378 Chapter 378: Disappeared I

    "How do you feel now? Was the revenge satisfying?" Manxiang Li inquired as he fastened his steps to match the speed of Long Chen.

    "It was good and kinda like poetic justice, but now that I think about it, it would've been better to do it myself," Long Chen replied as he glanced back at the palace for an instant.

    "Hahaha, that's human nature, my friend. No matter how much you get, you'll be thirsty for more. I don't know how she tried to kill you, but to be killed by one you loved should be one of the better revenge I have seen. Losing the reputation and getting killed by her lover," Manxiang Li chuckled.

    "You're wrong with that. She didn't love Ru Shan," Long Chen replied to Manxiang Li.

    "What the heck? Are you saying that it was the truth that the Mighty Sword Sect forced her to marry them?" Manxiang Li asked with a surprised look on his face as if he hadn't expected that.

    "It's the opposite in a sense. It's something like she fooled them in order to get Ru Shan to marry her. She invited the guys from the Mighty Sword Sect to her palace as guests and then she schemed to win the heart of Ru Shan. She made him feel as if she loved him and that he loved her," Long Chen replied.

    "So she didn't love Ru Shan and it was all her plan? Why? Oh, I get it. Ru Shan is the future Sect Master of the Mighty Sword Sect. If she married him, her life would have been set," Manxiang Li let out as with an amazed expression.

    "Yup," Long Chen replied.

    He called out the Winged Tiger and climbed on top of it.

    "How did you know it?" Manxiang Li asked, but Long Chen didn't answer as the Winged Tiger began flying away.

    "Hey, wait!" Manxiang Li called out as he brought his flying beast out and chased after Long Chen in the air.

    Both of them landed some distance away from their hotel.

    "You didn't tell me how you found out so much about her? Also, how did you convince her to go along with your plan?" Manxiang Li asked.

    "I already doubted her intentions behind her marriage so I talked to her and she told me herself. As for why she went along with my plan, it doesn't really matter now, does it?" Long Chen smilingly said.

    "Anyway, are you going back to your people or will you stay in the city for longer?" Long Chen asked Manxiang Li.

    "I'll go back. I already had plenty of fun and the Elder must be getting worried. I don't wish for him to come here looking for me," Manxiang Li said with a wry smile on his face.

    "Alright. I'll see you in the Divine Heaven Sect then," Long Chen bid his farewell before he left.

    Long Chen walked back to his hotel and he was stunned as he saw Mi Yao standing in front of her door. It was as if he was having a Deja Vu.

    He walked up to her and said, "You're quite weird. Why are you always standing outside your door when I come back? Are you scared to stay alone in your room? Should I shift in your room to keep you company?"

    "I'm not a child and no I'm not scared to be in my room but more importantly, can you not understand what I told you last time? Why did you still leave?" She asked as she glared at Long Chen with anger clear in her eyes.

    "I remember. You told me that the outside is not safe now that so many supreme sects are here and I also remember that I said that you don't need to worry about me and that I will be fine," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Do you know that the Mighty Sword Sect and the Dual Cultivation Sect had a fight yesterday? Both sects suffered losses and people died. Do you think you can't be one of those dead? Why are you making my life so difficult!" Mi Yao said. She felt like crying, but no tears came out.

    "Why do you think that I go out to cause conflict? None of those sects has seen my face and I don't go around claiming that I'm from the Dark Soul Sect. I just went outside to take in the fresh air," Long Chen replied.

    "Oh? It took you 2 days to take fresh air?" Mi Yao said sarcastically.

    "What can I say, my lungs are quite big. Anyway, I'm tired so I'll be going to get some rest. Good night. And don't worry, I won't leave anymore. I'm done with everything," Long Chen said as he entered his room and closed the door.

    He walked to his bedroom and sat down before beginning his cultivation.


    While Long Chen was cultivating in his room, a weird phenomenon was taking place right outside the Royal City of the North Moon Empire.

    It was the place that was assumed to be the one where the Divine Heaven Sect was said to appear.

    The Sky in the 1 km range of this place was covered in dense dark clouds. The Qi in this place was also unstable and it was only getting more and more unstable.

    A few sects were already waiting here. The Devil Worshipping Sect was one of those sects.

    "Brother Li, You ran away again. You can't imagine how angry he was when he found out. Hurry and apologize to him. You're his favorite even though you trouble him the most. I'm sure he won't scold you," A girl informed Manxiang Li who had just got back.

    "It's just Elder Devi, I'll be fine," Manxiang Li said as he confidently entered the tent of Elder Devi of Devil Worshipping Sect.

    The girl stood outside and she was able to hear the loud voice of the Elder who was scolding Manxiang Li. She couldn't help but chuckle as she heard the scolding of Manxiang Li.

    She was standing right outside their tent when she noticed something shining at some distance.

    The girl grew curious as she stepped towards that shining item. She entered the core of the unstable region but her eyes never left the item.

    As she got near it, she was able to see it clearly. It was a golden brick that had a carving of sun and moon.

    "So beautiful," She muttered as she bent down to pick it up, but as soon as her hand touched it, she disappeared along with the golden brick. It was as if she disappeared in thin air.

    The Unstable Qi was stabilized for a brief moment when the girl disappeared, but it instantly returned to being unstable.

    After an hour of scolding, Manxiang Li left the tent. He looked so tired after an hour of scolding that it seemed as if he hadn't slept for weeks.

    "That naughty girl! She talked as if the Elder really won't scold me much as I was his favorite! Even the apology didn't work. Where the heck is she! I'll teach her a lesson for messing with me. You'll get just as much scolding as I got," Manxiang Li seemed as if he was a kid that was bullied by that girl.

    He wanted to find her, but no matter where he went, he couldn't see her. He even asked other disciples, but even they didn't know about it. He was starting to get worried about her.

    "Siqi!" He called out loud, but he didn't get any response.

    "Stop messing with me! I promise that I won't scold you!" He said again, but Siqi didn't come out.

    He walked back to Elder Devi's tent in a hurry to inform him about it.
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