357 Chapter 357: Meng Arrives, Disaster?

    The team of the Beast Hall followed Ji Shen and they were brought to the guest rooms.

    They were given the most luxurious rooms in the palace. Even though the rooms were best in the Blazing Sun Empire, they were nothing compared to the rooms in Beast Hall, but they didn't mind. They were already too tired. All of them walked to their room and fell asleep.


    The people of the Dark Soul Sect woke up the next day, but none of them left their room. They had all decided that they would stay in their rooms and cultivate until it was time for their mission.

    Although everyone had woken up, Long Chen was still sleeping.

    Chu Miao had just come out of the shower and she had finished getting dressed.

    *Knock* *knock*

    She was about to start her cultivation when she heard a knock on the door.

    She walked towards the door and opened it. She was momentarily stunned as she saw Mu Zheng standing outside the door.

    She and Mu Zheng had never been that close as Mu Zheng was too arrogant and didn't talk to anyone. That's why it was surprising for her to see him standing at her door.

    "You? Is there something you need?" Chu Miao inquired.

    "There's nothing much. I was just wondering if we could have a talk about cultivation. I have some Spirit Wine with me as well. We can have that as well?" Mu Zheng said.

    Chu Miao found it quite suspicious.

    "I'm extremely sorry, but I just want to cultivate in peace. Maybe next time," Chu Miao politely rejected.

    "Oh, alright. You can knock on my door if you decide to take my offer. I just wish to get to know you as I realized that we haven't talked much throughout the years" Mu Zheng said.

    "I'll keep that in mind," Chu Miao replied before she closed the door.

    'That bitch! One day I'll definitely take your profound yin for myself!' Mu Zheng cursed in his mind as he turned back.

    He walked towards Su Zhen's room.

    As soon as Su Zhen opened the door, a smile appeared on her face.

    "Brother Mu,' She said with affection.

    Mu Zheng entered her room and closed the door being him as he took her into his embrace and started kissing her.

    Long Chen finally woke up as he opened his eyes. He sat up and stretched his arms before getting off the bed.

    "Let's see what the others are doing," He muttered as he used his Divine Sense to see in the nearby rooms.

    Chu Miao and the others were still cultivating whereas Mi Yao was in the shower. What attracted Long Chen's attention the most was Su Zhen's room. He saw Mu Zheng and Su Zhen embracing each other as they kissed like animals.

    "Sigh, I was right. She was indeed his girlfriend. Now I understand where her negative feelings towards me were coming from," Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    He continued spreading his divine sense and soon he was able to see everything that was happening in the hotel.

    There was another thing that shocked him. He saw some people enter the hotel. They looked like they belonged to a sect, but Long Chen recognized the Symbol on their chest.

    They were from the Mighty Sword Sect. It was also a great sect that was said to be as strong as the Dark Soul Sect and the Beast Hall

    Shockingly, they also had 11 people. A female Elder and 10 disciples.

    "They must be here to get the Legacy of the Divine Heaven Sect as well," Long Chen thought as he stopped using his divine sense. If he kept using it for longer, Mi Yao and the Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect might notice him.

    Long Chen walked inside the shower and spent over 10 minutes inside.

    As the water droplets fell over his body, the only thing he could think about was Mingyu and Zhiqing.

    "The Blazing Sun Empire is nearby. Should I go there right now? But from what I'm told, it does look like the Heavenly Divine sect will be appearing after a week. If I go there right now, I might be able to get back in time?" Long Chen muttered.

    "Alright. I'll go. I cannot waste my time thinking. I should go inform them that I'm alive. After I kill Lang Jing, I'll be back to take them," Long Chen let out as he made a determination.

    He walked out of the shower and got dressed before he walked out of his room.

    As he got down to the ground floor, he saw that the team of the Mighty Sword Sect was still there. He walked past them. As he wasn't wearing his sect badge or dress, they didn't recognize him and didn't pay attention to him.

    "Mingyu and Zhiqing are my bigger priority at the moment. I can take care of Meng after I'm back," Long Chen muttered as he brought the Sun Destroying Condor out of his storage ring and jumped on top of it.

    He had already studied the map completely and he knew where the Blazing Sun Empire was.

    Just as Long Chen left the city on the Sun Destroying Condor, a girl stepped inside the hotel Long Chen had walked out of.

    The girl was none the same girl that had plotted against Long Chen and Mingyu in order to kill them while she took away the small box. She was Meng. She still didn't know that Long Chen was alive.

    If she had been a little faster, she would have been able to meet Long Chen, though it was uncertain how their meeting would have gone. The most probable outcome was her death, but there was an unexpected component in the situation as well.

    It was uncertain if the Mighty Sword Sect would have just stayed there silently and watched the girl die or would they have interfered.

    The Mighty Sword Sect was known for its Righteous Dao. Their disciples fought for justice and they couldn't bear injustice.

    If they had interfered, then it might have resulted in a battle between the Mighty Demon Sect and the Dark Soul Sect. As Long Chen held the token of appreciation, Mi Yao and others would definitely fight for him.

    But all of that was prevented just because Meng was 5 minutes late.

    Meng walked up to the Elder of the Mighty Demon Sect.

    "Excuse me, Master. Are you from the Mighty Demon Sect?" Meng asked the elder.

    "Yes, child, who are you? Do you need anything?" The elder answered before she asked a question of her own.

    "Respected Elder, I'm the First Princess of the North Moon Empire. I was informed that a team from the Mighty Sword Sect has entered our Empire. I was quite hurt as I found out that you had decided to stay in a small inn instead of our Palace,"

    "Will you please grace our Royal Palace with your gracious visit?" She asked.

    "This..." The Elder struggled to answer.

    "Please, Master, Don't say no. Even my father would be happy to know about your visit. There are so many rooms in our palace. You can stay there with ease. Please?" Meng said with a pleading look on her face.

    "Hahaha, You are so nice. You look like a pure soul. I'm sure the North Moon Empire will never fall as long as people like you exist in the Empire," The Elder said, smilingly.

    "Does that mean you will come?" Meng asked expectantly.

    "Hahaha, Yeah. How can I say no to such a nice girl's request? Lead the way," The Elder told her.
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