363 Chapter 363: The one that took all the lives universe

    "You can't be sure of that! If you want to go outside like that, I would suggest that you give the Divine Heaven Sect token to someone else. Give it to Mu Zheng and you can go die for all I care! Just don't spoil our mission," Mi Yao told Long Chen.

    "As I said, I don't plan on dying so stop being so eager to take the token from me. I'm not giving the token to anyone," Long Chen replied to her without the least bit of care.

    "Then don't leave! Also, I was waiting for you to tell you something. I went to the exact location where the Divine Heaven Sect was expected to appear. From the disturbance in the natural Qi of that area, I'd say that in about 96 hours, it will appear. So you should stay prepared," She told him.

    "Hmm? It's the same as you had initially predicted. I think we should get there faster as you might be wrong here as well," Long Chen said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Oh, right. I've already seen people from the Beast Hall and the team of the Mighty Sword Sect. I believe there would be more righteous sects as well. Can we enter the Divine Heaven Sect without having to fight all of them? There's a chance that the Righteous Sects will attack us without giving us a chance to even enter," He further added.

    "True, the righteous sects will definitely go crazy after they see us, but we aren't alone," Mi Yao told Long Chen with a smirk on her face.

    "What do you mean?" He inquired.

    "What I mean to say is that we are not the only evil sect in the world," She answered.

    "More evil sects are coming? how many?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "There are 20 Divine Heaven Sect's tokens of appreciation in the world. Amongst those 20 tokens, Nine are with the evil sects while the 10 are with the righteous sects," She answered Long Chen.

    "That's only 19, what about the last Token?" Long Chen inquired.

    "The 20th token hadn't been found in the last 1000 years, so I don't know who has it," Mi Yao replied.

    "So it's 10 against 9, it's better than 1 against 19 that I assumed," Long Chen chuckled as he said.

    "Not really. Amongst the 9 evil sects, the Blood Devouring Sect, Dual Cultivation Sect, and the Profound Yin Snatching Sect are not close to us at all. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that there's enmity between us," Mi Yao said.

    "Hah, Awesome. You don't even have closeness amongst the evil sects. I should've expected that. Anyways, is the Dual Cultivation Sect what I'm thinking it is?" Long Chen inquired.

    "I don't know what you're thinking, but the Dual Cultivation Sect disciples choose the path of pleasure to increase their cultivation. I don't like that sect one bit. They are vulgar and overall bad. They kidnap mortals and use them as cultivation cauldrons. The males use the girls to boost their cultivation until the girls die whereas the girls use the males," She said.

    "The Dark Soul Sect kills people as well, right? You yourself must have killed many mortals," Long Chen said. In his eyes, they were all killers. The slight difference was that the Dual Cultivation Sect used the practices that disgusted him the most.

    "No matter how bad our sect is, we never kidnap thousands of people and take their lives to increase our cultivation!" Mi Yao said with a proud look on her face.

    "Maybe, or maybe not. There are so many people in the Dark Soul Sect. You can't say for sure that no one has done something like that," Long Chen casually said as he walked towards the window of his room and looked out on the street.

    "Why are you accusing our sect like that! If you weren't a Prime Disciple, I would have decapitated you for such blasphemy," Mi Yao bellowed as she glared at Long Chen's back.

    "Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the sect is bad. From what you've told me about the Dark Soul Sect, our sect is a hundred times better than the Dual Cultivation Sect! But what I'm saying is that we are all evil at the end of the day. Even if we aren't as evil as the Dual Cultivation Sect, we are still bad," Long Chen said.

    "Hah, So what! Even the righteous sect people kill innocents!" She responded.

    "True. Not only the sects but most of the cultivators, in general, have taken a life. Even the mortals have taken the lives of other mortals. This world is just like that. It's filled with holes. We all know that it's wrong, but it can't be changed. Now without the absolute power at least," Long Chen said.

    "Hah, You talk like a scholar. Do you want to change the world?" Mi Yao laughed out loud as she said.

    "I can't. I don't hold the power, but maybe I can one day," Long Chen muttered.

    "Do you think that the God who created us wanted this? The humans chase after immortality, the humans kill others for fame, for power, and for greed. This whole thing is messed up. No one is happy in this screwed up world, " Long Chen said.

    "Those who think that they are happy are under the illusion of happiness. If they really opened their eyes and simply looked, they would realize the reality. No one is truly happy. People are born, people die, people kill, people get killed. The only thing that's worth something is the family, but even that is screwed up when family members try to kill family members," Long Chen said as he thought about this world from what he had experienced.

    "That's right. We are all living under the illusion of happiness trying to do what we think is right for us. Trying to make our lives better with each passing day. We cultivate to achieve immortality, and we kill so that we could survive. I agree that this world is not perfect, but this is all we have," Mi Yao answered him in full seriousness.

    "If you become a god, will you change everything?" Long Chen asked.

    "Me? That's impossible. I don't even dream of reaching the heaven realm, let alone becoming the god of this universe," Mi Yao replied.

    "Just imagine that you succeed. Will you do something to change this world?" Long Chen asked.

    "What can I do? Is it really possible to change this world?" She inquired.

    "It should be possible. Imagine if every person had immortality. People could live for eternity. No one would chase after cultivation. Won't that world be amazing?" Long Chen said.

    "Hah, That would indeed be good. I wouldn't mind having immortality," Mi Yao laughed out loud as she said.

    "Or would it be better to just destroy this whole universe? End all this suffering?" Long Chen muttered.

    "If you do that, that would just make you the biggest Evil. The person that took the lives of the whole universe. Not a bad title I must say,"  Mi Yao said with an amused smile on her face.

    "Sorry for ranting. I was just having some random thoughts," Long Chen said as he turned back and looked at her, smilingly.

    "Don't worry about it. Everyone has some strange thoughts once in a while. It's not like you're going to have the power to do anything like that," Mi Yao chuckled as she said.

    "Maybe," Long Chen answered her.

    "Oh right. Don't go anywhere today. Just stay in your room and cultivate," She told Long Chen before she walked out of his room.

    "Don't leave the room? Sorry, but I have someone to find," Long Chen said as he glanced back at the window.
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