367 Chapter 367: Kidnap

    "I don't know how that masked man did it, but he was able to use his Qi to form a shield that protected him from the attack. Then he began attacking. He was so fast before I could even see anything, the 3 guys were dead. The masked man left with another person that was wearing a cloak," The man replied.

    "The Dark Soul Sect! I would never forgive you guys!" Ru Shan let out as he clenched his teeth.

    Meng looked at Ru Shan and wondered how he found out that the masked man was from the Dark Soul Sect. She decided to ask him.

    "Do you know the guy that he described?" She asked.

    "I don't know who he is, but I do know about the skill that is used for making things with Qi. It's one of the top 3 skills of the Dark Soul Sect!" Ru Shan replied.

    "I can't wait for the day when he appears before me, to kill them! I want their location! They must be in the city," Ru Shan told Meng.

    "Right. I'll put the Royal Guards to work. They should be able to find the person that matches the description. How about we take the bodies back for now? These should be like your brothers. Let's take care of the bodies with proper rituals," Meng suggested.

    Ru Shan nodded his head as he walked forth and kept the bodies in his storage ring before he left with his teammates and entered the carriages.

    Meng stayed behind to tell the guards about what they had to do before she entered the carriage as well.

    The Carriage drove away towards the Royal Palace and the guards began searching for the masked man.

    The leader of the guards was given a transmission talisman that he was ordered to use when they found the masked man.

    Two boys were standing on top of a building as they watched the carriages driving away.

    "Interesting, Someone dared to kill 4 guys of the Mighty Sword Sect. Almost half of their team is already wiped out. They should have been one of the strongest teams, but now they became one of the weakest," The Vice-Captain of the Beast Hall's team, Wu Ten said as he chuckled.

    "Nope, the true strength of that team is their captain Ru Shan and their vice-captain, Light Moon. Even if we combined the battle strength of all those that died, it wouldn't even be equal to 10% of Ru Shan's actual battle Strength," Jichuan, the leader of Beast Hall team explained.

    "I guess every team is like that. Just like our team's weak members are not even close to you in strength. The power balance of all the teams should be something similar. There can only be a single head disciple in the sect that's had the highest potential and that's given more care," Wu Ten said.

    "Are you saying that I gained my strength just because I was the disciple of the Hall Master?" Jichuan asked as he glanced at Wu Ten.

    "Ah, N-not at all. You are different. You should have been able to become stronger even without the help of the Hall Master," Wu Ten explained.

    "Whatever. Let's focus on the main topic. From the way Ru Shan screamed the name of the Dark Soul Sect, I guess it was done by their disciples. It means that they are in the city already. Let go on a hunt. We can find them and capture them... after breaking a few of their bones," Jichuan said as a smirk appeared on his face.

    "Of course. We have so much free time today, what better way to spend it other than hunting some dark souls," Wu Ten responded as he laughed.


    "I think I have an idea how I can make it memorable," Long Chen said as a smile appeared on his face.

    "Hmm? How?" Manxiang Li asked with an interested look on his face.

    "Let's leave this place. I'll tell you the plan," Long Chen said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

    "Hey, wait for me!" Manxiang Li called out before he gulped down the last of his drink and ran after Long Chen.

    They got to an empty-looking street after walking for a few minutes.

    "Hey, how long are you going to keep the suspense? Tell me!" Manxiang Li let out with an eager look on his face.

    "I'll kidnap the bride," Long Chen replied.

    "Kidnap? What then? Will you fulfill your weird desires with her? I would expect something like that from the Dual Cultivation Sect members, not you," Manxiang Li said in disappointment.

    "Why would I do something like that with the girl I hate? I only fulfill my weird desires with the girls I love! Listen to the whole plan first," Long Chen said in annoyance.

    "Oh, I guess I misunderstood you. I apologize for that. What's the real plan?" Manxiang Li asked.

    "The Real plan is to kidnap the girl tonight. After that I..." Long Chen began describing the plan.

    "What?! Are you serious? Hahahaha, It is indeed a good plan. I like it!" Manxiang Li said, smilingly.

    "It's good that you like it because I would need your help with it. Your role is really important in all of this," Long Chen said.

    "It's fun. Of course, I'll join," Manxiang Li said, smilingly.

    "There's still 8 hours before it's night. Where will you stay till then?" Long Chen asked.

    "What do you mean where? Of course, I'll stay with you," Manxiang Li told Long Chen with an innocent look on his face.

    "Alright. Come with me. I'll get you a room where you can stay for the day. It's about to be quite a  hectic day since 4 disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect were killed. There's no need to get in a fight before it's night," Long Chen said as he walked back.

    He walked to a different hotel that was quite far from his original hotel.

    They entered the hotel together and Long Chen booked the rooms for 2 since he didn't want to go back before he was done with this.

    They got the rooms that were next to each other. They both entered their rooms as they began cultivating to pass their time.

    Time kept passing slowly. The guards were searching far and wide for the masked man, but they couldn't find any. They even asked the receptionist of the hotel that Long Chen was currently in.

    Long Chen wasn't wearing a mask when he entered the hotel. It was because even though Long Chen had changed the masks, he felt like it was quite troublesome.

    The chances of the Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect coming out of his sect were too low and the chances of them meeting him were even lower. Also, Long Chen wasn't as weak as last time when he faced the Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect. At that time, he didn't even engage in a fight as he used the Spatial Travel to escape.

    Now it was completely different. Long Chen was much stronger than before and he was sure that even if the Grand Elder tried his best, he wouldn't have an upper hand in a fight with him.

    That's why he had removed his mask after finding an empty street. He even told Manxiang Li to remove the cloak as it was too attention-grabbing just like his mask. Long Chen had already guessed that the people would begin looking for the masked guy.

    Even when he went to the bar with Manxiang Li, he wasn't wearing a mask.

    As the receptionist denied seeing any masked man, the guards left the hotel after asking a few more people.

    They resumed their search for the masked man.

    While the guards were searching, they did see 5 masked people walking together. One of those 5 people was wearing the same mask that Long Chen wore.
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