377 Chapter 377: Did not lose

    "I can't see that happening. I can see it in the eyes of his Beasts. They are too close. The beasts will just die with him intentionally if he dies during the battle," The Elder of Buddha Sect said.

    "Really? I will believe it as you are the one saying it, but it's really incredible. It's quite rare for a tamer to have formed such a bond with their beasts. That boy is quite special. I wonder how the Devil Worshipping Sect managed to find a Disciple like that," The Elder of True Nirvana Sect said.

    In all their conversation, the Elder of Mighty Sword Sect has been silent, not saying a word.

    "Die for me!" Ru Shan again attacked Long Chen, who kept getting pushed back.

    ' don't know if that skill has any backlash, but it would've been really great if I could have it,' Long Chen thought.

    He started using the Earthly Monarch Effect which was one of the skills he had received in Bloodline Temple as a reward when he completed the first Trial.

    The Earthly Monarch Effect was neither an Offensive skill nor a defensive skill. It wasn't even a moment skill, but it was something similar to a movement skill.

    It was a skill that could amplify the effects of any movement skills multiple folds. Even if a mortal person didn't have a movement skill and he just ran randomly, if he used the skill, he would be as fast as a beast.

    Long Chen used the Earthly Monarch Effect and his speed was multiplied.

    Ru Shan tried to attack him, but he disappeared and appeared behind Ru Shan. He didn't even have to use his teleportation. Although he wasn't so fast that he couldn't be seen by the Elders present when he moved, he was still quite fast in Ru Shan's eyes who didn't even see him move.

    Long Chen appeared behind Ru Shan and kicked him in the back which made Ru Shan fly ahead. He crashed on the ground, face first.

    "You!" Ru Shan stood up and again ran towards Long Chen like a mad beast, but Long Chen did the same thing again and appeared behind Ru Shan and kicked him.

    Ru Shan again crashed on the ground, face first.

    'The Skill gave him incredible strength and speed, but it decreased his thinking prowess. He's just like a wild beast now. I should've expected that. No skill can be so overpowered without having problems in it,' Long Chen thought.

    "Sigh, It seems the fight is not going in Ru Shan's favor. He has Strength and speed because of the Beastly Transformation, but he now lacks quick thinking. If it was before the transformation, he would have known that when the boy disappears, he needs to protect his surroundings," Elder of Buddha Sect commented.

    "It looks like that boy is just toying with Ru Shan at this point," Elder of True Nirvana Sect said.

    "Come on, Brother Long! Finish it fast! I'm starting to get hungry!" Manxiang Li called out.

    'You bastard, weren't you the one that caused this fight to happen in the first place?' Long Chen thought. He wanted to curse Manxiang Li out loud, but that man did help him. And this fight wasn't a bad idea either in the long run.

    Ru Shan stood up again and chased after Long Chen, but the same thing happened. Long Chen appeared behind him, but this time he didn't kick. This time he thrust his sword towards Ru Shan.

    He didn't aim at Ru Shan's vitals as he didn't want to kill Ru Shan but before the sword tip could even touch Ru Shan, it was stopped.

    Long Chen raised his head and found Elder Ki standing in front of him. He had held onto Long Chen's sword.

    It was at that time when the effects of Beastly Transformation were over as well. Ru Shan returned to his original form and instantly fell down to his knees. He could feel that his body had no Strength.

    "It's just a friendly spar. There's no need to deal fatal wounds, is there?" Elder Ku said as he looked at Long Chen.

    "That wasn't a fatal attack, but whatever. It's our victory," Long Chen said as he kept the sword back in his storage ring.

    "Hahaha, awesome! The Head Disciple of the Beast Hall, Ru Shan is my servant now!" Manxiang Li walked up to Long Chen as he said.

    The king was surprised as he saw Manxiang Li laughing so freely while he held the body of his daughter in his arms.

    'Isn't he the so-called lover of my daughter? Why isn't there any sadness! Is a servant more important than my daughter? The cultivators of the big sects are really beasts!' He cursed in his mind, but he didn't say anything out loud.

    Every person present in this room was from a supreme sect that could wipe out the existence of his Empire.

    If he wasn't the Emperor responsible for his Empire, he would have even given his life to kill the ones that were involved in the death of his innocent daughter. It was supposed to be a day of her marriage. The day that was supposed to be a day of happiness has turned into a day of mourning for him.

    "Little Friend, how about we call it a draw? The fight isn't over but it was interrupted because I am responsible to protect him. So he has not lost. You can't say that he became your servant," Elder Ku said with a grin on his face.

    "Even if you give that excuse, he still lost. It's your side that interfered in the battle so it's technically your defeat. That guy has clearly lost," Manxiang Li said.

    "I can't say that he lost. I agree with Elder Ku. He is the one that interfered in the battle and for good reasons but Ru Shan didn't call for his help, so the blame can't be put on Ru Shan. He isn't defeated," The Elder of True Nirvana Sect said.

    "Hahaha, I can't say that I'm surprised. You guys are all going to side with each other despite saying that you will be impartial and make sure that the bet is followed to the end," Manxiang Li let out.

    "It's alright. You can keep him. I won't take Ru Shan, but you can never lie that he is my servant as you all know the truth. And you too Ru Shan! Don't ever forget that you're my servant and this master is leaving you here for a few days. I'll see you again, my dear servant," Manxiang Li laughed out loud as he said.

    "Emperor Ni, it's better that you keep her body. Her last rites should be performed by her father. I'll take my leave," Manxiang Li said as he placed the body of Meng in the Emperor's arms and left with Long Chen, who had sent his beasts back to his storage ring.

    Actually, the only reason Manxiang Li had taken Meng's body was on Long Chen's orders. When they were coming towards the battle hall, Long Chen took out the Heart Devouring Insect and kept it back in his storage ring before he told Manxiang Li to give the body back when they were to leave.

    Long Chen and Manxiang Li left, leaving everyone else behind.

    'Those bastards! If they weren't from a strong sect, I would have killed him right here for spoiling our reputation! Why the ** is the True Dao Sect not here yet! If they were here, I wouldn't need to worry about the Devil Worshipping Sect,'

    'It's alright. They should be on their way. Once they're here, everything would be balanced and I can still kill those bastards outside the Divine Heaven Sect!' The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect thought to herself.
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