353 Chapter 353: Selection

    Long Chen killed Elder Yao Mu before he turned back.

    He looked towards the kids that were outside. His single gaze was enough to send chills down their spine.

    "If anyone dared to bully his brother, you'll be next," Long Chen warned them before he started walking back.

    The Outer Elders wanted to talk to him and get close, but after seeing everything, they didn't dare.

    Only Inner Elder Du ran after him.

    "Master Chen, you must be walking towards the Core Sect, my courtyard lies along the way, how about you come to my place. I've just received a fresh batch of the world-famous Fragrance of Blossom Tea Leaves. The tea is said to be heavenly. I would love to host you for some tea," Elder Du said with a smile on his face.

    "Hmm? Sorry, but I'm not free today. I just came here to help someone. Maybe some other day," Long Chen rejected the offer.

    "Oh, alright. I can at least escort you back, right?" Elder Du said.

    "Are you saying that I would need your protection to walk back?" Long Chen inquired as he looked towards Elder Du.

    "Ah, not at all. Who am I to provide protection to someone like you. I just wish that I would be able to keep you company for some time," Elder Du said with a fawning look on his face.

    "You don't need to go through the trouble. Just go back to your courtyard when we get there. Maybe I'll come to visit you in the future," Long Chen casually said, though he didn't mean it.

    "Indeed. I'll wait for that day," Elder Du said, smilingly.

    He accompanied Long Chen to the inner portion of the sect and left as he got to his courtyard. He did not forget to remind Long Chen to visit him though.

    Long Chen walked back to his courtyard and entered with Man Gu.

    "Thank you for everything you did for me, Master. Now my brother can cultivate in peace,"  Man Gu thanked Long Chen.

    "Don't worry about it. Anyways, I'm going to cultivate. I'll keep the door unlocked, so if he comes again, tell him that the door is open. I don't want him to break another door," Long Chen said to Man Gu.

    "Him?" Man Gu inquired in confusion.

    "The person that broke the last 2 doors," Long Chen said in annoyance.

    "Oh, you mean your master. I'll tell him," Man Gu nodded his head.


    Long Chen entered his room and closed the door, but he did not lock it.

    There was no benefit in locking the door as Lang Jing would just break it if he needed it.

    Long Chen sat down in a meditative position as he began his cultivation that was already delayed quite a lot.

    Long Chen had only cultivated for half an hour before he was able to break through to the 3rd stage of the Earth Realm.

    He finally breathed in relief before he continued his cultivation once again.


    A day passed, and all the Grand Elders and the Black Robed Elders were sitting around a round table. The Sect Master was also there.

    "Alright. So it is already decided that Long Chen will be the team leader. Mu Zheng will be the vice-captain. We have 1 Ancient Token and we can only send 10 people from our sect to that place. I already have 4 names decided, and I wasn't to hear your opinions on who else to choose. Should we simply choose the top 10 in Strength Ranking?" The Sect Master enquired.

    "I believe that the 4 names you already have are Rank 1 Long Chen, who is also Rank one in Alchemy Ranking and Demon Ranking. Rank 2 Mu Zheng who is Rank 1 in Artificer Ranking and Rank 2 in Demon Ranking. Rank 3 Chu Miao who doesn't hold any other ranking. Rank 4 Su Zhen who is now ranked 2 in Alchemy Ranking," Prime Grand Elder said.

    "Yes," The Sect Master replied.

    "Since we are going with Strength Ranking, you can choose Rank 5 to Rank 9 from Strength Ranking as well," The Prime Elder said.

    "Why not rank 10 as well? We'll have all 10 people then?" The Sect Master inquired in confusion.

    "I believe that we should include Rank 11 Dai Hu instead of Rank 10 Mu Mu," Prime Elder said.

    "I think I understand what you're talking about. Dai Hu also holds the 1st Rank in Medicine Ranking. His worth is more than the Rank 10 Mu Mu. I support this suggestion," Another Grand Elder said.

    "I support it as well,"

    "I support it as well,"

    Slowly, every elder started speaking. All in support of the Prime Elder's suggestion. Even Lang Jing and Grand Elder Chu agreed.

    "Alright. The team is decided. Now we should decide on the one that will escort them. There will be other sects there as well and some righteous ones might attack our team. I believe that the other sects will send only 1 elder as decided between all the sects. We need someone strong and smart," The Sect Master said.

    "Lang Jing can be the one," Prime Elder said.

    "No, His own disciple is part of the team. Other members might talk about potential partiality. I believe that it should be Mi Yao," Sect Master said as she entered a suggestion.

    "Mi Yao is back from her mission?"  Prime Elder inquired.

    "Yeah, she just came back. She finished the mission. The king that caused Mu Chan to be caught by the Beast Hall Elder is dead," The Sect Master said.

    "Lang Jing, what do you say about this? Do you wish to go or should it be Mi Yao instead?" Prime Elder asked Lang Jing.

    "It's alright. It doesn't matter much. Let her be the one to go. I believe the sect master won't allow me just because my disciple is involved. Just like I wasn't allowed to go kill the king that caused my disciple to get caught," Lang Jing said.

    "Good. It's decided then. Mi Yao will escort the team," The Sect Master said.

    "I and Prime Elder will call them tomorrow to explain the mission. You can leave," She said as she stood up and left. Everyone else left as well.

    Lang Jing sent a message to Long Chen that he needed to come to the conference tomorrow to get the briefing about what they had to do. After the briefing by the sect master and the Prime Elder, he would be given a private briefing by Lang Jing about what Long Chen actually had to do.


    Long Chen cultivated for the whole night and only stopped when it was morning. His cultivation sessions had been going quite effectively. In fact, the higher his cultivation reached, the faster his Qi absorption speed became.

    He believed that after completion of the bloodline trial, his cultivation speed will increase even more.

    Long Chen stood up and walked to the shower. He came out and changed his clothes to the newer ones before he left his courtyard.

    He walked up to the Discussion Hall that was right beside the Skill Hall. It was a place used for important meetings.

    Long Chen got there at the same time at Chu Miao.

    "Hey there, Captain," Chu Miao greeted him with a grin on her face.

    "You're also in this team? I guess I should've expected that," Long Chen muttered.

    "Hey there!" A voice came from behind.

    Long Chen turned back and found Dai Hu standing behind them. He was the person that took care of the drinking Establishment in the sect. He had treated them to free Spirit Replenishing Wine last time they went there.
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