375 Chapter 375: Fighting With Beasts

    "You hid your strength previously. Clever," Jichuan stared at Long Chen as he said.

    "Think of it however you want," Long Chen replied before he attacked Jichuan. Since Jichuan wasn't using his sword, he didn't use a sword either. It turned into a fistfight and Jichuan seemed to be the one on the losing side.

    The fight stretched out for over 10 minutes and Jichuan had realized that he couldn't beat Long Chen with pure strength so he decided to use Skills.

    "Arcane Fire Rain!" Jichuan let out as he pointed towards Long Chen. One after another, balls of fire started attacking Long Chen. It was as if he was under the rain of fireballs.

    Long Chen finally brought his sword out.

    It was not mountain destroyer, but it wasn't his King's sword either. It was another Earth Grade Sword that he had found in the Treasury of the Dementia Kingdom.

    As he emptied out the treasury, he took the sword as well.

    The Sword had a golden hilt and a silver blade. Long Chen didn't know the name of the sword so he had named it the Silver Fury.

    He waved silver fury and took care of the ball of flames. His footsteps were so nimble that it seemed as if he was dancing with the wind.

    "Interesting," Manxiang Li muttered on the sidelines.

    Seeing it not working, Jichuan brought his sword out as well.

    "Strike of Earth!" He called out as he waved his sword.

    "Seven Forms of Sword Saint- 5th Form: Chaos!" Long Chen also swung his sword which blazed through the wind.

    A bright arc of light left his sword that clashed with Jichuan's attack. Long Chen's attack had managed to cut off Jichuan's attack. The bright arc of light still didn't stop and kept advancing towards Jichuan.

    Jichuan's expressions turned grave as he cut off Long Chen's already weakened attack with his sword, but that's when he saw Long Chen's sword coming towards his neck.

    He was so immersed in Long Chen's attack that he didn't see Long Chen. At the last moment, he raised his sword and protected his neck, but he was thrown back like a broken kite. Jichuan crashed on the ground 50 meters away from Long Chen.

    Jichuan stood up and again attacked Long Chen. Their swords kept clashing but even after a long time, Jichuan was still on the losing side. Everyone could see that Jichuan was the weaker one in this fight.

    "It is clear that the boy from the Devil Worshipping Sect is stronger, but why isn't Jichuan using his true strength? Isn't Beast Hall famous for their beast Tamers? Their beasts account for half their strength," The Elder of True Nirvana Sect asked Elder Ku.

    "I'm not sure, it might be because Jichuan wants to test his limit and if possible, he wants to win without using his beast," Elder Ku replied.

    "I can understand. If Jichuan brings his beasts out, that would mean that he's using his full strength. And if he had to use his full strength to defeat someone from the Devil Worshipping Sect that is not even their Head Disciple, it would be insulting for him," Elder of Buddha Sect said.

    Another half an hour passed and Jichuan could feel his Qi getting depleted. He realized that he couldn't win like that. In fact, it was quite possible that he would lose.

    "You are strong as a warrior, but you're forgetting the most important thing about Beast Hall. Our real strength is in our beasts! Come out, guys!" Jichuan said as he tapped his beast bag.

    3 Tamed beasts came out. One of them was like a Komodo Dragon that was 5 meters long and half a meter tall. It had Heavenly Armored skin that was said to be its strongest suit that multiplied its defense by multiple folds. Its tongue was also extremely poisonous. It was called the Venomous Earth Lizard.

    The second beast was like a leopard that was 2 meters tall and 3 meters long. It had a dragon-like horn on its head. Its skin was black along with a few stripes of green. It was known as Wing Snatching Leopard.

    The 3rd beast looked the strongest amongst the 3. It was a giant Mammoth that had two black teeth near its trunk. It seemed as if it was around 4 meters tall and 9 meters long. It was called the Earth Shaking Mammoth. It was known for its frightening power.

    "You should be proud of making me use my full strength to kill you!"

    "Say your prayers boy. And tell me, which of my tamed beasts would you like to kill you?" Jichuan said with a grin.

    "Are we fighting with beasts now? I don't mind if that's the direction you want to take," Long Chen casually said. His words gave Jichuan a bad feeling.

    "Come out guys. It's time to have some fun," Long Chen muttered as he called out his tamed beasts. He chose 3 beasts as well since he knew that they would be enough to handle them.

    Long Chen's first beast came out. It was the Dark Horned Armored Rhino. A beast that was known for its explosive strength, fast speed, and incredible defense. It's Defense was said to be even more powerful than Venomous Earth Lizard.

    The Second Beast to come out was the Devil Hunter Beast. It was known as one of the fastest beasts in the world that could merge with shadows. It was like a fully trained assassin that was powerful, fast, and lethal.

    The Last Beast to come out was the Snake Monarch. A beast with an ancient bloodline that had many mysteries surrounding it.

    "Hey, kid? Why did you call me? Are we going on a double date? I'll take the pretty one, you take the ugly one and we have a deal," The Snake Monarch said as he looked at Long Chen.

    'What the heck? That Snake can talk? Is it a rare beast? I didn't hear anything about it. I would love to take the snake from the kid, too bad the beast will die if  he is forcefully taken from his master and his master wishes for its death!' Elder Ku sighed in disappointment.

    "A powerful Dark Horned Armored Rhino, a rare Devil Hunter Beast and a snake beast that I've never heard about before? Is this kid a beast tamer as well? How did he get such amazing beasts!" The Elder of Mighty Sword Sect muttered.

    "Can you stop talking nonsense for a minute? I'm in a fight. And I called you out to help me!"Long Chen said.

    "Who would dare to fight with this King's friend? Let me see!" The Snake Monarch proudly turned to look towards Jichuan.

    "He? the kid that looks like a boiled egg dared to fight you? Did his mother not teach him manners? I'm glad that I don't have a useless son like him! Just look in his eyes. I can clearly see that he's not a good guy. He must have stolen many people's wives in the town! Does such a shameless guy dare to fight with this King's friend? Kid! Listen carefully! When you weren't even born, this King was already roaming through galaxies, flirting with heavenly beauties. Just ask your mother if you don't believe me. She was one of those beauties. I don't understand how such a beautiful girl can give birth to such an ugly boy. Sigh, life is indeed unfair!" The Snake Monarch said to Jichuan without stopping for even a second.

    Jichuan was so angry that his face had turned completely red. He even felt like coughing out a mouthful of blood as he heard the Snake Monarch's insulting words.

    "You bastard! Earth Shaking Mammoth! Crush that bastard to smithereens!" Jichuan roared in anger.
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