364 Chapter 364: Marriage

    Long Chen spread his divine sense in the hotel to see if Mi Yao had entered her room or not.

    Although he was glad to see that she was in her room, he was unhappy at seeing something that he didn't wish to see.

    Mu Zheng and Su Zhen were both in the same room. Su Zhen was standing against the wall while Mu Zheng filled her up from behind.

    "Those guys can't control themselves," Long Chen muttered as he shifted his focus.

    "Hmm? Where are the people of the Mighty Sword Sect?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise. He couldn't see the people of the Mighty Sword Sect.

    "Were they denied rooms here? That shouldn't be what happened. There are so many empty rooms here. Why would they leave?" Long Chen frowned as he fell in deep thought.

    No matter how much he thought, he couldn't come up with a conclusion.

    Ultimately he just thought that they left because they didn't like the inn. That was possible. It was said that the people of Mighty Sword Sect were humble, but they didn't stay in the places that they didn't like.

    "Although the hotel is good, maybe it was not up to their taste," Long Chen muttered.

    'Whatever, I'll see them in a few days anyway,' Long Chen thought.

    "For now, I need to find that Meng. I need my answers," Long Chen muttered as he left the room and stealthily passed through the hallway and left the hotel.

    He wore a normal mask to cover his face as he walked through the city. There were quite a lot of people that had seen his face. One of them was the Master of Meng, Ling, and Ruan.

    The Grand Elder of Thunder Giant Sect was standing right in front of him when Long Chen had killed his disciple, Ruan, and managed to escape from him.

    He was sure that the Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect must hate him to his core. There was no way that he would forget his face.

    "Now should I go everywhere in the city using my Divine sense to find her? It would be so easy if I had a picture of her," Long Chen muttered, but that's when he saw a poster on a wall.

    "What the heck?!" Long Chen exclaimed as he walked up to the poster.

    The poster had a portrait of Meng who was sitting on a chair and a boy that was standing behind her. They looked like a married couple.

    The strangest thing was that the person who stood behind her was someone he had seen 2 days ago.

    The boy was someone from the Mighty Sword Sect. He also had a badge on his chest that was distinct from the badges of the other team members. Long Chen had guessed that the boy was their team leader at that time. He never expected that the head disciple of the Mighty Sword Sect would be with Meng. He started reading the poster.

    "The Princess of the North Moon Empire has been betrothed to the Young Master of the Mighty Sword Sect. Their Marriage will be held on the beautiful night of the full moon in the Royal Palace. Everyone is invited to arrive in front of the palace as the Royal Palace will distribute a bronze coin to every citizen that comes to join on the auspicious occasion,"

    'The night of the full moon? Isn't that in 2 days? They'll be getting married? I don't understand. Is the Mighty Sword Sect here to explore the Divine Heaven Sect or to marry?' Long Chen thought with a frown.

    "The Mighty Sword Sect guys have the wrong priorities it seems," Long Chen muttered

    "Hey, Did I hear you talk about the Mighty Sword Sect?" Someone called from behind.

    Long Chen turned back and saw a young boy who looked to be 19-20 years old standing there.

    There was a heavy sword on his back and he wore the clothes of the Mighty Sword Sect disciples.

    "Yeah, I was reading the announcement," Long Chen replied.

    "You said that the Mighty Sword Sect guys have the wrong priorities. No matter how much I think about it, it feels as if you were looking down at our sect," the boy said as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Of course I said that. You guys came from so far just to marry a girl like that? What else can I do if not look down on you," Long Chen said as he chuckled.

    "You dare!" The boy roared as he pulled his sword and pointed it towards Long Chen.

    "Come on man, don't make the mistakes. As far as I can see, none of your teammates are nearby," Long Chen said as a wry smile appeared on his face, but his mask hid that.

    "So what! I don't need them to take care of you!" The boy said.

    "I guess the rumors were just that, the rumors,' Long Chen sighed.

    "What do you mean?" The boy asked with a frown.

    "I had heard people say that the disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect are the most righteous, but what you're doing proves otherwise. You guys are just as snotty as others," Long Chen replied.

    The boy's face turned red as he glared at Long Chen, "You! Of course, we are righteous! Me pointing my sword at you doesn't prove otherwise! You insulted our sect and as it's disciples, it's our duty to protect its prestige! I can still forgive you if you apologize to me and to my sect," the boy said.

    "Apology? I don't think I've ever apologized to anyone for stating my honest opinion and I don't plan on doing it today. Let me leave without any problems, I'm not in the mood to kill today," Long Chen said as he started walking away from the man.

    "I told you to stop!" The boy let out loud as he ran towards Long Chen and swung his heavy sword at his back.


    Long Chen sighed as he stopped. He appeared behind the man and kicked his back.

    The boy flew to the front and crashed on the ground. His sword fell out of his hand.

    The boy stood up in a hurry and turned back, but just as he turned back, a hand grabbed his neck.

    Long Chen tightened his grip around the boy's throat as he picked him up.

    "I told you that I don't wish to involve myself in unnecessary drama today, but I guess you don't believe me," Long Chen muttered as he thrashed the boy in the ground.


    The boy groaned in pain as his back hit the ground that was cracked from the impact.

    Long Chen again raised the boy in the air before he again thrashed him on the ground.

    There were many people watching the scene, but none of them dared to involve themselves in the matter.

    "Now I do have a principle in my life. I try to never leave a person behind that I have established an enmity with. So as much as I hate killing you, you must die," Long Chen said to the boy whose eyes were filled with terror.

    Long Chen pulled his sword out of his storage ring.

    "No! Leave me! I'm from the Mighty Sw..." the boy started screaming, but before he could finish his sentence, a sword stabbed his heart.

    Long Chen threw the body on the ground before he walked up to the boy and sliced off his head from his body.

    Long Chen tried to never leave bodies with their head intact as that would defeat his purpose.

    "You killed our junior brother Ming, I'll kill you!" A voice came from behind. Long Chen heard the footsteps of what sounded like they belonged to more than one person.
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