359 Chapter 359: Long Chen escaped?

    "Ji Shan, Mingyu and Zhiqing, I can feel that all 3 of you are here. It feels like it has been years since I separated from you guys," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards the palace.

    "I'm here to meet Prince Ji Shan. Can you go inform him that Long Chen is here?" Long Chen said to the guards that were standing at the entrance of the palace.

    Although he could infiltrate the Palace easily, he didn't do it since there was no need to. It was Ji Shan's palace after all.

    "Let me go inform him," one of the guards said as he went inside the palace.

    He came out soon after, "the Prince is busy in an important meeting. Please come in the morning."

    "Did Ji Shan tell you to say this to me?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at the guard in full seriousness.

    "You dare call our Prince by his name? You deserve to die!" The guard roared as he pulled his sword and attacked Long Chen.

    Long Chen's anger rose as he pulled out his sword and slashed without thinking anything. The guard died in an instant.

    "He's an enemy! Kill him!"

    The other guards pulled their sword out and attacked Long Chen, but Long Chen was already angry. He killed all the guards.

    "He doesn't wish to meet me? I need to come later?" Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the palace.

    Everything ended so fast, that there was no commotion. In fact, the people inside the palace were still unaware as to what just happened outside their door.

    "Let me see what he's busy in," Long Chen muttered as he kept the bodies in the storage ring and entered the palace.

    Although he was angry, he still hadn't lost his sense of reasoning. He realized that the King of the Blazing Sun Empire must be a high stage Sky Realm cultivator, so he didn't do anything more stupid than he had already done. Even if he did anything, he was sure that he would be able to escape because of Spatial Travel, but he wished to see if Mingyu and Zhiqing were here on not.

    He spread his divine sense throughout the palace and saw the place where Mingyu and Zhiqing were. He could see them sitting near Ji Shan.

    "Beast Hall?" Long Chen muttered as he recognized Mu Fan and Mu Lin that he had met in the Dementia Kingdom.

    Long Chen brought out the Mask of Mischief and covered his face as he changed himself to the guard that had just come inside to inform Ji Shan.

    As soon as Long Chen got near the dining hall, he saw two guards standing outside the door.

    "You're again back! Didn't we tell you that the Prince is busy tonight? He can't meet anyone!" The guard told Long Chen as he got near.

    'So Ji Shan wasn't the one that said it,' Long Chen thought as he understood what must have happened.

    "It's really urgent. A girl is outside that claims that she is His Highness' lover. If she isn't allowed to meet him, she will commit suicide. Please let me meet the Prince. The Prince will punish all of us if something happens to her," Long Chen said as he pretended to be concerned.

    "This? This is indeed important. Alright, you can enter, but be careful. There are important guests inside," the guards said as they allowed Long Chen to enter.

    Long Chen stepped inside the hall and attracted everyone's attention, but he hurriedly walked up to Ji Shan and whispered in his ears.

    "Your Highness, there's a boy outside that claims that he is your friend Long Chen," he said.

    "What?" The Prince stood up in shock before it turned into excitement.

    "Long Chen managed to escape from the Dark Soul Sect? Awesome," Ji Shan exclaimed in surprise.

    'That Idiot! I wanted to see his reaction, but that didn't mean that he had to scream it out loud! Why did he even talk about the Dark Soul Sect? Can't you see the wolves of the Beast Hall sitting here?' Long Chen cursed in his mind.

    Even Mingyu and Zhiqing's expressions changed when they heard Ji Shan's words.

    "He escaped? Where is he?" Mingyu asked hurriedly.

    "There's a person outside that claims that he's Long Chen," Ji Shan told them.

    "Excuse me, father. Something important has come up and I need to leave," Ji Shan told his father before he turned to leave.

    Even Jichuan and the people of the Beast Hall were frowning at the moment.

    Before things could escalate, Long Chen again whispered something in Ji Shan's ears.

    "You Idiot! Can't you see the beast hall people beside you? Do you want Long Chen to die? Make an excuse that you misheard and that it was Wang Chen outside, not Long Chen!"

    Ji Shan looked suspiciously at the guard before he repeated what he said.

    "Oh, You meant there's a Wang Chen outside,  Damn! I was so happy for a moment. Sorry, everyone. I misheard. It's not Long Chen, but a friend of mine, Wang Chen. I'll go meet him," Ji Shan said to the others.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing were disappointed as their hopes were crushed. They sat down with a depressed look on their beautiful faces.

    "Hahaha, So It was a misunderstanding. I knew that it must be something like that! That's no way someone can escape from the grip of the Dark Soul Sect," Wu Ten couldn't help but laugh as he commented.

    Jichuan on the other hand still glared at the guard with a frown.

    Ji Shan left the dining hall with the guard and followed the guards. When they were in an empty portion of the hallway, he stopped.

    "Who exactly are you?" Ji Shan asked as he looked at the guard.

    Long Chen slowly removed the mask and kept that in his storage ring.

    "You don't even recognize me, do you?" Long Chen smiled as he turned back.

    "It's you!" Ji Shan jumped excitedly as he stepped forward and hugged Long Chen.

    "That's enough," Long Chen said after only 5 seconds of hugging.

    "You almost got me killed there. Do you know that they would have attacked me if they knew I was Long Chen?" Long Chen said in an annoyed tone.

    He didn't retract his divine sense and kept it spread throughout the hallway to know if someone got near them.

    "Why will they attack you? It's not like you're a part of the Dark Soul Sect?" Ji Shan said as he chuckled. Long Chen didn't react.

    "I remember you screaming that I escaped the Dark Soul Sect!" Long Chen let out.

    "Yeah, I told them that you were kidnapped by them. We needed their help to get the address of the Dark Soul Sect as the girls wanted to come to save you," He replied.

    "Great. So you wanted to die. I must say, I'm glad that the Dark Soul Sect keeps its location a secret otherwise so many idiots would have died," Long Chen said.

    "Anyway, You already told them that I'm in the Dark Soul Sect. There's no way for someone to escape from there. They can only do 2 things in that case. One, they will think that I joined the Dark Soul Sect and attack me. Second, they will take me with them to get the location of the Dark Soul Sect out of me. Both are equally bad," Long Chen said with an annoyed look on his face.

    "True, I should've thought of it. Come with me. I'll take you to my room. Rest there, I'll bring my sister-in-laws after the dinner is finished so that I don't arouse suspicions," Ji Shan told Long Chen before he left the room and walked towards the Dining Hall.
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