back.

    He did that as he needed Lang Jing to send the suppression pills of the poison to him.

    He walked back to his courtyard and knocked on the door.

    Man Gu opened the door and looked visibly surprised to see Long Chen.

    "You're back, Master. Welcome back. How did the mission go?" He asked.

    "It went well. I don't think it was as troublesome as I was expecting it to. No trouble at all," Long Chen said as he entered inside.

    "I'll have a rest. I'm quite tired," He told Man Gu as he walked back to his bedroom and closed the door.

    He fell down on the bed and immediately fell asleep. The journey had indeed been quite tiring and he didn't rest much either.

    As he was sleeping, A meeting between the Sect Master, the Grand Elders, and the black-robed Elders was taking place.

    Lang Jing was here as well and he had received Long Chen's message.

    "And that's how we know that it will be appearing near the North Moon Empire this time. I'm sure the other sects know about it as well and they'll send their teams as well. We will also send our team. The team of our greatest disciples. I've already made a list and  Mu Zheng will be the leader of the team and Chu Miao shall be the vice leader," The Sect Master said.

    "I object!" Lang Jing raised an objection as he raised his hand.

    "What do you wish to say?" The Sect Master asked.

    "Long Chen is a Demon Ranked disciple! And even if Mu Zheng had also passed the Demon Trial a few months ago, his rank is still below Long Chen. I think Long Chen should be the team leader," Lang Jing said.

    "Elder Lang, the team leader needs to be strong. Although Long Chen is higher in demon ranking, Mu Zheng is higher at Strength Ranking. I think that Mu Zheng deserves to be the captain as well," Another Elder voiced out her opinion.

    A few more elders supported the Sect Master's suggestion about choosing Mu Zhenfeng, but there were a few on Lang Jing's side as well that said that demon ranking had always held more importance in the sect.

    "When it comes to strength, I don't think there's any doubt that Long Chen is stronger. Some of you guys might not know, but Long Chen had already fought Mu Zheng and Mu Zheng was defeated. You were there Grand Elder Chu, did this happen or not?" Lang Jing asked as he looked at Grand Elder Chu who was sitting beside the sect master.

    "It did happen but..." Grand Elder Chu tried explaining, but Lang Jing cut his sentence midway.

    "See? I think it's fully justified that Long Chen should be the captain. I'm sure the sect master will take the right decision regarding this," Lang Jing said smilingly.

    "Indeed, that did happen. But from what I heard, it wasn't a fair battle. It was Long Chen attacking Mu Zheng out of nowhere," The sect master said.

    'Hah, Is that so? I won't say that the sect master is lying, but I do believe that his disciple had lied to her about what happened," Lang Jing said.

    "I'm sure you weren't there either, Lang Jing. You can't be certain as to what happened. And as far as strength is concerned, why don't we let them have a battle. We'll be able to see their Strength. If you don't agree, then I'll declare Lang Jing as captain," She said.

    'Long Chen becoming the captain is the most crucial part of my plan. I can't let it go wrong,' Lang Jing thought.

    "I agree. If he can do it once, he can go it 10 more times as well," He said to the sect master in a confident tone.

    "Very well. They'll have a fight in the 3rd martial arena in 3 days' time," She said with an interested smile on her face.

    Before Lang Jing could reply, another Grand Elder said.

    "That's a good suggestion to see who's stronger, but it might be harmful to our sect. Both are the star disciples of our sect and I don't think that we should risk them getting seriously injured right before this special occasion.

    "I agree with Grand Elder Min. If they fought each other after what happened before, I'm sure that one of them will be seriously injured. And no matter who is injured, it is harmful to our sect as we wouldn't be able to send the best team we could. This upcoming occasion is really important for everyone. There's no need to take this risk," Another Grand Elder said.

    Slowly, all Grand Elders gave their suggestion and most of them agreed that the 2 shouldn't fight.

    "But who should be the captain then?"Someone expressed a concern.
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