374 Chapter 374: Fight against the Head Disciple

    "Why do you want to take the body of your lover and not fight the one that killed her? Is that the extent of your love?" Jichuan said as he stood up.

    Manxiang Li stopped as he turned back.

    "I didn't love her body, I loved her soul. Now that her soul is already in heaven, what will I do with the body? But still, I want to give a proper burial to my love. Only after that will I deal with that guy," Manxiang Li said as he turned back again.

    Long Chen was laughing in his mind at Manxiang Li's acting. He gave Manxiang Li a big thumbs up in his mind as he heard his spontaneous reply.

    "You planned this all with this girl! It was all to spoil our reputation! You think I will let you leave?" Ru Shan called out as he pulled out his sword.

    "Little Guy, don't be so eager to die. You already got in a fight with Dual Cultivation Sect and lost 6 of your members. Are you so eager to see your team being wiped out even before the true event? Or are you underestimating our Devil Worshipping Sect?" Manxiang Li commented as he glared at Ru Shan.

    His words stabbed like needless in the heart of Ru Shan as it was indeed the truth that his team had already lost 6 disciples before the Divine Heaven Sect even appeared.

    "Stop. Are you forgetting that you're a part of an Evil Sect and we are the righteous sects? How can we let you leave alive!" Jichuan said as he stood up.

    Even Elder Ku was stunned as to what Jichuan was doing? There was still time. They didn't have to do anything unnecessary. If the Devil Worshipping Sect jointly attacked them with the Dark Soul Sect, then they would indeed be in trouble.

    It was much better when they would be in the Divine Heaven Sect as the Righteous Teams would support each other against the Evil Sects, but in the city, they wouldn't come to save them if 2 sects attacked them.

    "Who the heck are you? Another person pretending to be the savior of justice like them?" Manxiang Li asked Jichuan.

    "I won't claim myself to be the savior of justice, but you have come to a place with so many Righteous Cultivators. Even if your reason wasn't wrong, you're still an evil cultivator and it's our duty to punish the evil!" Jichuan replied as he took a step forth.

    "Do you know, if you keep your mouth shut, people would still think that you're an idiot just by seeing your face, but they won't have any proof. Was there really a need to give everyone a proof?" Manxiang Li asked.

    "You bastard! You called me an idiot!" Jichuan called out as he jumped towards Manxiang Li and punched towards his face.

    Manxiang Li still had Meng in his arms and both his hands were occupied but he didn't look worried. He believed that Long Chen would jump in. He was quite eager to see Long Chen in action again.

    Just as he had expected, Long Chen jumped in as he punched out as well. Both their hands collided which resulted in Jichuan being forced half a step backward while Long Chen was pushed back 2 steps. Long Chen didn't use his Demon Monarch Physique as he wanted to see how strong his body was compared to an average head disciple of the sect.

    Jichuan was a 7th stage Earth Realm cultivator, still, Long Chen had managed to keep up. That too after the fact that his cultivation was being restricted.

    Mostly because of his special bloodline. The stronger he got, the more useful his bloodline became. Still, these were just passive effects. The real magic of the bloodline hadn't even begun as his bloodline conversation wasn't even 1/4th yet. There was still a long way to go to see the true mysteries of his bloodline.

    "You're strong, but not strong enough," Jichuan chuckled.

    "Do you want to fight my friend?" Manxiang Li asked Jichuan.

    "He's not worthy. He's weak," Jichuan replied.

    "Hmm?" Manxiang Li couldn't help but smile. He saw something entirely different. He could see that Long Chen wasn't even serious in that exchange.

    "How about that? If you managed to defeat him, I'll stay here as your prisoner and my life will belong to you," Manxiang Li said, surprising even Long Chen.

    'He's going off script,' Long Chen thought with a frown.

    "Alright, I agree," Jichuan said, smilingly.

    "Not so fast. If you win, I'll stay here as your prisoner, despite being the head disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect. What will I get if you lose?" Manxiang Li asked.

    'As I expected, he's Manxiang Li, the head Disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect. Then the other person must be their vice-captain. That's why he's so weak,'Jichuan thought.

    "What do you want?" He inquired.

    "Of course I want something of equal value. If I won, you will come with us as a prisoner and your life will belong to me," Manxiang Li said.

    "I agree," Jichuan said, without even thinking about it. He couldn't even imagine a scenario where he would be defeated by such a weak guy.

    "Hahaha, that's more like it. It's good that you're not a coward. But let me ask your elder first," Manxiang Li said.

    "The Elders of the Righteous Sects! This bet has been established in front of all of you. If you have any problem with it, say it right now. You can't say anything after he loses! Even though there are some corrupt righteous sects like the Mighty Sword Sect, I believe that you can still maintain your dignity if you don't cry after he loses," Manxiang Li said.

    "Jichuan?" Elder Ku asked in concern as he gazed at Jichuan.

    "Don't worry Elder Ku. This is an easy victory. In my eyes, I already got a new servant in the form of the head disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect," He said smilingly.

    "Alright. I agree with the bet!" Elder Ku said.

    "The other Righteous Sects can be witnesses," Manxiang Li said.

    "We agree as well," The Elders of the Buddha Sect, the True Nirvana Sect, and the Wing Chasing Sect agreed.

    "That's good. The fight can't begin here though. This place is too small," Elder Ku said.

    "Isn't there a fighting arena in this palace?" He asked as he looked at the king.

    'My daughter was just killed and instead of that you're talking about a fight!?' The King wanted to curse out loud, but he controlled himself.

    "There's a martial arena. I'll take you guys there," The king replied.

    The king brought everyone to a Martial Arena nearby. The place was around 900 meters wide and 900 meters long.

    The Elders and the disciples of the 5 sects stood at the corner of the hall along with the king while Long Chen and Jichuan stood at the center.

    Along the way, Long Chen kept glaring at Manxiang Li who gave an embarrassing smile.

    "You're quite brave for even thinking to fight with me. Although you will die, it's not bad to die by my hands," Jichuan said as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "Sigh, You talk too much," Long Chen muttered.

    "Arrogant!" Jichuan said as he ran towards Long Chen and punched out again.

    This time Long Chen used his Demon Monarch Physique and punched out with his full force.

    His fist collided with Jichuan's fist just like last time but the result was completely different.

    Long Chen stayed there just like a tall mountain, not moving in the slightest, but it wasn't the same for Jichuan.

    Jichuan was pushed back 6 steps before he managed to balance himself.

    He looked at Long Chen as if he was looking at the ghost.

    He couldn't believe that Long Chen was so powerful. His hand was still aching.

    Even the elders are surprised at the result.
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