349 Chapter 349: Orion

    Long Chen and the Sky Realm Puppet kept fighting for quite some time.

    It didn't look like Long Chen had any advantage in the battle, instead, his Qi was getting depleted rapidly.

    Fortunately, in the last 7 days, Long Chen had fully utilized his talent in alchemy and made Qi Replenishing Pills. Although those pills didn't recover his Qi fully, they still made him able to fight for longer.

    The fight lasted for 2 full hours before Long Chen felt like it was enough.

    As time went on, the puppet was only getting stronger. He wasn't sure if the puppet hadn't been using his full strength before, but he was definitely stronger now.

    "There's no way Mu Zheng could have defeated this puppet! It seems impossible after everything I tried. Then that must mean that the test is about who could last longer in the test with the Sky Realm Puppet,"

    "Mu Zheng spent only an hour inside the Ranking Hall whereas it has been more than 2 hours for me. I think I've won. There's no need to try to get injured. Even the Qi Replenishing pills aren't able to keep up now," He muttered as he moved towards the wall on the left and pressed the button.

    As soon as the button was pressed the puppet stopped fighting. It went back to the room.

    The exit door was open and Long Chen left the room.

    He was able to hear the voices of the people outside as soon as he stepped outside the Ranking Hall.

    "He spent more than 2 hours inside. I feel like it's clearly his victory," A Grand Elder Said.

    "Not necessarily. Who knows, he might have been fighting the Earth Realm puppet for 2 hours and still couldn't win? Only the results that come tomorrow will give the clear picture as to who won," Grand Elder Chu said.

    Long Chen walked up to Lang Jing and nodded his head calmly as if he was telling Lang Jing that it was his victory.

    Lang Jing nodded back and left with Long Chen without talking with anyone.

    "Huh, He knew that he was defeated and he was ashamed to stay here for longer. It's clear," Mu Zheng let out as he looked at Long Chen walking away.

    "We'll see the results tomorrow and the captain will be decided. Then we can select the rest of the team members other than Long Chen, Mu Zheng, and Chu Miao" The Prime Grand Elder said as he looked at Grand Elder Chu.

    The Prime Grand Elder was said to be the strongest amongst the Grand Elders. It was also rumored that he was even stronger than the Sect Master but he wasn't greedy for the Sect Master position. All he cared about was the Sect.

    He was the only person in the whole sect that gave worries to the Sect Master. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that he kept her in check so that she doesn't do anything wrong in the sect.

    Only because of the Prime Elder, she did not attack or punish Long Chen herself when Mu Zheng was harmed. According to the laws of the sect, Long Chen wasn't in the wrong as he was a Demon Ranked disciple.

    The Prime Elder would definitely have opposed her. Prime Elder was also close to most of the Grand Elder, so it was clear that they would have supported him as well.

    All the Elders and Grand Elders left that place and walked back to their courtyards. They were all expectant for the results of tomorrow.


    Lang Jing was walking with Long Chen. He hadn't said anything throughout the journey, but he opened his mouth as they got near Long Chen's courtyard.

    "How long did you fight the Peak Sky Realm puppet?"

    "Around 2 hours I think," Long Chen replied.

    "Hmm, Good. It's your victory then. Come with me, I'll take you to your beast," Lang Jing said.

    "Aren't you going to wait for the results?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "No need. If you're lying, I can still take back the beast. But if it actually turned out that you are lying, I won't just take back the beast. I'll kill him right before your eyes," Lang Jing said as a grin appeared on his face.

    A Winged Lion landed in front of them.

    "Let's go," Lang Jing said to Long Chen as he climbed on his Winged Lion. Long Chen also climbed on it.

    The Winged Lion began flying.

    Long Chen could see that they were going towards Lang Jing's courtyard.

    'Was he hiding Orion in his courtyard?' He wondered, but the Winged Lion didn't stop near the Courtyard and continued flying.

    After a few more minutes, the Winged Lion did come down to the ground and landed near a small building. It seemed like an abandoned building.

    Lang Jing and Long Chen got off the Winged Lion and walked towards the door. As they got near the door, Long Chen noticed that the door looked similar to the door of the prison he was in when he first woke up in the Dark Soul Sect.

    It meant that the Door was unbreakable, or at least unbreakable for a Sky Realm expert. He wasn't sure if a Heaven Realm cultivator could break it or not.

    "What is this place?" Long Chen inquired as he observed the old building.

    "Think of it as an old relic of the past," Lang Jing said smilingly.

    Lang Jing opened the door and entered the building.

    Long Chen followed after him.

    As soon as he entered, he saw Orion sitting in a corner of a building. There was a barrier surrounding him.

    'That barrier must be the thing that was preventing me from sensing his location,' Long Chen thought as he observed the barrier.

    The barrier was disabled and Orion was free. As soon as Orion was free, it jumped towards Lang Jing in order to kill him, but it was too weak compared to Lang Jing.

    Lang Jing easily caught Orion by his neck. Orion couldn't help but struggle fiercely, but he wasn't able to free himself.

    "Put him down!" Long Chen let out loudly. He couldn't bear seeing Orion hurt.

    "Your beast is quite good. Too bad that you have already tamed it," Lang Jing said smilingly as he threw Orion towards Long Chen.

    "Hey buddy, Calm down. You're free now. I won't let anyone hurt you," Long Chen said smilingly as he looked in Orion's eyes.

    Orion calmed down as he heard Long Chen and started looking back at him excitedly.

    Long Chen had a fake beast bag in his hand and he pretended that he sent Orion in his Beast Bag, but in reality, he had sent Orion in the beast region inside his storage ring, but Lang Jing didn't know that.

    Lang Jing and Long Chen both left the place and Lang Jing once again locked the door. They got on the Winged Lion that started flying and stopped near Lang Jing's courtyard.

    "My Winged Lion will take you to your courtyard," Lang Jing told Long Chen before he got off the Winged Lion.

    The Winged Lion took Long Chen back to his courtyard and left him there as he went back.

    Long Chen entered his courtyard and straight walked back to his room.

    "It will soon be the time when I know what Lang Jing wants me to do and what this whole thing is about. What could be so important that all these big sects are willing to move out? Can it be that a Heavenly Artifact is about to appear?" Long Chen thought.

    He couldn't help but be excited at the thoughts of it. As Xun had already made it clear that his poison would be cured at the bloodline temple after he killed Lang Jing, he didn't have to worry about it.
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