354 Chapter 354: Divine Heaven Sec

    "Dai Hu? You were selected as well? I thought they selected people from the Strength Ranking?" Chu Miao said.

    "What can I say, I didn't expect myself to be chosen either, but I got a message to come here," Dai Hu replied.

    "Get inside. It's not the time to talk," Long Chen told them as he started walking towards the Discussion Hall without waiting for them.

    "Wait for us!" Chu Miao called out as she entered the Discussion Hall with Dai Hu.

    As Long Chen entered the place, he saw that there were already 7 disciples inside. Amongst those 7, he only recognized Mu Zheng.

    There were 5 chairs in 2 columns facing towards the front.

    The chairs on the right side were filled, the 3rd and 4th chair on the left side were filled as well.

    "I guess they are sitting according to the strength rankings," Long Chen let out as he walked to the first chair on the left side. Chu Miao sat on the chair behind him whereas Dai Hu sat on the last chair.

    Not much time had passed when 3 more people entered the hall. The Sect Master and the Prime Elder were walking in the front. The 3rd person was the one that attracted Long Chen's attention.

    It was the same girl that killed the King of Dementia. The one that wanted to kill Long Chen as well.

    They walked to the front and looked at the disciples that were sitting there.

    The girl's eyes opened wide in shock as soon as she saw Long Chen.

    She couldn't help but point towards Long Chen as she called out.

    "It's you?"

    "Mi Yao, So you know Long Chen?" The Sect Master inquired.

    "I met him in the Dementia Kingdom. Who is he?"The girl asked.

    "He's the leader of the team. The 1st Ranker in a Demon Ranking, Strength Ranking, and Alchemy Ranking," Prime Elder answered instead.

    "You seem surprised to see him, and not the good kind. Was your previous meeting bad?" He asked.

    "Bad would be an understatement. She tried to kill me after I helped her kill the King of Dementia," Long Chen said as he stood up.

    "Yao? Did you really try to kill him? You went there to avenge one Demon Ranked Disciple and you tried to kill another Demon Ranked Disciple instead?" Prime Elder looked at her furiously.

    "I'm sorry, Elder. I didn't know that he was a disciple of our sect, let alone the Prime Disciple! I would never have tried to do it if I had known. I thought that he was a random kid. You know the sect rules. When we perform a mission, we can't leave any witnesses alive! That's what I was trying to do, but he escaped," She said.

    "So it was a misunderstanding. Fortunately, he managed to escape, but still, you should apologize," Prime Elder said.

    "It's fine. I don't think she needs to apologize. It was just a misunderstanding and he's safe. there's no need for it," The Sect Master gave her opinion.

    "There is. As the Sect Master, you should know. A Prime Disciple has the same dignity as a black-robed elder. That's the rule of the sect that had been established by our ancestors! Even if it was a misunderstanding, she should apologize," Prime Elder said.

    "This..." The Sect Master found it hard to respond as the Prime Elder talked about the rules that had indeed been written by the ancestors.

    "Alright.Mi Yao. Apologize," The Sect Master finally said.

    "I'm sorry for what I did," Mi Yao apologized.

    "It's alright," Long Chen replied.

    The Sect Master and Mi Yao walked up to the seats in the front and sat on them.

    "Escaping before the eyes of someone like her, I must say that I'm impressed," Prime Elder said to Long Chen before he walked there and sat as well.

    "Today, I invited you all here to talk about something important," The Sect Master began speaking.

    "You all know that you have become the part of a 10 people team that would be doing something really important, but you don't know what. That's what you'll get to know today,"  She further said.

    "Let me begin with a story first. There was once a really powerful sect. It was called Divine Heaven Sect. It was known as the strongest sect of the continent, some even called it the strongest sect in the world. But I believe that none of you have heard about it right?"

    "That's because it was destroyed. No one knew who did it or what actually caused it, but all the disciples and the Elders died,"

    "As everyone got the information about the sect being destroyed, all the sects went to the Divine Heaven Sect to get the benefits they could. Basically, they went there to loot the sect and take all they possessed. As they got there, they found out the sect wasn't there. It was missing. Even after searching for years, no one could find the sect,"

    "500 years passed when the sect appeared again, at a different place far away from where it originally was. It was surrounded by a barrier. Many people tried, but none could enter. The Sect disappeared after 14 days,"

    "Again 500 years passed and the sect again appeared. This time at an entirely new place. People tried, but no one could enter except one. It was an Earth Realm cultivator. It was discovered that he was able to enter because he possessed the token of appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect. There were only 20 tokens of appreciations that were distributed during the Prosperity of the Divine Heaven Sect,"

    "The sects disappeared after 14 days. The boy that had entered came out with quite a lot of treasures. Although he was killed, the sects knew that the treasures this boy found were actually the worst ones that the sect possessed, yet they were so precious to the outside world. The Divine Heaven Sect contain many precious treasures and skills that helped them dominate the other sects,"

    "The Sects tried their best and soon, all 20 tokens of appreciation were found. The Divine Heaven Sect appeared after 500 years. The sects sent many people but even with the token, the sky realm Cultivators weren't able to enter. Only Earth Realm Cultivators could. It was also found out that with one token, a maximum of 10 people could enter the sect if they all held hands with the token holder,"

    "They entered and explored and found a lot of treasures, but still not the best treasures and skills. The sect was so big and vast that it was difficult to explore it completely in 14 days, still, people kept exploring every time the sect appeared. Even after all these years, the best treasures aren't found,"

    "The Sect will be appearing once again, and based on the previous locations it appeared, we can say for certain that it will appear near the North Moon Empire this time. We got a token of appreciation as well and we want you guys to go there,"

    "You all will be the one that enter the Divine Heaven Sect from our side. Try to get as many benefits as you can and if you are able to find the Heaven Divination Skill of the Divine Heaven Sect, it would be considered the biggest merit and our sect will have the possibility of becoming the strongest sect," The sect master said.

    Everyone in the room was surprised except Mu Zheng as his master had already told him about it.

    "As Long Chen is the leader, he will be the one that carries the Token of Appreciation. You can all enter with him and search for treasures," Prime Elder informed them.
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