361 Chapter 361: Night of Desire *

    (Warning: This Chapter contains some adult stuff, so if you're a minor or you don't like such content, please skip the part between the  first break line and the second.)

    "It was just as you expected. I was taken by the Dark Soul Sect and I became their disciple. At the moment I'm something like their Head Disciple. That's why I didn't wish to meet the people from the Beast Hall while I'm inside your palace or that would just affect you and your kingdom negatively," Long Chen said.

    "Y-you became their head disciple?" Ji Shan exclaimed in shock.

    "Yeah. It's a long story, but I guess life's not bad there. Anyways, I finally got the opportunity to come out of the sect because of this mission. I'm here as the leader of the Dark Soul Sect's team. My team is in the North Moon Empire while I snuck out to come here," Long Chen finished.

    "Amazing! You became the head disciple of such a powerful sect, but isn't that an evil sect? All the righteous sects will be your enemy! I heard from Jichuan that more sects are coming to the North Moon Empire. One of them is already there. It's the Mighty Sword Sect! Don't go there. You will be killed by them all!" Ji Shan said.

    "Yeah, I passed by them when I was coming here. They indeed looked strong, but I'll be fine. There's something in this mission that I really need to complete to gain my full freedom and to finish my bigger goal," Long Chen told them.

    "If you say so, but I still suggest that you should not go back," Ji Shan repeated.

    "Don't worry. I'm not going back, at least tonight," Long Chen said smilingly.

    "Hah, that's what I expected. Anyway, the room on the left is theirs. You guys can have your privacy there. Don't worry about the sound, the walls are solid," Ji Shan chuckled as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "That's good. I'll test it later," Long Chen said as he held Mingyu and Zhiqing's hands and left the room. He entered the neighboring room.

    "So, what happened with you guys after I was taken by the Dark Soul Sect guys? I heard that you were planning to come to the Dark Soul Sect?" Long Chen said with an interested look on his face.

    "Of course we had to save you," Mingyu said.

    She began explaining how they came here and all their efforts in order to get the information out of the King. Their plan to go to the Beast Hall to get the location of the Dark Soul Sect and everything else that happened after that.

    "Interesting. How did you know that I was still alive? Destiny?" Long Chen asked with a knowing smile on his face.

    "Yes. You are my destiny. You can't die before me," Mingyu said with a gentle smile on her face as she sat beside Long Chen.

    "And you can't die before me," Long Chen looked into her eyes as he said before he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.


    His lips found the way to her lips before they began greedily sucking on them. Zhiqing stood there, but she wasn't jealous of Mingyu. She was just too glad because of Long Chen's return that she didn't bother wasting any time in jealousy.

    She walked towards Long Chen and sat down in front of him before she lowered his pants.

    She exposed Long Chen's erect sword that was standing proud like a tall mountain Tai. She gave it a gentle lick before she took it into her mouth and started sucking on it like a candy.

    Long Chen sent his tongue inside Mingyu's mouth and began playing with her tongue while he used his left hand to fondle her soft breasts. His right hand was on the breasts of Zhiqing who was passionately sucking on his stiff sword.

    After a long time, Long Chen removed his hands from Zhiqing's breasts and started removing Mingyu's top.

    Mingyu was sitting completely topless in front of Long Chen who brought his face closer to her breasts and playfully bit her soft mountain peaks before he began sucking on them. Mingyu gave a light moan as she closed her eyes.

    After 5 minutes, Long Chen removed his lips from her perky mountains.

    He looked towards Zhiqing who was fully focused on sucking his little Chen.

    He placed his hands on her shoulders and made her stand up. She wasn't willing to take his sword out of her mouth, but she still stood up.

    Long Chen also stood up as he removed her clothes along with his clothes. Even Mingyu was completely bare now.

    He held Mingyu's hands as he pulled her towards him on the bed.

    He was lying on the bed while he made her sit on top of him. His sword entered her body making her give a loud moan. She started moving her body up and down making his heavenly sword reach the depths of her soul. Her moans never stopped for even a second as she savored the feeling of Long Chen inside her.

    Long Chen told Zhiqing to come close to him. She climbed on his bed and brought her face closer to his face as she kissed him.

    Long Chen ravished Mingyu for 3 hours straight before she fell down to his chest tired. He placed her on the bed gently and grabbed Zhiqing's waist as he made her position herself in such a way that she was on her knees and hands while her butt was facing him.

    Long Chen positioned his stiff pole near her entrance and pushed it inside. He placed his hands on her waist as he increased his movement.

    *Pat* *Pat*

    Sound of flesh hitting flesh was mixed with the loud moans of Zhiqing who was filled with pleasure at the moment. She kept enjoying every stroke that reached the depths of her heart and filled her with satisfaction.

    Long Chen stayed in the same position and without stopping, he caught both her hand and pulled them towards him. The sounds intensified as the night passed away.


    It was early morning. Long Chen, Mingyu, and Zhiqing were sleeping on the bed and none of them had the least bit of clothes on their bodies.

    Long Chen was the first one to wake up. He gazed at the beautiful sleeping faces of the girls on either side of him. He gave each of them a gentle kiss before he stood up and got dressed.

    The first thing he did was to use his divine sense to see if the people from the Beast Hall were still here or not, but he didn't find any of them.

    'I guess they have left for the North Moon Empire,' Long Chen thought as he stopped using his divine sense.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing also woke up and they began getting dressed.

    "Are you preparing to leave?" Mingyu asked.

    "Yeah, I need to finish the stuff. At most I will take a month to finish this whole chapter of my life," Long Chen told them.

    "I think you girls should stay here for a little longer. The North Moon Empire is going to be a dangerous place with all those peak sects targeting each other. I'll come to take you after I'm done with the troublesome stuff. As I said, it will take a month at best," Long Chen said.

    "Is this going to be dangerous?" Zhiqing asked.

    "Don't worry. You guys know that I have skills that can help me if things go south," he said.

    "Isn't that what you said last time as well? Before you were kidnapped by the people of the Dark Soul Sect?" Mingyu told him.

    "Ah, that was different! It's different this time. At that time, I had already used my skill before the invasion began, but this time, I'll keep those things in mind. Not even the god can stop me now," Long Chen said, smilingly.
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