370 Chapter 370: Meeting Meng

    "You made quite a commotion today, didn't you?" the person sitting in the darkness said. It was a woman that looked like she was in her early 40s.

    "It wasn't our fault. It was those guys of the Mighty Sword Sect. They stopped us and accused us of something we didn't do. They wanted to capture us and we simply retaliated," Xiaoli replied.

    "You guys retaliated alright. But you lost Lin. Tell me? Was it worth it?" the woman asked.

    "It... wasn't," Xiaoli replied.

    "Indeed. It would have been worth it if you had managed to kill them all, but you failed. Isn't that right?" the woman replied.

    "It's not brother Xiaoli's fault. We would have definitely killed them, but we had to leave," Luan replied.

    "I know you had to leave. I was the one that sent Xiaoli the order to leave. Their Elder was coming towards you. You're quite stupid to not think that when you're fighting in the middle of the city, aren't you? There are so many righteous Sects here," the woman answered.

    "So what if there are righteous sects? Are you saying that we should be scared of the righteous idiots? I can't be like that," Xiaoli shook his head.

    "You don't need to be scared, but you need to be fast when fighting. You need to strike to kill. If the fight stretches for too long, many uncertain situations can arrive. Anyway, you guys can go to your rooms," the woman said to them.

    "Yes Elder Sima," the disciples nodded their heads as they turned back to live.

    "Xiaoli, you stay behind," the woman called out as she pointed towards Xiaoli.

    Xiaoli stopped and the others left and closed the door behind them.

    "Elder Sima," Xiaoli said as he looked at the woman.

    "We're alone and you're still calling me Elder? You didn't call me elder last night when you were ravishing me, as far as I can remember," the woman said as she chuckled.

    "My darling sima, I guess you want some more," Xiaoli grinned as he stepped towards her and kissed her on the lips.


    Time kept passing, and soon, it was night.

    It was midnight as Long Chen came out of his room and knocked on the door of Manxiang Li.

    "Finally it's the time! I was starting to get bored!" Manxiang Li opened the door and said excitedly.

    "Yea, it's the time. Come with me. We're going to the palace," Long Chen told Manxiang Li before he turned back and started walking away. Manxiang Li followed after him.

    Although it was midnight, the streets still had people. The Royal City of the North Moon Empire was a busy city that had many types of people. Most of them were the ones that came out to enjoy the nightlife of the city.

    Long Chen saw many people on the streets, but he didn't know that half of these people were coming back from the Brothels while the other half were going to the Brothels.

    There were guards on the streets as well. They searched everywhere throughout the day to find the masked people that killed the Disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect and when they found them, it resulted in the disaster.

    Even after all that, they were still assigned to keep an eye on the city and to inform the Royal Palace in case they saw the masked men again.

    "Hey, I got a different idea. I think it would be better revenge than my last plan, but for that, I don't need you right now. I'll need you tomorrow," Long Chen suddenly stopped as if he thought of something.

    "Hmm? What are you talking about? What's the new plan?" Manxiang Li asked in surprise.

    Long Chen told him the plan which made Manxiang Li laugh out loud.

    "Such a cruel plan. I like it more than the last one. It is indeed worse for her, but I don't understand, why would she do that?" Manxiang Li inquired as he thought of something.

    " I have my ways. You can go back to the room for the night. I'll be back after setting things up there," Long Chen told him.

    "Alright. I'll wait for the morning then. It's going to be so interesting to see the faces of those righteous idiots," Manxiang Li chuckled as he turned back and left.

    Long Chen got near the palace and used shadow transformation as he went invisible.

    He used his Heavenly Demon Wings simultaneously as he flew high in the air and landed on the balcony of the palace.

    He stopped his Shadow Transformation and used his Divine Sense to see inside the palace. He scanned the whole palace and found what he was looking for.

    He looked inside the room through the glass window as he teleported inside the palace.

    He again activated his Shadow Transformation as he walked through the hallways of the Royal Palace and stopped before the room of Meng.

    *Knock* *knock*

    He knocked on her door.

    "Who's outside?" Meng called out before she opened the door, but she didn't see anyone. Long Chen was still using shadow transmission. She stepped out of her room as she looked at both sides of the hallway, but she didn't see anyone.

    "Was that my misconception?" She muttered as she turned back and entered her room.

    She closed the door and walked back to her bedroom as she sat on the bed.

    She didn't know that someone that she thought to be dead had entered her room the moment she stepped out of her room and now he was sitting behind her.

    Long Chen brought his lips closer to her face as he canceled the Shadow Transformation.

    "We meet again, Miss Meng," Long Chen whispered in her ears.

    Meng was shocked as she looked back instantly.

    "Aaa...mmm," As soon as she saw Long Chen's face, she started screaming, but Long Chen closed her mouth with his hand before he again whispered to her.

    "Why are you so scared? It's not like you see someone you tried to kill, right? Have you forgotten that we are friends?" Long Chen said.

    Meng tried to free herself from Long Chen, but her power was quite weak in front of him. She gave up struggling.

    "Mmm... mmm," Meng tried speaking, but her words weren't clear as Long Chen had his hand on her mouth.

    "Oh, you want to talk? Alright. wait a minute. Let me just give you a gift first. Tell me how much you like it after I free you, Ok?" Long Chen said as he moved his free hand towards her breasts, but he stopped his hands just a short centimeter away from her chest.

    He brought something out of his storage ring. It was Cati, the Heart Devouring Insect.

    "Little Guy, she is so pretty. So many people want to establish their place in her heart, but you're the first one to actually do it. I'm quite jealous," Long Chen laughed lightly as he glanced at Cati.

    Meng looked at the Heart Devouring Insect. She could feel fear gripping her heart. She again started struggling to free herself. As Long Chen's hand was so close to her chest, her mountain peaks grazed against his hand a few times.

    "Miss Meng, This is inappropriate. I already have girls waiting for me. You can't seduce me like that," Long Chen said in her ears.

    "Come on Cati, don't make Miss Meng wait!" Long Chen told the Heart Devouring Insect that moved to her body and slowly entered her chest as it found its way to get heart.

    "Alright Miss Meng, I don't know if you know about that little guy or not, so just let me explain. He's a Heart Devouring Insect. Quite a cool name, isn't it? That little guy is indeed cool. If you do anything against my wishes, he would kill you instantly," Long Chen said.
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