352 Chapter 352: Hes Master Chen?

    "You vile beast! Leave my son alone!" A loud roar came from behind.

    Long Chen turned back only to find a man running towards them.

    The Man looked quite old. it seemed as if he was older than 60. He had a head full of long white hair, but no beard.

    "You must be his father," Long Chen said to the man that had stopped just 20 meters away from them.

    "Yes, I'm Yao Mu! Release my son right now if you do not wish to die!" Outer Elder Yao Mu said to Long Chen.

    "Why should I listen to you?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face as he tightened his grip once again. Yao Li found it even more difficult to breathe now. His eyes were turning red.

    "You bastard! You must be an Inner Disciple! Don't think that I can't punish you! If you release my son, I won't punish and I won't kill you. I have already informed an Inner Elder. He should be coming here soon. He'll take you to your punishment, but you won't be killed! If you don't release my son, you'll definitely die" Outer Elder Yao Mu said to Long Chen.

    "Hmm. So I won't be killed if I release him?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

    "Yes! Your life will be spared," Outer Elder Yao Mu said.

    "Oh, nice," Long Chen smiled as he looked towards Yao Li.

    Yao Li saw that smile and felt a chill run down his spine. It seemed as if he was looking at a devil just before a slaughter.

    "I'll repeat the same thing. Arrogance only suits the ones with strength or the ones that believe that they can survive," Long Chen said to Yao Li as he crushed his neck.

    Yao Li died with his eyes wide open.

    Long Chen threw his body away.

    "See? I released him. I can live now, can't I?" Long Chen asked as he looked towards Outer Elder Yao Mu.

    "Youuuuu!" Outer Elder Yao Mu's eyes turned red as he ran towards Long Chen like a wild beast and punched his head.

    "Only a 1st stage Earth Realm. cultivator? Why doesn't anyone understand? It's so simple!" Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He saw the fist coming towards his head. Although it was Elder Mu's fastest speed, to Long Chen, it was as slow as a turtle.

    He moved his hand and easily caught the fist.

    "You! H-how!" He exclaimed in shock as he found it difficult to move his hand. He wasn't even able to free his hand.

    "Because," Long Chen muttered as he kicked the chest of Outer Elder Yao Mu, making him fly far away.

    Yao Mu felt like his chest was broken as he coughed out a mouthful of blood before he crashed on the ground.

    It was at that moment, Long Chen saw that more outer sect elders were coming towards him.

    "Friends, this inner disciple came here and killed our disciple. He even attacked me! Kill him!" Outer Elder said to the other Elders.

    Yao Mu's body and his face were bleeding and he couldn't even stand up, but he was able to talk. He wanted Long Chen to die and he thought that with all these elders, there was no way he could survive even though he was unusually strong.

    The Elders didn't attack Long Chen, instead they all looked towards the sky.

    Another elder was coming towards them on his flying beast.

    Long Chen saw the clothes of the Elder and realized that he was an Inner Elder.

    The Inner Elder landed on the ground and looked at Yao Mu lying on the ground.

    "Elder Du, you're here! Please serve justice! A disciple from your inner sect came here and killed 3 of our disciples! He even attacked me! Please serve justice and kill that vile creature. He doesn't deserve to live in our great sect!" Outer Elder Yao Mu said to the Inner Elder Du.

    Elder Du was an Inner Elder. He was just 40 years old. He had long black hair and a pretty decent face. He always looked serious and no one had ever seen him smile.

    "Oh? Someone did that? I was wondering why you called me here, I didn't know it would be such a big matter. Don't worry. Now that I'm here, I'll handle everything. I'll deal the proper punishment," Elder Du said calmly as he turned to look towards the person that was standing in front of him.

    As soon as he saw Long Chen, his eyes opened wide in shock.

    "M-m-master Chen?" He exclaimed in shock as soon as he saw Long Chen.

    "Yeah. Do I know you?" Long Chen asked in surprise. He didn't remember seeing a face like that.

    "How can someone as great as you know me? It's just that I saw you from a great distance when you went to take the test for leadership," Elder Du said with a fawning smile on his face.

    All the Outer Elders that were present there were shocked as they saw the man smile for the first time. They couldn't believe their eyes.

    The condition of Yao Mu was even worse. He couldn't understand why Elder Du was talking so nicely to the kid.

    "Elder Du! Why are you talking to that kid with so much respect! He caused so much destruction. You must punish him!" Yao Mu again said.

    Elder Du turned back to look at Elder Yao Mu with a furious look on his face.

    "You idiot! You dared to mess with Master Chen? Has your brain been eaten by a pig! You don't even know how to respect a Demon Ranked disciple?" Elder Du scolded as he kicked Yao Mu.

    Yao Mu flew even farther before he once again crashed on the ground. His injuries that were already bad had grown even worse, but he didn't care about them at the moment.

    He was more worried about what he had heard.

    'That kid was a Demon Ranked Disciple? Master Chen, That's right! He should be the demon of the sect, Long Chen! What did I do! How could I be so stupid! Why isn't he wearing the badge!' Yao Mu wanted to cry and slap himself and his son for making such a big mistake. Now even his own life was in danger.

    "Master Chen!" The Other Outer Elders greeted Long Chen as they joined their hands. They were glad that they hadn't attacked Long Chen a moment ago, or they would all be in serious trouble.

    "Master Chen, that fool made a big mistake. How do you wish to punish him?" Elder Du asked Long Chen.

    "There's only a single punishment, death. You must have heard, If small holes aren't fixed, then big holes will bring hardship. It's a similar principle. As soon as the enemy is killed, it's over. Otherwise, they would just keep coming back like insects in order to get their revenge," Long Chen muttered as he began walking towards Yao Mu.

    'As expected from the Demon of the Sect. So ruthless and decisive. He isn't afraid of killing anyone,' Elder Du thought as he saw Long Chen's back. He couldn't help but praise Long Chen's decisiveness when it came to killing potential enemies.

    Long Chen stood near Yao Mu.

    "Please forgive me, Master Chen! I was blinded by my love for my son. I had eyes, but I failed to see Mount Tai! Please don't kill me! I'll never do this again!" Yao Mu said as he started pleading.

    "An elder should be impartial. Your sect should be your family. We are in an Evil sect, that doesn't mean that you can let your son do unjust, while you turn a blind eye. That's how a Sect loses prominence. I didn't wish for any potentially gifted disciple to be harmed by that son of yours, that's why I came to punish your Son. Despite being an elder, you supported this behavior. Guilty," Long Chen said softly as he sliced the neck of Elder Yao and separated his head off his body.
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