366 Chapter 366: Its not love

    "True. So, are you planning to spoil the wedding?" Manxiang Li asked Long Chen.

    "Why do you think I will do that?" Long Chen asked with an interested look on his face.

    "You were looking at that poster so intently, it was easy to guess. You either hate the princess of the North Moon Empire, or you hate the guy she's getting married to. Either way, I believe that spoiling the wedding should be your plan," Manxiang Li explained.

    "Why are you so interested in my plan? Even if I plan to spoil the wedding, what does it have to do with you?" Long Chen inquired.

    "True. It doesn't have anything to do with me, but I'm a sucker for chaos. I believe that this would be fun, so I want to join you," Manxiang Li told Long Chen.

    "Hmm, you want to join me in creating chaos? You know the elder of the Mighty Sword Sect will be there, right? They might invite other righteous Sects as well. The Beast Hall might be there too. Are you willing to die for your thirst for chaos?" Long Chen asked.

    "What's a life without excitement. Dying in excitement is better than living with the same old boredom. Also, I believe you won't be stupid enough to face them head-on. It's going to be fun either way," Manxiang Li said with a wide grin on his face.

    "I heard some things about the Devil Worshipping Sect, but I guess they are right. The sect is indeed filled with crazy people," Long Chen said.

    "Hahaha, Maybe. I can't talk about others but I'm indeed crazy for adventures that make me enjoy the boring life," Manxiang Li replied.

    "Hmm, You guys are still better than the disciples of the Dual Cultivation Sect,"

    "I guess I can use your help. Things have gotten complicated with the addition of the Mighty Sword Sect, but that's no reason to give up," Long Chen said as he glanced at Manxiang Li.

    "Anyway, Where is your team staying?" Long Chen asked.

    "My team? It's already in position and waiting at the location where the sect will appear," He said.

    "So fast? Isn't the sect going to appear after quite some time?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "It's alright. They've set up a camp there. I'm sure they'll be fine," Manxiang Li chuckled.

    "What are you doing in the city by the way? Shouldn't you be there as well?" He asked in confusion.

    "I was there, but then I started getting bored, and then I snuck out," Manxiang Li said as a grin appeared on his face.

    "I should've expected that," Long Chen muttered.

    "Let's go, get a drink. We still need to come up with a proper plan about how we can crash the party," Long Chen said as he started walking through the streets.

    He had seen a bar along the way, that's where he decided to go as he didn't know much about this city at the places that sold the best drink.

    Manxiang Li followed after him until he caught up.

    "So, who are you after? The girl or the boy? It should be the boy, right? I don't like those righteous idiots either," Manxiang Li started talking as they walked.

    "It's the girl I'm after," Long Chen answered.

    "Girl? Is it love? Have you fallen in love with her? Do you want to snatch her? I guess it's not bad. Love is a good motivation," Manxiang Li let out as he observed Long Chen.

    "It's not love. Quite on the contrary, it's hate. I hate that girl," Long Chen responded.

    "You hate that girl? Why? Did she offend you somehow? How is she still alive after offending you?" Manxiang Li asked in shock.

    "She tried to kill me and managed to escape. It's now that I found her again, she won't live for long," Long Chen answered.

    "Oh? Then she deserves to die. Those that try to kill us should never be left alive, It doesn't matter if they are strong or weak, they need to die," Manxiang Li said.

    "Yeah, she will die," Long Chen said.

    They got to the bar and entered the place.

    "Give us your best drinks," Long Chen told the bartender.

    "That would be 2 silver coins each," The bartender replied.

    Long Chen brought a gold coin out of his storage ring and placed it on the table.

    "Here, get the drinks," Long Chen said.

    The bartender hurriedly took that gold coin and left to get them the drinks. As Long Chen had emptied out the treasury of the Dementia Kingdom, he didn't feel like there was any need to be stingy about it.

    "That's the style I like. Worthy of a head disciple," Manxiang Li laughed out loud as he sat beside Long Chen.

    The bartender came with the drinks and served them.

    Long Chen and Manxiang Li began drinking.

    "It's not as good as the one from the Dementia Kingdom," Long Chen let out as he placed the empty glass back on the table.

    "Hmm? The Dementia Kingdom? Are their drinks really that great?" Long Chen inquired.

    "You never drank it?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "I haven't," Manxiang Li said as he shook his head.

    "You should go there after you go back. You'll be glad that you went there. Their drink works like a miracle for the first time drinkers," Long Chen said, smilingly.

    "Hmm? I'll do that if you're suggesting. I look forward to having a taste of that," Manxiang Li laughed as he agreed.

    "Hah, I'm sure that you'll thank me for suggesting you to go there when you drink it," Long Chen replied as he poured more in his glass and drank it at once.


    While Long Chen and Manxiang Li were drinking peacefully, the city was going through a commotion.

    The Disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect stood at the front of the alley when they stared at the dead bodies of their fellow disciples.

    There was a boy that stood in the lead. He was Ru Shan, the head disciple of the Mighty Sword Sect. He clenched his fist tightly as he stared at the bodies.

    The Princess of the North Moon Empire, Meng was standing with Ru Shan.

    "Who did this Meng?" Ru Shan asked.

    "The guards asked around and they informed me that it was a masked person. It looked like a boy that was around 6 feet tall. He had long black hair and he wore normal clothes," Meng answered.

    "Bring me the people that watched it when it happened," Ru Shan said.

    "Guards! Bring the witnesses," Meng Ordered.

    The Royal Guards brought 1 man and presented them in front of Ru Shan.

    Although there were more people that watched it, most of them had left and only these 1 guy could be found so far.

    "Did you see them die?" Ru Shan asked the man.

    "I-i did," He answered.

    "Tell me what actually happened. Don't miss out on any details," Ru Shan said in a heavy tone.

    "Y-yes Master. Although I did not see how it started, I did see him trying to stop the masked man," The man said as he pointed towards one of the dead bodies.

    When the masked man didn't stop, he attacked him from behind. I did not know how it happened, but the next thing I saw was the masked man standing near that boy sad he moved his sword like lightning and killed him.

    He again began to leave, but that's when these 3 arrived.

    They stopped him. There was some exchange of words amongst them that I did not manage to hear, but as the masked man turned to leave, that boy attacked him," The man said as he pointed towards a different body.
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