356 Chapter 356: Secrets of the Token

    "Hey Creep! Stop looking at me!" Su Zhen saw Long Chen looking at her and scolded him.

    Everyone heard her, but no one said anything. Both Long Chen and Mu Zheng were in the top 2 of Strength Ranking and Demon Ranking. They didn't want to get involved in the trouble.

    Long Chen stopped looking at her and put the thought to the back of his head. He didn't feel like he needed to involve himself in whatever happened to her.

    After some time, the Sect Master came flying on her Winged Tiger and landed near them. Lang Jing, Prime Elder, and Mi Yao also came with her.

    "You're all here. Good. Long Chen, come forward," Prime Elder said.

    Long Chen walked to the Prime Elder.

    "This is the Token of Appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect. Keep it safe. This is the key to entering the Divine Heaven Sect. You must not lose it," Prime Elder said as he gave Long Chen the token.

    Long Chen took the Token and observed it.

    It looked like a plain silver coin, there was nothing extraordinary about it.

    "It might look normal, but it's made from something quite special. No matter what we do, this coin can't be destroyed," Prime Elder said.

    "Also, this coin can't be stolen, it can only be given. If the coin is stolen or forcefully taken from the one that is holding it, the coin will disappear. It will appear in a random place in some unknown corner of the world, but you can imagine how difficult it would be to find it then. So don't do any foolishness," Lang Jing also said. He casually glanced at Mu Zheng while speaking.

    "Jing is right. I must warn you. Don't try to steal it or forcefully take it from Long Chen if there is an argument. This mission is really important and I don't want it to fail,"  Prime Elder said, but he specifically meant it for Mu Zheng.

    Mu Zheng didn't react. He was already told this by his master. She told him that he couldn't kill Long Chen before they entered the Divine Heaven Sect. She had warned him that if he did anything to Long Chen before getting to the Divine Heaven Sect, she would personally kill him.

    "Alright. That's enough explanation. I'm sure you guys are smart and you will work as a team. You must know what's truly important," Prime Elder further said.

    "We have arranged for 11 Winged Lions. You will travel on them so that you get there on time," The Sect Master said.

    11 Winged Lions landed near them and the elders that brought them there got off the Winged Lions.

    "Mi Yao has the Map, follow her lead," The Sect Master said.

    Everyone nodded their head as they climbed on top of the Winged Lions. They departed from the Sect.

    Although the Sect Master only gave the Map to Mi Yao, Long Chen also had a map.

    The map was already given to him by Lang Jing when he went to meet him during the day, so he didn't mind. He was sure that Mu Zheng and Chu Miao must have a map of their own.

    They traveled for day and night without stopping. They only stopped when they got to the North Moon Empire.

    As they were all on Earth Realm or higher, they could go for longer periods of time without sleep but still, it was a lot. All of them were extremely tired.

    They landed right beside the Royal City of the North Moon Empire and sent the Winged Lions inside the beast bags.

    Long Chen always kept a beast bag with him in order to fool others as he didn't want anyone to suspect where he actually kept his beasts. Long Chen sent the Winged Lion in the beast bag instead of sending it to the Beast Region.

    They all jumped through the walls as they entered the city since they didn't wish to go through the official entry.

    They had also changed their clothes and wore more normal clothes. Although the North Moon Empire was weaker than their sect, they didn't wish to attract much attention before it was time as they knew that other sects must be nearby as well.

    The 11 of them walked to a hotel.

    Mi Yao was talking to a receptionist as she tried to get 11 rooms.

    "What's your name? You remind me of the cute receptionist I met in the Kingdom of Dementia. She was just as kind and gentle," Long Chen said to the receptionist but in reality, he was saying it to Mi Yao. Her face couldn't help but twitch.

    "Thank you," The receptionist replied with a smile as she gave them the keys of the room

    "Unfortunately, that receptionist turned out to be a killer," Long Chen said smilingly as he walked beside Mi Yao.

    "Oh? Fortunately, you didn't die by the hands of that killer," She said as he glanced at him.

    "Sigh, I must say, I had a crush on her. She was really cute. I was hoping to propose to her after I went back to the hotel," Long Chen said jokingly.

    "Hah, Aren't you too young to be thinking about those things?" She said in a mocking tone.

    "I'm a full-grown adult. You can test if you doubt me," Long Chen replied but she didn't answer him.

    They met up with the others and walked up to the first floor where the rooms were allotted to them.

    Long Chen's room was in between the rooms of Mi Yao and Chu Miao. Mu Zheng got the room next to her and Su Zhen got the room next to him.

    They all walked to their own room as they were all tired. The first thing they all did was sleep.


    Back in the Blazing Sun Empire, 11 flying beasts of various species landed in front of the Royal Palace of the Blazing Sun Empire.

    "Welcome Respected Masters," A lavishly dressed boy greeted them.

    "Who are you?" The Elder who was escorting the team of the Beast Hall inquired. He was bald, but he had a long black beard.

    "I'm Ji Shen, I'm the Crown Prince of the Blazing Sun Empire," The boy replied.

    "Oh, you're the boy of Ji Mu. Why isn't he here to welcome us himself?" The Elder asked.

    "Well, Master. Father, don't know that you have arrived yet. I was standing outside when I saw you coming. I couldn't let you wait, so I decided to greet you in my father's stead," Ji Shen answered him.

    "Oh, Alright. Take us to your father," the elder said.

    "Of course," Ji Shen nodded his head as he escorted them towards the Royal Hall where the king was sitting at the moment.

    Although his health had been bad previously, it had started to get better and he was able to come out of his room.

    Ji Shen entered the hall with the Elder and the team of the Beast Hall.

    "Elder Ku, You're here. I'm so sorry that I couldn't escort you myself. I thought that you would be coming tomorrow," The King stood up as he walked to the elder.

    "Yeah, I can't blame you, Ji Mu. We were faster than we planned," Elder Ku replied.

    "It's alright. I can shift the banquet ahead. We can have it tonight?" Ji Mu suggested.

    "That's no need. We have been traveling for days straight, and I believe that everyone is tired. Just arrange some rooms. I believe that they would love to sleep for a day," Elder Ku replied.

    "Oh, Right away. Shen, take our respected guests to the royal guest rooms and arrange for servants to stand outside their doors to take care of all their needs," Ji Mu ordered.

    "Yes father," Ji Shen nodded his head.

    "This way, Master" Ji Shen told Elder Ku as he walked towards the exit.
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