373 Chapter 373: Scheme against me!

    "Ah, no. Everything's perfectly fine," Meng said with a smile.

    "Alright. The perfect time decided for the marriage is in 10 seconds. 8... 7... 6... 5... 4," the king started talking.

    Meng and Ru Shan, both were ready as they placed the bowl right before the other person's lips and waited for the right time. Just as the king said, they were about to feed the other person, but the door abruptly opened as a person called out.

    "Wait!" Manxiang Li called out, shocking everyone.

    Ru Shan and Meng looked towards the person along with everyone else.

    "Who are you?! Why did you interrupt the wedding?" The king roared in anger as he glared at the 3 guys that had just entered the hall.

    Everyone looked confused, but Meng looked scared. She recognized Long Chen standing beside Manxiang Li. She had guessed that the second person must be the boy called Manxiang Li.

    "How dare you forcefully marry my lover to someone else, just because he threatened you! Don't you have any dignity?" Manxiang Li said.

    'What?" Meng felt like coughing out blood as she heard his shameless word.

    The other Elders looked at Elder Sui Ru with a suspicious look on their faces.

    "Such bold accusations! Who are you? How dare you accuse our Sect of doing something so immoral like forcing a girl to marry him? If I don't get a satisfying answer, you won't be going back alive from here!" Elder Sui Ru said as she stood up.

    "You bastards! Do you dare call yourself a righteous sect when you do things like this? Do you think that there is no other Sect in the world? Today I'm the one that wants the answers!" Manxiang Li roared full of emotions as he pulled his sword out.

    Long Chen couldn't help but praise Manxiang Li in his mind. His acting was so realistic. If he wasn't the one that had made the plan, he would truly believe that Manxiang Li was actually the lover of Meng.

    The elders and a few disciples noticed the patterns on his sword.

    "Interesting," Jichuan muttered as he observed the man

    "Those marks on the Sword? You're from the Devil Worshipping Sect?" Elder Ku asked in full seriousness.

    Although the Devil Worship Sect was an Evil Sect, it was also one of the Supreme Sects that was said to be one of the strongest supreme sects.

    "So you're from the Devil Worshipping Sect! As expected of an evil sect! They sent you to spoil the wedding along with our reputation," Sui Ru said as she glared at Manxiang Li.

    "Hahahahaha," Manxiang Li started laughing.

    "You call us an evil Sect, but from where I'm standing, you look like the evil sect! How dare you force a girl to marry someone she doesn't like!" Manxiang Li said.

    "You're talking nonsense. She loves me and I love her! There's no need for us to force her! I will kill you if you don't stop spouting nonsense," Ru Shan bellowed.

    "Oh? Let me make everything clear in front of you all! Meng'er, you don't love him, right?" Manxiang Li said as he affectionately looked at Meng.

    Meng could feel her legs shaking, but she could also feel the Heart Devouring Insect in her heart. It was as if it was warning her that it would kill her if she didn't do what Long Chen had told her.

    "I don't love him!" Meng said, shocking everyone in the room. The ones that were shocked the most were Ru Shan, Sui Ru, the King, and the other disciples of the sect that knew the truth.

    "So it was true? The Mighty Sword Sect has been pretending to be righteous for so long, but their darkness has come to light at last," The Elder from the Buddha Sect said.

    The Elder of True Nirvana Sect also looked at Sui Ru with a disappointed look on his face.

    "I was wondering how a marriage could be decided so fast when they only met 2 days ago. I guess it is possible when you force the girl," The Elder of the Wind Chasing Sect said as he sighed.

    "Y-you're lying! It's your scheme!" Sui Ru said as she glared at Manxiang Li. She still couldn't believe it.

    "Oh? You don't believe that I'm her lover? Meng! Aren't we lovers? Tell them how many times we have spent the nights together. It's more than 10 times if I can remember correctly," Manxiang Li said.

    'Thar Bastard! He planned all this to get me insulted! And I can't even tell the truth!' Meng cursed in her mind.

    "Yes, We are lovers. We have spent the night together many times. More than 10 times," Meng replied.

    Ru Shan's face lost all its colors as he heard her words.

    "That Elder and Ru Shan were the ones that forced you to marry him, right? Did they threaten you?" Manxiang Li asked again.

    "Yes, they forced me to marry him. They threatened me many times," Meng replied.

    'Marriage seems impossible now. I lost such a good opportunity to marry someone so powerful. It's all because of that Long Chen! I swear that I will kill him!' Meng thought as she looked down.

    "You Bit*h! You dare to scheme against me! I'll kill you!" Ru Shan lost his temper as he raised his sword and cut off the neck of Meng.

    Meng couldn't even believe it as she died. The last thing she saw was Long Chen's smirk before her head we separated from her body.

    'Such poetic justice. You used someone else's hand to push me to my death and now I used someone else's hands to send you to death. You used your Senior Brother, I used your future husband. With this, the enmity of the past is over,' Long Chen thought as he saw the body of Meng lying on the ground.

    "Y-you killed my daughter!" The king let out in shock. He wanted to kill Ru Shan but he didn't even dare to attack. Although he was stronger than the elder of the Mighty Sword Sect, the Mighty Sword Sect was an even scarier existence. If they sent a Grand Elder of the Sect for revenge, his whole Empire will disappear in a single night.

    "Sui Ru! I guess that girl was indeed right. You guys even killed her to silence her!" The Elder of the Buddha Sect said.

    "After all that she said, was there really a doubt left? These guys are so bad. Stealing someone's lover and forcing them to marry? That is indeed bad. I expected better from you guys,"  The Elder of the True Nirvana Sect said as he sighed.

    "It's so funny to think that the Mighty Sword Sect had the reputation of being the most righteous Sect amongst all the righteous Sects, but when this news spreads outside, that reputation will be destroyed instantly," Elder of the Wing Chasing Sect said as he looked at Sui Ru.

    Sui Ru found her face getting heated from the anger. It was even more frustrating when it was all just a lie. She would have killed everyone here if she could, but neither did she have the strength to kill 4 elders, nor did she have the courage as that would just make things worse.

    The others will claim that she tried to silence everyone to hide her crimes.

    "Ru Shan! You killed my lover! Prepare your neck! I will cut it when we meet after a few days! Be Glad that your Elder is here to protect you today," Manxiang Li said as he stepped forth and picked up the body of Meng when everyone was stunned. He started walking towards the exit with Long Chen. Their work here was done already.

    "Wait a minute!" Someone called out from behind.
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