369 Chapter 369: Running Away

    "Do you really believe that it will work? Either you overestimate yourself, or you underestimate us. Well, it might even be both, but you should know, there are mountains beyond mountains. The ones standing before you are one of those mountains that you do not have the power to tame," Xiaoli said as he stood tall.

    "Senior Brother Xiaoli, enough talking. Let's just kill them and be done with it. Although they have one more person than us, it doesn't look like it's going to be difficult," Liao said, smilingly.

    "Brother Xiaoli, let's capture them instead. There's no need to kill them, is there? They are so strong and they look so yummy. I want them on my bed! I want to suck all their vigor until they have nothing left. Mmmm, I can already feel how heavenly it will be. I'm already getting aroused, just thinking about it," Mimi said as she licked her lips while looking at Ru Shan's waist.

    "Hmm, That girl behind them doesn't look bad either. I'd take her then," Liao said as he glanced at Meng who was standing behind the disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect.

    "You evil cultivators can not leave this place alive! You killed my junior brother and now it's your turn to die for your sins!" Ru Shan said as he ran towards Xiaoli.

    The other 5 Cultivators of the Mighty Sword Sect also ran towards the 4 cultivators of the Dual Cultivation Sect.

    Ru Shan started fighting with Xiaoli as their swords clashed with each other. Both of their strengths were almost equal. Although Ru Shan was a little bit stronger than Xiaoli, it wasn't enough to make a difference. Similarly, Xiaoli was slightly faster, but Ru Shan was able to keep up.

    They both attacked each other with their martial skills occasionally, but the opponent managed to dodge the attacks. It resulted in the attacks landing on the nearby buildings. Their attacks kept causing destruction everywhere. the citizens ran away as they tried to get as far away from the fight as possible.

    Du Qian was fighting Liao and their battle strength was similar as well.

    The only person that was fighting 2 people was the girl they called Junior Sister Lin. She was just as strong as Liao, thus she was able to handle two cultivators of the Mighty Sword Sect at once.

    The cultivators kept attacking her with their sword, but she kept dodging. Even though she dodged, the swords managed to cut through her clothes every time, but it never managed to graze her body.

    It was uncertain if she was actually lucky that the sword didn't cut her or if she was much faster than them and she was intentionally allowing them to cut off her clothes on occasions.

    Just like this, the clothes near her shoulders were torn off. It was the same for her arms. Even the clothes on top of her chest were in similar conditions. Small cuts could be seen that exposed her fair skin underneath.

    "Mmm, They call us evil cultivators, but I must say, you're way better than it compared to us. The way you keep tearing off my clothes with your swords, do you really want to see what's underneath? I wouldn't mind showing you if you just ask nicely like a good boy," the girl chuckled as she kept dodging.

    "Shut up you vixen! Your tricks won't work on us!" The guy said as he intensified his attacks.

    "Hehehe, I wonder if you're just as vicious on the bed as well. Now I really want to see it. How about you come with me? We can get a room and continue our battle under the sheets. I wouldn't mind taking care of both of you at the same time," Lin said in a seductive tone.

    The guys were somewhat stunned for a brief instant as they heard the offer and surprisingly, it was at the exact same moment that her mountain peaks were fully exposed before their eyes that stunned them even further.

    Lin utilized the opportunity as she attacked swiftly. The attack managed to slice the head of one of the cultivators. She didn't stop as she did a 360-degree turn and stabbed the sword in the chest of the second cultivator. In an instant, she had killed 2 cultivators of the Mighty Sword Sect.

    Her breasts were fully exposed, but she didn't even try to hide them. She ran towards Mimi to help her.

    "You dared to kill my brothers!" Ru Shan bellowed in anger as he dodged the attack of Xiaoli and attacked Lin.

    "Righteous Sword Punishment!" He roared as he swung his sword.

    A frighteningly powerful arc of light escaped his sword and moved towards Lin. The attack was so fast that she didn't even have the time to dodge and her body was cut in half.

    Lin died without even getting the opportunity to close her eyes.

    "You bastard!" Xiaoli's eyes turned red as he saw Lin die.

    "Heaven Suppression Strike!" Xiaoli said as he used his strongest sword skill.

    "Righteous Sword Punishment!" Ru Shan repeated the same attack. It was his most powerful strike as well.

    A blue arc of light escaped from Ru Shan's swords whereas a black arc of light left Xiaoli's sword.

    Both the attacks collided at the center which caused a huge energy blast.

    Xiaoli and Ru Shan, both of them were thrown back because of the impact. They both crashed on the ground as they coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    Xiaoli again stood up as he prepared to attack once more, but that's when he got a message from his transmission talisman.

    "Liao, keep the body of Lin in your storage ring. We are leaving right now!" Xiaoli said.

    "But Senior Brother..."

    "No buts! I said we are leaving!" Xiaoli commanded.

    "Yes," Liao affirmed as he retreated back. He kept the body of Lin in his storage ring. The other two also retreated as they met up with Xiaoli.

    "Do you think you can leave after you did all that?" Ru Shan said as he glared at Xiaoli.

    "Even your father can't stop us from leaving," Xiaoli replied in full seriousness as he brought a small grey ball out of his storage ring and threw it towards Ru Shan.

    "Move back!" Ru Shan commanded everyone. He didn't know what it was, but he felt like it was an explosive.

    His assumption turned out to be wrong as smoke started coming out of the ball that spread everywhere in less than a second. It covered an area of 1 square kilometer in an instant.

    "I won't let you escape so easily!" Ru Shan let out loud. Although he couldn't see anything, he still ran towards the location he last saw Xiaoli, but he didn't find anyone.

    He kept looking for them throughout the fog, but he didn't see them.

    Over 2 minutes had passed when heavy wind started flowing and blew the smoke away.

    Ru Shan looked towards the direction the wind was coming from and he saw a woman standing there.

    "Elder," Ru Shan greeted the woman.

    "What happened here?" the woman asked with a frown.

    "It was the Disciples of the Dual Cultivation Sect. They are the ones that killed out junior brothers this afternoon. We found them and tried to capture them. I killed one of them, but Gu Hao and Su Li were killed as well. They used the smoke device to escape," Ru Shan explained.

    "Dual Cultivation Sect?" The elder muttered as she frowned.


    The disciples of the Dual Cultivation Sect entered the house they were staying in. The house belonged to a couple previously, but they killed them and they were using the house now.

    Xiaoli and the others entered the house and walked up to the first floor where they saw a person sitting on a chair.
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