368 Chapter 368: That trash was your brother?

    The Chief of the Guards hurriedly used the transmission talisman as he sent the message to Meng.

    Meng conveyed the information to Ru Shan who promptly left the palace with other disciples.

    "Hey! Stop right there! You aren't allowed to leave!" The captain of the guards told the masked people as he saw them walking away.

    "Hmm? Is that trash talking to us?" the first masked person asked the others. From his voice, it was clear that he was a boy that wasn't much old.

    "Kekeke, the kingdom is indeed amazing. Even the guards can talk to us like that," another masked guy said.

    "Hehehe, Brother Liao, I quite like the bravery of that man. Can I please take him with me? I would love to use him as a cultivation cauldron. I want him on my bed. I can already imagine the pleasure I would get when I suck all his essence on the bed," The third person said. This time it sounded like a girl's voice.

    "Sister Lin, I don't think he can even last 5 minutes in bed with you. We should just kill him and get it done with," the second masked guy said.

    "Hmmph, Alright. I will let you do as you please this time, but you must spend time in bed with me instead!" the girl said.

    "Kekeke, Why wouldn't I! The sexy sister Lin is the dream of all men. Who wouldn't like to make love to Sister Lin? Although we can't steal each other's essence because we cultivate the same technique, we can still have some wild fun," the guy replied with a grin on his face.

    "Little Sister Mimi, How about you join us as well. I would love to take care of both of you," the guy looked towards the 4th masked person that was a girl as well.

    The Chief of the Royal Guard stood there with a weird look on his face.

    'Here I'm trying to stop them, and they're talking about having s*x?' He thought.

    "Brother Liao, I don't think you will be able to take care of both of us. You might even find it difficult to satisfy sister Lin alone, let alone the two of us," Mimi replied.

    "You can never know until we try. Let's see when we get back. If I win, you girls will become my slaves for 10 days?" Liao said.

    "Senior Brother Liao, That's something you can talk about later. Aren't you forgetting something? Just kill those guys and then we can leave. The others must be waiting for us," The 5th masked person said. It was a guy as well.

    "Sigh, Senior Brother Xiaoli, why haven't you killed him yet? Come-on, you always leave such boring work to me. Alright, I'll be fast," Liao said as he looked towards the Chief of the Royal Guards.

    "You should die so that I can hurriedly establish my bet with my beautiful junior sisters," Liao said as he pointed his right-hand palm towards the Chief of the Guards.

    "Burn to ashes for me?" He said.

    A ball of fire appeared in front of his palm and attacked the guard chief before he could even react.

    His body started burning and no matter what he did, he couldn't put out the fire.

    His gruesome screams were heard by everyone on the street. Everyone who saw it started shivering at how easily the chief of the Royal Guards was killed. The Chief was a mighty existence in the eyes of the citizens, but it seemed as if he was nothing in the eyes of these guys. He was killed easily like an ant.

    "What are all of you here for? Do you want to die as well? Scram!" Liao said to the remaining guards. The guards wanted to run away, but they didn't run as this was the city they were charged to protect.

    If they ran away, they would be put to death along with their families.

    "S-stop! Master Shan is coming here soon! He will kill you if you don't stop!" One of the guards said.

    "I guess you want to die as well. Let me fulfill your desires," Liao said smilingly as he raised his hands again, but before he could attack, he started looking in a different direction. He could see 2 carriages coming towards him.

    "Hmm? More people are coming to the party. I guess we are going to be late," Liao said.

    The carriage stopped right before them as 6 boys came out of the carriage.

    "Hmm? Mighty Sword Sect? Did you send these guards after us?" The first masked man, Xiaoli asked as he glanced at Ru Shan with his deep black eyes.

    "Those badges? You are from the Dual Cultivation Sect?" Ru Shan asked as he noticed the badge on the chest of Xiaoli. It depicted a cauldron.

    "Yes. You must be Ru Shan if I'm not wrong. You send the guards after us without even knowing who we are? Did you really think they could do anything to us? Looks like your Mighty Sword Sect doesn't put anyone in its eyes anymore. If you really want to go through it before the appearance day, I wouldn't mind putting some of you to sleep forever," Xiaoli said.

    "Were you guys the ones that killed my junior brothers?" Ru Shan asked in full seriousness.

    "Kekeke, was that guard your junior brother? I guess your sect is quite trashy. It selects anyone nowadays," Liao laughed out loud as he heard the words of Ru Shan.

    "Silence!" Ru Shan bellowed in anger as he swung his sword. A bright arc of light came out of his beautiful sword and advanced towards Liao. This attack was powerful enough to kill Liao if it had managed to hit him, but the attack was stopped.

    Xiaoli brought his sword out and made a slash as well. Their attacks collided and destroyed each other.

    "Ru Shan, why do you attack my Junior Brother? You should fight with someone at your level. I wouldn't mind fighting you. It's not like our sects are on any good terms that would turn bad if I Kill you" Xiaoli said as he glared at Ru Shan.

    "Answer me first! Were you the ones that killed my junior brothers this afternoon?" Ru Shan asked again

    "We weren't the ones that killed your junior brothers, but we would definitely be the ones that kill you if you don't stop annoying us. Take it as my last warning and leave. It's still not the time to burn all the bridges," Xiaoli said to Ru Shan.

    "Brother, Don't believe him! He is definitely lying. That man and his body build is the same as what we were told. He has long black hair as well. It was definitely him. It's the right time to avenge our junior brothers,' The Vice-Captain of the Mighty Sword Sect, Du Qian told Ru Shan. He was standing right beside Ru Shan.

    "I believe that it was them as well, but I'm still not sure. The skill to make weapons using Qi is the Dark Soul Sect's skill," Ru Shan said with a frown.

    "They are all evil Sects. They are close to each other. It wouldn't be shocking if the Dark Soul Sect shared their skill in exchange for another one from the Dual Cultivation Sect. That explains how these guys got that skill!" Du Qian said to Ru Shan.

    "True. That would explain everything. The mask and the skill," Ru Shan muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Alright. You guys are guilty of killing our brother and that guard! As much as I want to kill you myself, your punishment should be decided by our Elder. You're coming with us!" Ru Shan said.
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