365 Chapter 365: Devil Worshipping

    It was a world where miraculous pills like the Life-Giving Pill existed, that could bring a person back to life as long as he was not dead for over 10 minutes, but even that pill would not work as long as the person didn't have a head attached to his body. That's why Long Chen never left bodies with head intact. Especially of the powerful cultivators that could become a threat to him in the future.

    Long Chen was about to leave when he heard a voice from behind.

    "You killed our Junior Brother Lu! I'll kill you!"

    Long Chen turned back and saw 3 disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect.

    All 3 of them were stronger than the boy that he had killed. As he saw their Cultivation, he was able to guess that even the strongest of them was just as strong as Su Zhen from his team.

    "Take the body and leave. At Least you can walk now. If you died as well, who will take the bodies back?" Long Chen told the men as he turned back to leave.

    He didn't want to involve himself in the matter and just wanted to let them leave if they didn't create trouble for him, but what he feared did happen as one of the 3 men attacked him with a sword skill.

    A bright arc of light came towards Long Chen's back like lightning.

    Long Chen created a shield from his Qi using the skill of the Dark Soul Sect.

    Even though the shield was made from his Qi, it was still as strong as a 3rd refinement gold grade artifact. The attack landed on the shield, but it wasn't able to break through the defense.

    "So you've made your decision," Long Chen muttered as he glared at the men.

    He gripped his sword firmly as he moved towards the guys like lightning.

    Long Chen attacked with his King's Sword. His main target was the strongest Cultivator of the team and the person that had just attacked him.

    Long Chen's sword clashed with the men's Sword. Even though there was no difference between the cultivation realms of Long Chen and the guys, his actual battle strength was much more powerful.

    The boy was pushed 10 steps back because of the heavy impact but Long Chen didn't give him the chance to breathe as he attacked the man once more.

    The man used his sword once more to defend, but he hadn't expected that Long Chen was able to make a sword of his own just by using his Qi.

    The Qi Sword stabbed through the chest of the man and penetrated the man's heart.


    The other two men thrust their swords towards Long Chen's back, but before their swords could touch his back, Long Chen used his teleportation as he appeared behind the man.

    Their Swords penetrated their partner's body instead. The man's chest was already bleeding, but the situation was made worse as 2 more swords stabbed his chest. The man died instantly.

    The two Mighty Sword Sect cultivators stood there in shock. Long Chen swung his sword from behind and cut off the neck of both the cultivators.

    Their heads were separated from their bodies. Long Chen walked up to the body of the man that was still intact as he cut off his head as well.

    "You can't blame me. I told you to leave," Long Chen muttered as he walked away.

    "Are you going to attack me as well? Or are you more sensible?" Long Chen abruptly turned back to look to his back.

    There was a man standing amongst the crowd who wore a cloak. Long Chen was gazing at the same man.

    "Kekeke, I can't believe that you were able to notice me in the crowd of so many. Anyway, don't worry about me. I won't attack you. It's not like I have any friendship with the arrogant self-righteous idiots of the Mighty Sword Sect," the man said.

    "Good," Long Chen replied as he walked away.

    As Long Chen walked away from the crowd and got to an empty place, he wore a cloak.

    He removed the full face mask that he was wearing and wore a mask that covered 3/4th of his face. It covered the top half of his face and the right side of the bottom half.

    "You say that you have no interest in fighting me, yet you chase after me. Shall I consider you a friend, an enemy, or a stalker?" Long Chen asked out loud without looking back.

    "Oh, man. You're better than I thought. You can see me even when I hide my aura. You're really incredible. Which evil sect are you from?" The cloaked man behind Long Chen said. He had been following Long Chen since the moment he left.

    "Why do you think that I'm from the evil sect? Just because I killed people from the Mighty Sword Sect? Are you saying that the Righteous Sect Disciples don't kill each other?" Long Chen inquired.

    "They can kill each other, but the Righteous idiots won't do it so openly right before such an important occasion," The cloaked man said.

    "Important occasion?" Long Chen Inquired.

    The cloaked man started laughing out loud as he heard Long Chen's question.

    "Don't pretend to be ignorant. You know that I'm talking about the matter of the Divine Heaven Sect," The man said.

    "Which sect are you from?" He asked Long Chen.

    "First you answer. Which Sect are you from?" Long Chen asked as he finally stopped and looked back.

    "Kekeke, This poor guy is from the Devil Worshipping Sect of the east," The man replied.

    "Hmm, Do you have proof? How can I believe that you're from the Devil Worshipping Sect?" Long Chen asked.

    "This poor guy only has this small thing as a proof," the man said as he pulled out his sword.

    There was a blood-red character carved on the blade of the sword.

    "Strength," Long Chen read the character.

    "Indeed, you're from the Devil Worshipping Sect. I've heard about this. Only those guys use the sword carvings like that," Long Chen said.

    "From the size of the character and its color, I guess you're their chief disciple, aren't you?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Good observation. I'm Manxiang Li, the chief disciple of the Devil Worshipping sect. Which sect are you a chief disciple of?" The boy nodded his head as he answered, before asking a question of his own.

    "How do you know that I'm the chief disciple of a sect?" Long Chen asked with an interested smile on his face.

    "I saw you fight. You were quite strong. Even I'm doubtful if I could win against you or not. There's no way that you're a normal Disciple of a Sect, you're a chief disciple as well," The man said.

    "Indeed, that's no point in hiding. Our Sects aren't on bad terms and we'll meet in the Divine Heaven Sect as well, I'm the head disciple of the Dark Soul Sect," Long Chen replied.

    "The Dark Soul Sect? Isn't Mu Zheng the strongest in the Dark Soul Sect? I've met him before. You aren't him," The man said doubtfully.

    "I'm not Mu Zheng, I'm the new head disciple of the Dark Soul Sect. Also, Mu Zheng is here as well. You'll meet him later on," The man said.

    "Oh? Did you push him down? Hahahahaha, I can't wait to talk to him about that. That guy was just too arrogant. Even I wanted to beat him to a pulp on many occasions, but I didn't because of the relationship of our sects,"  Manxiang Li said to Long Chen.

    "He's arrogant alright, but who isn't nowadays? Look at the guys from the Mighty Sword Sect for example. Just because of their position, they have all gotten arrogant. I know that I'm arrogant as well, but I know when things are against me and when I should retreat," Long Chen said.
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