355 Chapter 355: The Dead Awakens I

    "You'll all be given a list of the top treasures and skills of the Divine Heaven Sect so that you can know the things you'll have to be on the lookout for. It is a godly opportunity that can change the fate of a person. I hope you will all do your best," He further added.

    "This is Mi Yao. She's a black robe Elder that most of you already know about. She'll be the one escorting you. That's all we had to say. You can leave. The list will be sent to your courtyards in a few hours. You'll be leaving tomorrow night, so be ready. Also, you might face other sects that hate our sect like the Beast Hall. You can kill them all, but you aren't allowed to die," The Sect Master said before she stood up and left. The Prime Elder and Mi Yao also left.

    "Interesting, So we'll get to explore the strongest sect that has ever existed. I can't wait. It would be so great if we could find any treasures. There might even be heavenly herbs there. We'll grow by leaps and bounds," Chu Miao said excitedly.

    "The teams of other sects will be thinking the same thing. Don't die for greed, alright," Dai Hu walked up to them and said.

    "Right. There are 20 tokens of appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect, we can expect 19 more sects. Most of them will be our enemy as we're a dark sect," Long Chen let out.

    "So what? Are you scared? Geez, I can't believe that they made you our captain! The captain should've been Senior Mu. I don't know how you got the 1st rank on all those rankings. You must've cheated, right?" A girl that was sitting nearby stood up and said sarcastically.

    "Do I know you?" Long Chen inquired.

    "She's Su Zhen Rank 4 in Strength Ranking," Chu Miao informed Long Chen.

    "Rank 4? Is she strong enough to be in our team? I'm sorry, but I haven't held a rank lower than rank 3 even when I was new here, so I have no idea how she compares," Long Chen said casually. It seemed as if he was talking to Chu Miao. He didn't even look at Su Zhen.

    "You!!!" Su Zhen fumed in anger.

    "Long Chen, you should control your arrogance, or you might be the first person to die during our mission," Mu Zheng said to Long Chen as he looked at him venomously.

    "Die? Maybe or Maybe not. Anyway, As I'm the captain, you should listen to me. Don't be late when it's time to leave, or you will be left behind," Long Chen said casually before he left, leaving Mu Zheng and Su Zheng behind.

    "Senior Mu, he is so arrogant. I'm sure he cheated. You're the real Captain in my eyes and I will only follow your orders," Su Zhen told him.

    "Thank you. How about we go for a drink," Mu Zheng said with a smile on his face as he extended his hand towards Su Zhen as if he was inviting her.

    "Ah, Sure," Su Zhen agreed.

    Mu Zheng held his hand as he left the place with her.

    "I have precious Wine in my courtyard. Let's go there," He told her as he left the hall. She didn't deny.

    Mu Zheng brought her to his courtyard and took her to his bedroom.

    Su Zhen sat on My Zheng's bed while he served the drink.

    They started drinking.

    "Su Zhen, You know, I've always thought that you are really beautiful," He told her after she had drunk 3 glasses of wine. He placed his hand on her back as he looked in her eyes while he talked.

    "Senior Mu, I've also thought that you were the most handsome man in the Sect," Su Zhen said as she gazed in his eyes. Her face was already crimson by now.

    Mu Zheng slowly brought his face closer to her face and kissed her on her lips. She passionately replied to his kiss as she wrapped her arms around him.

    Both of them fell down to the bed as they embraced each other. Their lips didn't separate.

    They tore off each other's clothes before they began fulfilling their carnal desires.

    Su Zhen didn't know about this, but Mu Zheng had begun using the new skill that he had received from his master.

    He wanted to absorb her primordial yin to boost his cultivation further. Although Su Zhen wouldn't lose her cultivation, she would lose her talent and wouldn't be able to increase her cultivation further.

    On the other hand, Mu Zheng's cultivation as well as his talent will increase. The scariest thing was that Su Zhen wouldn't even realize what just happened to her. She would never know how she lost her talent.


    Long Chen separated from the others and walked back to his courtyard.

    He sat on his bed as he thought about the information he had collected.

    "Divine Heaven Sect, I never heard about it. I wonder how a Strong Sect like this can be destroyed in a single day. Who could be strong enough to cause this?" Long Chen thought.


    In a deserted place, a person was walking under the heat of the sun. He was wearing a cloak and his face was covered in a mask

    He was the same person that had given Mingyu the destiny crystal that had sent her to Long Chen. The same person that was able to kill 2 peak sky realm cultivators in a snap.

    "Destiny is such a strange thing. Despite having so much power, I can't change it," The man muttered as he glanced towards the sky.

    "I can see the darkness shrouding this planet, but I can't see the person who this darkness belongs to," He spoke softly as he continued walking ahead.

    He stopped walking abruptly as he looked down at the ground.

    He waved his hand and the heavy wind started flowing towards the direction he was facing.

    The wind took the sand with it and something that was previously covered below the sand came into view.

    It was a body that looked like it belonged to a boy that was in his early 20s.

    "I wonder what role you will play in everything," the man said in a low voice as he got down to his knees and placed his hand over the forehead of the body.

    The boy that previously looked dead abruptly opened his eyes.


    Long Chen closed his eyes as he began his Demon Monarch Physique cultivation. He was close to a breakthrough in his physical cultivation as well and he believed that in a few days, he will achieve it.

    Time kept passing slowly and the day of departure arrived.

    Long Chen opened his eyes as he stood up.

    "Finally, I can leave. After so long, I'll get to see Mingyu and Zhiqing. I can even finish my revenge," Long Chen muttered as he walked to shower.

    He came out of the shower. His long black hair was still somewhat wet.

    He changed his clothes to the best ones he had before he left his courtyard. They had to leave at night, so he still had time, but he also had to meet Lang Jing who was supposed to tell him his true mission. The thing for which he kept Long Chen here.

    Long Chen went to Lang Jing's courtyard and had a long talk with him.

    There he was told what he had to do, he couldn't help but be shocked as he learned what Lang Jing wanted.

    "Do you want to destroy everything?" Long Chen inquired but he only got a vague reply.

    "You don't need to worry about why I need you to do it or what I intend to do with it. Just do as I said and you will be free," Lang Jing said.

    "Here, Take this map," Lang Jing told Long Chen as he gave him a map.

    Long Chen took the map before he left the courtyard. It was already night as he left.

    It was decided that everyone will meet in front of the Discussion Hall. From there, they will leave.

    As Long Chen got there, he noticed that every team member was already there. It seemed like they were waiting for Long Chen and the Mi Yao.

    Long Chen walked to them. He stood beside Chu Miao. As he looked to his side, he saw that Mu Zheng was standing together with Su Zhen. She was holding onto his hand.

    'I guess they were indeed a couple. That might be why she came after me like that last time,' Long Chen thought.

    'She looks different though. I don't know why it is, but something is missing. I can't put my finger on it though,' He thought as he looked at her.
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