372 Chapter 372: Call him out!

    Long Chen and Manxiang Li left their hotel as they walked towards the Royal Palace. They could see that there were a lot of people walking towards the Royal palace as well.

    "We do not need to cover our faces, right?" Manxiang Li asked.

    "There's no need for that. I want them to know our identity. Also, It's not like they are our friends. We will be fighting them in the Divine Heaven Sect, so no benefit in keeping cordiality," Long Chen replied.

    "Also, I wish to see someone's expression when they see my face. I hope that person will be there," Long Chen chuckled as he said.


    The Royal Palace of the North Moon Empire was heavily decorated for this special occasion.

    There was a special stage set up in a big hall for Meng and Ru Shan to sit. Many seats for guests were arranged as well.

    Although it was a Royal Wedding, not many people were invited inside. Only the guests from the supreme sects and some really important ministers and generals were truly allowed to attend the wedding.

    The crowd was standing outside waiting. They were told that as soon as the wedding ceremony was completed, they would be given a bronze coin each in celebration. Some would even receive silver coins if they were lucky.

    Even though thousands of people were outside the palace, the Royal Guards still managed to keep the peace. They kept the path open and didn't let it get blocked by the crowd so that the real guests don't have any trouble.

    11 flying beasts abruptly landed before the palace as Elder Ku, Jichuan and other disciples of the Beast Hall got down and entered the palace.

    After some more time, another set of flying beasts landed in front of the palace as the disciples of another righteous supreme sect arrived.

    Just like that 3 more righteous sects arrived.

    The Royal Palace now had people from 5 Righteous Supreme Sects, the Mighty Sword Sect, the Beast Hall, the Buddha Temple, the True Nirvana Sect, and the Wind Chasing Sect.


    "Those guys are such a showoff," Manxiang Li commented as he saw the people of Wind Chasing Sect fly on their flying beasts towards the Royal Palace.

    "How about we show off as well?" He asked Long Chen.

    "That's the plan. We're going as an envoy of the Evil Sects after all," Long Chen said as he brought the Winged Tiger out of his beast bag.

    "Hahaha, I was waiting for you to say that. It's much better to enter like Kings," Manxiang Li said as he tapped his Beast Bag. A 4-Winged Eagle came out his beast bag and landed in front of him.

    "4-Winged Eagle? That's quite a rare beast. I heard that it's pretty fast," Long Chen said as he saw Manxiang Li's beast.

    "Yeah, It's slightly faster than the Winged Lions of the Dark Soul Sect, but the Winged Lion has a high battle power. Your Winged Lion will assist you much better in battles," Manxiang Li replied as he climbed on top of his 4-Winged Eagle.

    Long Chen also got on top of his Winged Lion. Their beasts rose high in the Sky.

    "Alright little guy. Time to inform the others of our arrival," Long Chen said to the Winged Lion that roared out loud after Long Chen's commands.

    Its powerful roars attracted the attention of the crowd and the guards.

    They all started looking high in the sky and saw 2 flying beasts above their heads. The flying beasts landed in front of the palace. Long Chen and the Manxiang Li got off their beasts.

    "Masters, may I ask which sect you're from?" The guard chief stepped towards them and inquired.

    "Silence! Do you think we are someone who will go to marriages without being invited? Or is this a plan of the Mighty Sword Sect to insult our sect! Call them out! I need answers right now!" Manxiang Li let out loud as he glared at the guard. He even released his aura.

    The guards started shivering in fear.

    "Ah, S-sorry master. That's not what I meant. Please go inside," The Chief of the guards said as he allowed them to enter.

    "Hmph!" Manxiang Li snorted as he walked towards the entrance of the palace with Long Chen.

    A maid brought them towards the main hall.


    In the Main Hall, the king was standing right beside Meng and Ru Shan as he thanked the guests for coming. He had already started since everyone they sent an invitation to was already there.

    "My Daughter Meng and Little Friend Ru Shan are getting married today. Please give them your blessings. Meng, Ru Shan, let's begin," the king said.

    A maid came forward with a tray in her hand. The tray had two bowls that contained some blue liquid.

    It was called the Soup of Eternal Connection. It was said to be something that was a gift from the heavens to tie two people's destiny lines with each other in the form of marriage. The marriage was only completed when the boy fed the soup to her form with his hand while the girl fed the soup to the boy with her hands at the same time.

    "I never expected that you guys were here for marriage and not for the treasures," the Elder from the Beast Hall, Elder Ku said to the Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect.

    "It wasn't the plan initially, but what can I say, the girl was so nice, that Ru Shan instantly fell in love with her and started saying that he wants to marry her. That's why we decided to finish the marriage before the exploration," The Elder from the Mighty Sword Sect, Sui Ru, replied.

    "You mean they didn't know each other before you came here?" The Elder of the Wind Chasing Sect let out with a surprised look on his face.

    "Indeed. In fact, they met each other for the first time only a few days ago. Even though I can't believe how fast everything ended, I'm glad they fell in love. The girl is really nice and kind.Ru Shan is lucky to find a girl like her," Sui Ru replied.

    "That's amazing indeed," Elder Ku nodded his head as he said.

    "I think our Jichuan might get married soon as well. He's finally met a girl that had made him restless. I'll see how things progress when we go back to the Blazing Sun Empire after the Mission," Elder Ku added.

    "They lost 6 people from their team of 10 and they are still in the mood of marriage? Ru Shan doesn't care for his brothers, does he?" Wu Ten said to Jichuan.

    "That's not it. I think Ru Shan had no choice. The marriage was established before his junior brothers had died and the invitations were distributed. If he delayed the wedding, it would have been insulting for his future wife and father in law," Jichuan said what he understood.

    "Still, he's an idiot for marrying the girl he just met, right before such an important mission," Wu Ten said.

    "I agree with you on that one. He is indeed an idiot," Jichuan replied.

    Ru Shan picked up the bowl and Meng also did the same.

    She had been quite scared all this time as she wondered what Long Chen had planned for her, yet she still didn't see him or the person he talked about.

    'He must be trying to scare me. He isn't going to do anything today. I think he will use the insect to blackmail me and use me as a spy against the Mighty Sword Sect after I'm married. Or maybe he wants to sleep with me after I'm married so that he could put a green hat over Ru Shan's head,' She thought.

    "Is something wrong, Meng?" Ru Shan asked as he saw the frown on Meng's face.
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