362 Chapter 362: Instant Breakthrough

    "I believe what you're saying is true, but still you should always have a backup plan," Mingyu said.

    "I have 3 back up plans to escape if the first one fails. Don't worry, I myself don't wish to find myself in the same situation as that time ever again," Long Chen said as he remembered the moment when he faced Lang Jing in the forest.

    "Oh right, I just noticed that the both of you broke through. Mingyu, you're already at the 6th stage of Earth Realm and Zhiqing, you broke through to Earth Realm as well?" Long Chen said in surprise.

    "Yeah, We were lucky. I found some Qi Crystals when we were coming here. We used them to break through," Mingyu said smilingly.

    "Qi crystals? That is indeed lucky. Anyway, I'm happy for you," Long Chen told them.

    "I'll leave now as I snuck out without telling anyone back there. I'll be back to take you, alright?" Long Chen told the girls who nodded their heads.

    Long Chen kissed both of them once before he left the room and walked up to Ji Shan's room.

    "Who are you? And what are you doing inside our palace?!"

    Long Chen was just about to knock on the doors of Ji Shan when the Crown Prince arrived there and saw him.

    "I'm the friend of Prince Ji Shan, my name is Wu Chen," Long Chen explained as he knocked on the door.

    "Oh? You're that poor friend that disturbed our dinner last night? What the heck are you doing inside the palace? Is this a place where people like you can barge in?" The Crown Prince scolded Long Chen.

    Ji Shan opened the door and saw his brother and Long Chen facing each other.

    "Is there a problem?" Ji Shan asked. Although he was asking Long Chen, the Crown Prince thought that he was asking him.

    "Yes! There is a big problem! This trash friend of yours thinks that he can barge inside the Royal Palace? Shan! Did you bring him inside?" The Crown Prince asked.

    "Yes, I called him here. Also, I would appreciate it if you stopped calling him trash. His position is equivalent to the person you were sucking up to last night. So please don't create trouble for Father and our Empire," Ji Shan said as he glared at Ji Shen.

    "Who was sticking up to who? If you are talking about Master Jichuan, then I was just getting to know him! He is the head disciple of the Beast Hall after all! Who the heck is your friend to be compared to him!"  The Crown Prince said as he glared back at Ji Shan.

    "Crown Prince. One should be righteous and not lose themselves in arrogance. Our sword Dao teaches us that only the righteous have the right to live in this world!" Long Chen said as he released some of his powerful aura.

    "W-who are you?" The Crown Prince asked in surprise. He was somewhat intimidated by Long Chen's words.

    "This simple guy is the Head Disciple of the Mighty Sword Sect, Wu Chen. I was passing by here and decided to meet an old friend Ji Shan. I don't mind if you call me trash, but I do mind when you call a disciple of the Mighty Sword Sect a trash! That's insulting to my sect and my fellow disciples! I need an explanation! Why should I not inform this to my Elder and have my Elder come here for answers?" Long Chen said as he glanced at the Crown Prince Ji Shen.

    He even released a little more of his aura to intimidate the guy.

    "T-t-this... Please forgive me, Master Chen! This poor guy made a mistake! I'm the trash, you aren't! Please forgive me," The Crown Prince got down to his knees and started asking for forgiveness. He realized the intensity of his mistake and how it can even cause harm to the empire and even his death.

    "Is a verbal apology enough for such a daring mistake? Give me something worthy to show your sincerity. Something that's on the same level as the respect of our sect," Long Chen said.

    "I-i-i have something. I don't believe that it is enough to show my complete sincerity, but it's the most precious thing that I possess," The Crown Prince said as he brought something out of his storage ring. There was a small pill in his hand.

    Long Chen took the pill in his hand and observed it.

    "Instant Breakthrough Dan?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "Exactly. It was something that I found because of great luck. I believe that only a few rare alchemists in the whole world can make this pill. It is really precious for me, but I'm giving it to the Master to atone for my mistake," The Crown Prince said.

    Although he had a sincere expression on his face on the outside, on the inside, he was cursing his luck for coming here this early in the morning and for offending this calamity. He has assumed that Long Chen was a poor friend of Ji Shan that was here to ask for money.

    'How could I have known that he is not a beggar but someone from the Mighty Sword Sect. A Head disciple of the Mighty Sword Sect, Someone on the same footing as Master Jichuan of the Beast Hall,' He thought.

    'The Instant Breakthrough Pill. Only an Earth Grade Alchemist can make a pill like this. Unfortunately, a person can only use one pill in his lifetime. No matter how many pills he eats after that, they won't be effective,' He thought as he observed the pill.

    'I am keeping it for the future. It's not beneficial to use it when my cultivation is higher,' Long Chen placed the pill in his storage ring.

    "Ji Shan, I'm going now. I'll meet you in the future when I return," Long Chen informed Ji Shan.

    "You're leaving? So soon?" Ji Shan asked in surprise.

    "Yea, I already told you that I have some important things to do. I'll see you later," Long Chen told him before he walked towards the exit.

    Long Chen left the palace and sat on his Sun Destroying Condor before he started going back towards the North Moon Empire.

    After a short trip, Long Chen found himself back in the North Moon Empire. He landed in front of the hotel his team was staying in and walked towards his room on the first floor.

    As he stepped on the first floor, he saw Mi Yao standing in front of her door as she glared at him.

    "Where did you go?" She asked.

    "I went to take a walk. Did something happen?" Long Chen asked back.

    "For a walk? Are you serious right now? We're here for such an important thing and you go for a 2 day walk? Do you think this is a joke?" She started scolding Long Chen.

    "Don't be so hyper. It's not like that place is appearing anytime soon. Anyway, don't stand in the hallway and scream. Come inside the room if you have something to talk about," Long Chen said as he opened the door and entered his room.

    Mi Yao also entered his room without taking her eyes off of him.

    "Tell me honestly where you went?!" She said as she closed the door behind her.

    "I went to meet my lover," Long Chen said as he chuckled.

    "Stop joking! Do you know how risky it is for you to roam outside alone? Most of the sects are already in the city. You're the person that has our token. If you are killed, our chances of entering that place die with you!" She said to him.

    "Don't worry about that. I am not going to die any time soon," Long Chen replied as he picked up a water bottle and started drinking the water.
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