347 Chapter 347: Blood Essence

    "It is a real problem. Long Chen is higher in demon ranking while Xu Ming is Higher in Strength Ranking. They are both great disciples of the sect,"

    "Alright. Since all of you are so concerned about the sect and their safety, I have another suggestion," The Sect Master opened her mouth and said.

    "As Lang Jing said, Long Chen is strong enough to defeat my disciple. Let them go take the Strength Ranking test once more. The one that is ranked higher will be the captain," The Sect Master said.

    "Hmm, That's a good suggestion. They would be much safer that way. This is what should be done unless Lang Jing thinks that his disciple can't defeat Mu Zheng. In that case, there won't be any reason to go through this," Grand Elder Chu asserted.

    "I agree," Lang Jing let out without the least bit of worry.

    "Good. Both of them can take the strength ranking test in the next 7 days as they please. The one that's ranked higher at the end of the 7th day will be the captain," The Sect Master declared.

    "Alright. That is all for today's meeting," She further said as she stood up and left the hall. The others left as well.

    "It would have been better if Lang Jing had accepted my proposal to have them both fight. Mu Zheng would be able to take his revenge without any trouble, but there's no worry. He can do that after he becomes the captain as well,"

    " He and Long Chen would be on the same team. There will be many opportunities," The Sect Master muttered as she walked towards the Hall where Mu Zheng was training.

    She entered the hall and saw Mu Zheng taking a bath in the pool of blood. He was absorbing the blood essence in order to strengthen his physique even further.

    "How's everything going?" The Sect Master asked as she smilingly looked at Mu Zheng.

    "Everything is going great master. I've already achieved a breakthrough and my body is also strengthened. I should be able to match a gold grade artifact with just my Physique," He said smilingly.

    "Long Chen is back in the sect, but you can't kill him inside the sect. You can only kill him when you leave the sect with him later," She told him.

    "It's alright, Master. It doesn't matter where he dies. He will definitely die by my hands for what he did to me. Also, my skill has evolved as well. I should be able to destroy his Martial Soul and give him the same pain," Mu Zhang let out as he looked at his master.

    "Good, there's one more thing. You'll need to take the strength ranking test once more. Long Chen will also take the test. The one that's higher in the ranking will be the captain of the team on the mission. Make sure that you give your best. Let the sect see the difference between yourself and Long Chen," she said.

    "I will, Master! He was weak even before he hurt me by using despicable means. He definitely can't even dream to match me now that I have broken through," He said in a confident tone as he kept absorbing the essence from the blood.

    "The Secret Art of Blood Desire is great, master. Thank you for imparting such a great art to me," He further added.

    "It is indeed a great art. The only downside is that so many girls need to die so that the blood can be collected. It's fine though. There's no lack of mortals in the world. Just keep absorbing the essence and strengthening yourself," She said smilingly before she turned back and left.


    Lang Jing had directly come to Long Chen's courtyard after the meeting ended.

    He straight away walked inside the courtyard as the door was unlocked and went towards his room.

    The whole place looked empty as even Man Gu was not there.

    The door of Long Chen's room was locked and Lang Jing knocked on it heavily but the door wasn't opened.

    In his frustration, he just broke the door and entered the room of Long Chen.

    Long Chen was sleeping, but he woke up at the sound of knocking on the door. He had just sat up when Lang Jing broke the door and entered.

    "That's the second time you broke the door of my room. Can't you wait for a little, I was just about to open the door," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

    "I don't feel like waiting. It's about time for you to do something for me. The thing I need you to do will be starting soon, I'll tell you what it is later. For now, you just need to know that you have become the leader of the team of Dark Soul Sect," Lang Jing informed Long Chen

    "Leader? And how can I become the leader? Long Chen inquired.

    "The person that is no. 1 in the strength Ranking after 7 days will be the captain. Also, Mu Zheng has recovered. He will be fighting for the leadership as well. You need to know, if you don't become the leader, it will be quite difficult for you to complete the task that I need you to do," Lang Jing said.

    "Alright. I'll take the 1st rank. But you must return my Devil Hunter Beast to me," Long Chen put forth a condition. He felt like it was the right time to do it.

    "Alright. I'll return your beast to you if you agree to take the 1st rank," Lang Jing agreed.

    "Great. You can leave without worry. The victory is already in the bag," Long Chen said confidently.

    "Don't become overconfident. I don't even know how they healed his destroyed Martial Soul, but now that his Martial Soul went through the tempering of being destroyed and recovering, it would be much stronger," Lang Jing said.

    " Also, from the confident look in the sect master's face, I can confidently say that it's not going to be that easy. She must have helped him get stronger But you can use your law of space and you shouldn't have a problem. Still, be careful," He further added.

    "I'll keep that in mind," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Good. Here's the pill for you. This vial contains 4 suppression pills. You can use them for now," Lang Jing said as he left.

    "Becoming the leader of the team of Dark Soul Sect. I'm 90 percent sure that it's about the same secret mission that the disciples of the Beast Hall were talking about. It would be such a great chance to go to the North Moon Empire and deal with things," He muttered smilingly as he lay back on the bed after Lang Jing left.

    After some more time, he sat up as he looked at the door.

    "Sigh, I'll have to change the room again. He just had to break my door once more, didn't he? I might run out of rooms to sleep if things keep going on like this," He let out.

    He stood up and placed the bed on his storage ring as he left the room and walked to the nearby room.

    It was the last room in this place that still had a door. He decided to make it into his bedroom. He entered the room and closed the door.

    He brought the bed out once more and started resting on it.


    Time kept passing slowly and just like that, 6 days had passed. It was the 7th day today and the day of the final test, but the Ranking Hall was strangely silent.

    No one knew Long Chen and Mu Zheng were going to have a trial here, but when they saw so many Elders standing here, they just didn't dare to come near the Ranking Hall.
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