379 Chapter 379: Search

    "Are you saying that Siqi sneaked out this time?" Elder Devi asked as he glared at Manxiang Li as if he didn't believe his words in the least.

    "I'm not saying that Elder. Siqi is not someone who will leave the place. She is the most obedient one of us. But it's the truth that she is missing. When I came to the tent, she was outside, but when I left, she wasn't. I tried looking for her, but she is nowhere to be found," Manxiang Li said.

    Elder Devi frowned as he stood up.

    "Alright. Let me check. She was wearing the bracelet that I gave you all, right?" Elder Devi asked as he pointed towards the bracelet Manxiang Li's hand.

    "Yeah. She was wearing it," Manxiang Li said.

    "Good. I can use that to track her as the bracelets have a small tracking formation in them," Elder Devi said as he stepped out of his tent.

    He closed his eyes and stood still as if he was a statue.

    "How is this possible?" Elder Devi let out in shock as he abruptly opened his eyes.

    "What's wrong Elder? Is she in trouble?" Manxiang Li asked in concern.

    "I can't track her. I can't even sense the bracelet," Elder Devi said as if he was talking about something unbelievable.

    "Did someone break her bracelet? It might be what happened after she was kidnapped," Manxiang Li told his assumption.

    "That's impossible. Those bracelets can't be broken, no matter how much power one has. They can be taken off and thrown away, but breaking them is impossible," Elder Devi said as his frown deepened.

    "What does that mean, Elder? We can't find Siqi now? I'll go to the city to look for her. If she was kidnapped, it must be those righteous sects! No matter what happens, I'll definitely find them!" Manxiang Li said as he brought his beast out and left on it.

    The Elder told him to stop, but he didn't listen. Elder Devi also went after Manxiang Li, but he kept his eyes on the ground as he flew on the beast in the hopes of finding Siqi on the ground.

    After flying around for a short period of time, they got to the Royal Palace.

    "People of the Mighty Sword Sect! Come out, right now!" Manxiang Li called out loud.

    The Elder, on the other hand, spread his Spiritual Sense over the Royal Palace as he scanned the whole place, but he didn't find Siqi.

    "Siqi is not here," He said to Manxiang Li.

    "So what if she's not here! They must have hidden her elsewhere!" Manxiang Li told Elder Devi.

    "Why are you back here again? Do you really want a fight between our 2 sects right before the important occasion? Last time I let you leave but don't think that it was because I was afraid. Even if you bring your elder, I'll never be afraid of a fight. If it's a fight that you want, a fight you shall receive!" The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect came out of the palace along with Ru Shan and the other 3 disciples.

    "We are not here to fight. We just want to know if you guys were the ones that kidnapped our disciple some time ago," Elder Devi asked as he glared in her eyes.

    "We didn't kidnap anyone, but if you're trying to use that as an excuse to fight, you don't need to do that. As I said, if you want to fight then you'll get a fight," The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said as she brought her sword out.

    "She's telling the truth. She didn't Kidnap her. I can see that she knows nothing about it," Elder Devi sighed as he informed Manxiang Li.

    "Then it must be the Beast Hall people that kidnapped her. I had a few skirmishes with them. Tell me where I can find the people of the Beast Hall? Are they still inside?" Manxiang Li asked.

    "They've left long ago. As for their address, they live in the Crystal Water Inn on the south of the city. Leave this place and don't disturb us anymore if you guys are here because of a misunderstanding," The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said as she stepped inside the palace with Ru Shan and the others.

    " I'm 90 percent sure that it was done by them. Other than these 2 sects, there was none that I had a problem with," Manxiang Li said as he got back in his beast.

    "I don't want to scold you as this is a precarious situation, but please don't fight random people for fun. You never know who can do what," Elder Devi said as he got on his beast as well.

    They went to the Crystal Water Inn on the south of the Royal City

    Manxiang Li again called out for the Beast Hall out loud. Elder Ku was the only one that came out.

    "You brought your Elder here? Didn't you understand that it was a draw? I'll never let you take Jichuan as long as I'm alive," Elder Ku said with stubborn expressions on his face.

    "What's this all about?" Elder Devi asked as he looked at Manxiang Li full of confusion.

    "It's nothing. I and their head Disciple made a bet in front of the Elders of all the righteous sects. Their head disciple lost and according to our bet, he's my servant now," Manxiang Li explained.

    "He's not!" Elder Ku let out loud as he glared at Manxiang Li.

    "That a matter is for the future. For now, tell me why you kidnapped my disciple?" Elder Devi asked Elder Ku.

    "Kidnapped your disciple? What are you talking about? What disciple? I've been here all the time, taking care of Jichuan as he's going through his backlash. Are you here to destroy our Sect's reputation just like you did with the Mighty Sword Sect? That won't work on us! I have nothing to do with it if your disciple actually got kidnapped. So stop talking nonsense," Elder Ku snorted.

    Elder Devi used his spiritual senses and scanned his surroundings and in the hotel, but Siqi wasn't here either.

    "She's not here. Also, he's not lying either," Elder Ku said.

    "Oh? You understand? Are you really not here to accuse me falsely? I guess you are different from that kid. Ok, you can leave now. I have more important things to do now," Elder Ku said as he turned back and walked back inside the inn.

    "Even he doesn't have her? I'm out of ideas now. Where the heck did Siqi go! It can't be that she disappeared in thin air, can it?" Manxiang Li said as his frown deepened.

    "This shouldn't be possible. She's not a ghost who will disappear in thin air. I'll search the whole city with my spiritual sense to find her," Elder Devi said.


    Long Chen was still cultivating in his room, not knowing the strange event that had taken place outside.

    He was so engrossed in cultivation, that he didn't stop for even a second in the next few days.

    One night, Just as he stopped his cultivation, he heard the knock on the door.

    He stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door and saw Mi Yao standing outside the door.

    "It's time to leave. Get ready in 30 minutes," She said before she walked to the nearby room to inform the others.

    Long Chen closed the door and walked back inside.

    In the next 30 minutes, he took a long shower and got dressed before he left his room.

    As he left his room, he saw that the others were already standing there. Mi Yao, Mu Zheng, Chu Miao, Su Zhen, and the others looked ready to go for the most important mission of the sect.
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