376 Chapter 376: Transformation

    The Earth Shaking Mammoth started running towards Snake Monarch!

    "Oh? Do you want to bully this King with size? I've never seen such stupidity! This King will show you what it means to crush someone!" The Snake Monarch said as he started getting bigger.

    Everyone's eyes opened wide as they saw the Snake Monarch getting bigger and bigger. They felt as if they were seeing something truly incredible. Even Jichuan was shocked.

    Snake Monarch got so big that it started looking like a dragon. It wrapped itself around the Earth Shaking Mammoth that looked tiny in comparison to Snake Monarch now.

    "You dared to attack this king? Even your Father called me grandfather, and you dared to attack me. Is there nothing in your stupid brain?" The Snake Monarch cursed the Earth Shaking Mammoth.

    "Raaaa," The Earth Shaking Mammoth struggled to free itself, but it wasn't able to, no matter what it tried.

    "You two go as well!" Ru Shan ordered the Venomous Earth Lizard and Wind Snatching Leopard.

    They started running towards the Snake Monarch, but that's when the Dark Horned Armored Rhino and the Devil Hunter Beast moved as well.

    The Devil Hunter Beast was as fast as lightning and appeared right beside the Wind Snatching Leopard as it attacked with its claws. The Wind Snatching Leopard was also known for its speed, but it was slower than the Devil Hunter Beast as it was scratched by the claws of the Devil Hunter Beast.

    It had a defensive skin but even still the Wind Snatching Leopard was wounded and started bleeding. It jumped towards the Devil Hunter Beast, but the Devil Hunter Beast turned into a shadow as it dodged and appeared right beside the Wind Snatching Leopard.

    The Devil Hunter Beast opened its mouth and a black orb of darkness came out of his mouth and struck the Wind Snatching Leopard. That orb of darkness penetrated it's body and landed on the other side of the wall.

    The Wind Snatching Leopard was instantly dead.

    "No wonder the Devil Hunter Beast is called the dream beast by the Beast Tamers. It's so fast and so incredibly powerful," Elder Ku muttered in shock.

    The Dark Horned Armored Rhino was also engaged in a battle with Venomous Earth Lizard. Their speeds were almost equal, but the Venomous Earth Lizard was more powerful. As long as it managed to wound its opponent, and lick their wounds, the chances of their death would be really high, but the Defense of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino was more powerful.

    No matter how much the Venomous Earth Lizard tried, it wasn't able to wound it. On the other hand, the Dark Horned Armored Rhino used it's most powerful skill, the Dark Mountain Shattering Stomp which landed on the back of the Venomous Earth Lizard.

    Even though the defense of the Venomous Earth Lizard was strong, it wasn't able to bear the attack of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino as it was crushed to its death.

    The Earth Shaking Mammoth was still wrapped by the Snake Monarch. It was going through a lot of pain as the Snake Monarch kept wrapping him even tighter. The Earth Shaking Monarch couldn't even resist now and it was starting to feel its bones crack now.

    "See how big of a chump your master is? Even after seeing you getting hurt and your friends dying, he's still just watching. This King had already predicted that he is the biggest sack of trash on this planet just by seeing his face. That's why his real father ran away with his mother, leaving him with the maid!" The Snake Monarch said.

    "You bastard! I'll kill you!" Ru Shan bellowed in rage as he ran towards the Snake Monarch with his sword to cut him, but before he could even get near the Snake Monarch, Long Chen appeared before him.

    "Very Well! I'll kill you first!" Ru Shan raged as he attacked Long Chen. Their battle continued once more.

    "See the human that's with me? He's a pervert and he doesn't look as good as this King, but at least he is a good human," The Snake Monarch said.

    "You idiot! Can you at least stop insulting me?" Long Chen called out amidst his fight as he heard the Snake Monarch's words.

    "Oh right. Let me correct my statement. He's a pervert and he doesn't look as good as this King, but at least he is better than a good human," The Snake Monarch said.

    Long Chen wanted to facepalm himself as he heard his words, but he was engaged in a fight.

    Manxiang Li was laughing in the background as he saw the things that were happening before him.

    "Interesting indeed. I can understand how he managed to rise above Mu Zheng. He's special," Manxiang Li muttered.

    Long Chen was proving to be a difficult opponent for Ru Shan. His speed was lower than Long Chen and his Strength as well.

    As a Beast Hall Disciple, his true strength was fighting a single opponent with a bigger team that included him and 3 of his powerful beasts, but Long Chen had managed to destroy his biggest Strength and now he was under the threat of the same thing being used against him.

    "I will never be defeated!" Ru Shan roared out loud.

    Elder Ku's expressions changed as he called out, "No! Don't use that Ru Shan!"

    "Beastly Transformation!" Ru Shan said as his body started changing.

    His eyes changed color and turned red. His height started increasing. He was previously just under 6 feet but now he was 8 feet tall.

    His body also started getting wider. His hands increased in thickness by 5 times. His clothes were torn off at sleeve and near his shoulders.

    Brown Hair started growing on his body just like a Wolf and soon covered every part of his body except his face.

    A horn also came out of his forehead that looked similar to the Horn of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino.

    "You forced me to do this and now you will face the wrath!" Ru Shan roared as he glared at Long Chen.

    It ran towards him and swung his sword. Long Chen's sword clashed with his sword, but this time, Long Chen was the one that was pushed back.

    Long Chen was pushed back 5 steps before stopping.

    "Interesting. This skill doubled his strength. This should be the special skill of the beast hall that's only taught to the Core Disciples," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at Ru Shan.

    "Oh? So that's the special skill of the Beast Hall, the Beastly Transformation. Not bad. I can feel that he's much more powerful and even faster than before," The Elder of the True Nirvana Sect

    'Amitabha! The True Soul of a beast can wake up the hidden power hidden in a human but it must come at a cost," The Elder of the Buddha Sect replied.

    'He's right! That Ru Shan! Why did you use that skill now! Did he not even think about the backlash! He should've saved it for the Divine Heaven Sect exploration!' Elder Ku scolded Ru Shan in his mind.

    "That kid should be dead now. There's no way he can survive. When Ru Shan is in that form, he's as strong as me," Elder Ku told the other Elders. He didn't talk about the cost that the Elder of Buddha Sect talked about.

    "As strong as you? That boy is indeed dead then. It's good too. If we try to kill him to take his beasts, he would just order them to die. But if he perishes during the fight, I don't believe he'll be worried about the beasts. It's quite possible that they will survive and then we can take it," The Elder of the True Nirvana Sect said.
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