358 Chapter 358: Long Chen returns

    "Everyone, we will be staying in the Royal Palace of the North Moon Empire for the next few days. Please be respectful," The Elder told the disciples.

    "Yes Elder," The Disciples replied in unison.

    "Thank you, Master. The carriages are already waiting outside for everyone," Meng said.

    The Elder nodded her head with a pleased smile on her face.

    They left the hotel and saw 4 royal carriages already standing there.

    Meng opened the door of the first carriage for the Elder. The Elder entered the carriage. Meng also entered after her.

    The other disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect entered the other carriages. The carriages departed towards the Royal Palace.


    Long Chen was sitting on the Sun Destroying Condor while having no idea that he had just missed the enemy he was trying to get to for so long.

    Back in the Blazing Sun Empire, the people from the Beast Hall were up as well. They all got ready.

    It was night time and the time for the banquet. The King had personally come to bring the Elder and the team of the Beast Hall to the dining hall. His eldest son, Ji Shen was also with him.

    They entered the Dining Hall and sat on the Dining Table. While the Elder sat on the Main Seat, Emperor Ji Mu sat right beside him.

    On the left of Elder Ku, sat the disciples of the Beast Hall while on the right of him was the king. Ji Shen sat on the right of the King.

    Even Ji Shan, Mingyu, and Zhiqing were also there. Ji Shan was on the seat next to Ji Shen while the girls were in the seat next to him.

    The boys of the Team of the Beast Hall couldn't help but glance at Mingyu and Zhiqing occasionally as they all found them attractive despite the fact that Mingyu and Zhiqing wore ordinary clothes.

    "Let me begin the introduction first," The king began speaking.

    "You already know my Eldest, Son Ji Shen. That's my second son Ji Shan and those are his friends Mingyu and Zhiqing," The Emperor gave the brief introduction.

    After the King, Elder Ki began his introduction.

    "I'm the 1st Rank Elder of the Beast Hall. He is the head disciple of our beast hall and also a personal Disciple of the Hall Master, Jichuan. He's the leader of our small team. That's Wu Ten, the vice-captain of our team. That's Mingxu, Mikali, Sima Bing, Gu Nili, Minami, Yao Li. And lastly, He's Mu Fan and that's his Sister Mu Xin," The Elder finished the introduction as well.

    The dinner was served. The king had the greatest dishes made for the special occasion of today in order to welcome the guests.

    "Miss Mingyu, I can see that you have really high cultivation. You look so young and yet you're at the 6th stage of Earth Realm. Which sect are you from?" Head Disciple Jichuan asked casually as he glanced at Mingyu.

    "Hmm? what?" Ji Shen was surprised as he hadn't thought that the girl would be so strong. He hasn't even bothered looking at her cultivation as he had previously assumed that the girls were just the pretty faces that Ji Shan had found to entertain himself, but he didn't expect that she would be so strong.

    "Mine is just a small sect that is not even known by the world. You can just say that I was lucky to attain such high cultivation. In fact, I'm the only disciple in my sect who broke through the earth realm in the last 500 years," She lied, but with an honest expression in her face.

    "Oh, that is indeed amazing. So you're like a lotus that appeared in the mud," Vice-Captain Wu Ten said.

    "I wouldn't dare call myself anything," She replied.

    "Master Jichuan, since you're the Head Disciple of the Beast Hall, you must be quite informed right?" Mingyu asked as she changed the topic.

    "Of course. Brother Jichuan is highly informed. In fact, he has even more knowledge than most of the elders at the moment," Wu Ten answered before Jichuan could answer.

    "Do you have a question to ask?" Jichuan inquired as he understood her hidden meaning.

    "Yes, I want to know the location of the Dark Soul Sect. Can you tell me?" She asked.

    Everyone from the Beast Hall was stunned as they heard the name of the Dark Soul Sect.

    "Why do you want to know the location of the Dark Soul Sect. Do you wish to join the devil sect as well?" Jichuan asked. A small bit of killing intent was clearly visible in his eyes.

    "Master Jichuan, that's not what she meant. I'll tell you everything. Mingyu is my sister in law. Her husband and I had become the temporary disciple of the Beast Hall branch that was destroyed by the Dark Soul Sect. Although we managed to escape, I believe that they caught her husband and took him with them. She just wishes to find him and help him escape from the clutches of the evils," Ji Shan gave the explanation in order to clear the misunderstanding.

    "Oh," Jichuan and the others calmed down as they heard the full story.

    "If your husband is caught by them, he's already dead. You should leave the false hope otherwise you would never gain happiness again. The Dark Soul Sect doesn't keep prisoners. They are the devils that take pleasure in slaughter and killing. Your husband is dead without a doubt," Jichuan said as he picked up the glass of wine and took a sip.

    "I would still appreciate it if you could tell me their address so that I could check myself if he is alive," Mingyu said again.

    "We can't even if we try. Even we don't know the true location of the Dark Soul Sect. They are so good at hiding, if we knew where they hide, we would have already destroyed their sect for what they did to our Beast hall branch and all the atrocities that they committed," Wu Ten said as he sighed.

    "Even you don't know?" Mingyu asked with a disappointed look on her face.

    Jichuan shook her head.

    "There's a chance that some people from their sect will appear in the North Moon Empire. If we managed to catch one of them, we might be able to get the location. We can tell you on our way back if we succeed," Jichuan said.

    "Thank you," Mingyu expressed her gratitude.

    "Hah, You don't have to thank brother Jichuan with just words. He doesn't help anyone he doesn't like, so it's clear that he likes you. How about you spend some time with brother Jichuan?" Wu Ten said with a grin on his face.

    "Wu Ten!" Jichuan scolded him.

    "Brother, I can see that you like her. Why are you scolding me?" Wu Ten asked.

    "I'll talk to her on my own if I need to spend time with her. It sounds rude when you talk about it," Jichuan said as he glanced at Wu Ten.

    "Miss Mingyu, would you like to spend some time with me? We can talk about the things that I know about the Dark Soul Sect. That might be helpful in finding your husband if he's still alive," Jichuan said.

    Although Jichuan looked quite innocent, Mingyu felt like he was the biggest hypocrite. Fortunately, she had already gotten the information that they didn't know about the location of the Dark Soul Sect either and more importantly, she now knew that the disciples of the Dark Soul Sect would be appearing in the North Moon Empire. If she could directly go talk to them, or force them, then that would be faster.

    "I apologize, Master Jichuan, but I would have to decline," Mingyu answered.

    A Sun Destroying Condor landed near the Royal Palace of the Blazing Sun Empire as Long Chen got off it.
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