360 Chapter 360: Reunion

    "Alright," Long Chen replied.

    Ji Shan took Long Chen to his room and left him there before he walked back to the Dining Hall.

    "Did you meet your friend Wang Chen? Why was he here so late?" Jichuan asked as he glanced at Ji Shan.

    "He needed something from me. It's done and he left," Ji Shan replied.

    "You sure that it was Wang Chen and not Long Chen? It would be nice if it was Long Chen. You wouldn't have needed to try so hard to get to the Dark Soul Sect," Jichuan further said.

    Ji Shan could feel that he was testing him.

    "You can't imagine how glad I would be if it had been brother Long Chen, but don't worry. We will get the address of the Dark Soul Sect and we will definitely save him!" Ji Shan said in full determination.

    "Hmm, I'm done. Excuse Me," Jichuan said as he left the Dining Hall.

    He spread his Spiritual Sense throughout the Palace as he tried to see if things were normal.

    His Spiritual Sense scanned through the whole palace. Starting from the Dining Hall. He saw guards, maids, cooks, and many more. He even saw some maids being involved in sexual activities with the guards, but that wasn't what he was looking for.

    His Spiritual Sense got to the room of Prince Ji Shan and he saw something, but before he could get a clear idea as to what it was, it disappeared as if it was just his illusion.

    "Strange," Ji Shan muttered as a frown appeared on his forehead. He started walking towards the room of Prince Ji Shan.


    Long Chen was simply sitting on the bed in Ji Shan's room. He was casually sitting there as he looked towards the door when he felt a spiritual sense cover him.

    He instantly used the first skill of darkness, Shadow transformation as he disappeared. The Skill hid him in such a manner that even the Spiritual Sense of the Head Disciple of the Beast Hall wasn't able to sense him.

    Long Chen canceled the skill only after he saw the Spiritual Sense disappear. He began using his Divine Sense as he scanned the whole palace.

    "That guy? Was he the one using the Spiritual Sense? He is the strongest disciple amongst them, so he must be the captain," Long Chen muttered as he saw Jichuan coming towards the room.

    "Should I kill him?" Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the door.

    Long Chen retracted his Divine Sense. His Divine Sense was better than the Spiritual Sense of Jichuan and it was even further improved after he learned the law of darkness. Now he was able to use his divine sense without being caught, but there was still a risk of getting caught if he used his divine sense for too long or if the other cultivator had a cultivation that was 2 Major Realms higher than him.

    "I should be able to kill him, but there's still Mingyu and Zhiqing here. If their elder goes crazy and creates a disturbance in the Palace and hurts them, it would be bad," Long Chen muttered as he fell in deep thought.

    'Later. There's no need to kill them. We aren't enemies yet," Long Chen thought as he again used his divine sense.

    When Jichuan got close to the door, Long Chen used Spiritual Transformation once again as he disappeared.

    Jichuan tried opening the door, but it was locked from the outside.

    He brought a key out of his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole as he unlocked the door.

    This was the Key of Thousand Transformation. It was only a Spirit Grade artifact, but it was much more useful. It could transform into any shape of the key and open any lock. This was something his master had found from an ancient ruin. Since he didn't need it, he gave the Key of Thousand Transformation to Jichuan.

    The door opened as Jichuan entered the room.

    Jichuan carefully searched the whole room, but he didn't find anything suspicious.

    "Was that really an illusion?" He muttered as he left the room and closed the door.

    'Illusion? You haven't even seen a real illusion yet,' Long Chen thought as he looked towards the door.

    He used his divine sense and only after he was sure that Jichuan left, did he cancel Shadow Transformation.

    "Why is that guy trying to stick his foot in something that doesn't involve him? Don't he know that it can get him killed?" Long Chen sighed as he lay on the bed.

    The dinner was soon over and everyone walked back to their room.

    As Mingyu and Zhiqing's rooms were nearby, they were walking with Ji Shan.

    "You heard right? The people from the Dark Soul Sect will be coming to the North Moon Empire. If I'm not wrong, their destination should be the same as the people from the Beast Hall. If we can catch one of them, we might be able to get some information about their sect and Long Chen," Mingyu said.

    "Indeed. We must go there as well. I can't even imagine what atrocities Long Chen must be going through in the Dark Soul Sect," Zhiqing said in concern.

    "Don't worry, I don't think you would need to do through all that to meet him," Ji Shan replied.

    "What do you mean?" They asked at the same time.

    "I got a letter from someone. They said that the letter contained some information about Long Chen," He made up an excuse to get them to his room. He didn't want to spoil the reunion.

    "A letter? Where is that letter?" Mingyu asked.

    "It's in my room. I haven't read it yet. You can read it first," Ji Shan said as he opened the door and entered his room.

    "I hope it's not a prank by someone, or I will personally go and kill the one that gave you that letter," Mingyu said as she entered his room after him. Zhiqing entered as well, but both of them froze in their places as they saw the person standing in front of them.

    "Will you keep standing there, or greet your husband?" Long Chen said with a gentle smile on his face.

    Mingyu was the fastest this time as she jumped into Long Chen's arms and hugged him tightly.

    Her eyes were full of tears as she said, "I missed you so much. You're not hurt, are you?"

    "I'm perfectly fine. And I missed you as well, Yue'er," Long Chen said as he hugged her back. Mingyu released him after a long hug.

    "And what are you waiting for?" Long Chen said as he looked at Zhiqing that was still crying in the back.

    She also stepped forward as she hugged Long Chen tightly while tears of happiness kept falling from her eyes.

    "I missed you so much, Zhiqing," Long Chen said to her.

    Zhiqing just looked in his eyes.

    "Aren't you going to say..." Long Chen was about to ask a question, but before he could finish, his mouth was closed by her mouth as she kissed him.

    Long Chen replied to her kiss with full zest. He even sent his tongue inside her mouth for conquest.

    After 5 minutes of deep kiss, their lips separated along with their bodies.

    Long Chen looked to his left and saw Mingyu glaring at them.

    Zhiqing walked up to Mingyu as she caught her hand and pushed her in Long Chen's embrace.

    "There's no need to be jealous. You can have your share as well," Zhiqing said.

    "Mm," Without giving Mingyu a single chance to say anything, Long Chen kissed her.

    Their kiss lasted for even longer than the kiss with Zhiqing.

    Long Chen felt like there was a certain relief in the depths of his soul as he kissed Mingyu. It was as if this was the moment where he was most at peace. He didn't know why it was like that with Mingyu and not with Zhiqing or with Xue and Mei.

    Why was Mingyu so special? Was she really his destiny? Did he really have a destiny in this world? Or was she something made by the universe to keep his chaotic soul in control? There were so many strange questions in his mind, but he didn't need answers to those questions at the moment. All he wanted was for this moment to halt on time, but it did end as Mingyu separated herself from Long Chen.

    Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was just as messed up. Her face was as red as a tomato.

    "Ahem Ahem, Now that you guys are fine, can we get back to the topic? What happened after we left that night?" Ji Shan inquired.

    "It was just as you expected. I was taken by the Dark Soul Sect and I became their disciple. At the moment I'm something like their Head Disciple. That's why I didn't wish to meet the people from the Beast Hall while I'm inside your palace or that would just affect you and your kingdom negatively," Long Chen said.
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