380 Chapter 380: Barrier

    As soon as Long Chen got out, Chu Miao walked closer to him.

    "Finally, we can leave. I was getting so bored inside," Chu Miao said, smilingly.

    My Zheng just glared at Chu Miao and looked somewhat upset.

    'After entering the Divine Heaven Sect and after killing Long Chen, I'll definitely take your Primordial Yin,' He thought to himself.

    "Alright. Let's leave," Mi Yao said as she started walking towards the stairs.

    Long Chen and the others left the hotel and got on their Winged Tigers. The winged tigers started flying and took them outside the Royal City, and after 20 minutes, they landed in a deserted place.

    They could see that a few sects were already there. They saw the people of the Devil Worshipping Sect, Dual Cultivation Sect, Profound Yin Snatching Sect, and the Blood Devouring Sect were already there from the Evil Sects.

    From the Righteous Sects, the Buddha Temple, the Beast Hall, the Mighty Sword Sect, and the Wind Chasing Sect and the True Nirvana Sect were there.

    The other sects were still not here. Amongst the 19 factions that were supposed to appear, only ten were here yet.

    The righteous and the Evil sects were standing on the opposite sides. There was a distance of 500 meters between them.

    "I thought the Righteous and the Evil side would fight as soon as they saw each other. Why is everyone so peaceful?" Long Chen asked Mi Yao.

    "That's because no one wants to take the risk. No side has a clear advantage, and if both sides start fighting now, people will die. And if by accident, their head disciples died, then their token of appreciation will be lost, and they won't be able to enter the Divine Heaven sect to search for treasures," Mi Yao said to Long Chen.

    "That makes sense. So the fight may only begin when everyone's inside," he muttered.

    Long Chen and the others walked closer to the team of the Devil Worshipping Sect as, amongst the 5 Evil Sects present at the moment, only Devil Worshipping Sect was closer to the Dark Soul Sect.

    "Why do you look so angry? Did something happen?" Long Chen asked as he saw the strange expressions of Manxiang Li.

    'He knows the Chief Disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect?' Mi Yao though with a shocked look on her face.

    "Someone kidnapped my Junior Martial Sister. We searched the whole Royal City, but we couldn't find her," Manxiang Li replied with a depression evident in his eyes.

    "Did you ask the Mighty Sword Sect and the Beast Hall? If she was kidnapped, then they should be the one who did it," Long Chen let out as he glanced towards the Righteous Sects on the other side.

    On the other side, the Righteous Sects were also looking towards Long Chen with shock.

    "He's from the Dark Soul Sect?" Elder Ku said with clenched teeth.

    Jichuan also clenched his fists tightly as he glared at Long Chen with a murderous gaze.

    It was embarrassing to be defeated by someone from an evil sect, but it was even worse now that he knew that Long Chen was from their nemesis sect, the Dark Soul Sect.

    "That's not all. From the way he was walking in the lead when they landed here, he should be their leader and the Head Disciple of the Dark Soul Sect. Now it makes more sense. I was wondering how Jichuan was defeated by someone who wasn't even the head disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect's team. Still, now it makes more sense knowing that the boy was indeed on the same level in position as Jichuan," Elder of the True Nirvana Sect commented.

    "It must be the plan of those two head disciples to embarrass our sect! They must have planned the thing with the girl at the marriage as well. It was all a plan to spoil the reputation of us Righteous Sects!" Elder Ku exclaimed in anger.

    "Jichuan! You must kill that boy for making such a devious plan. You must gain back the respect of our sect that you lost by losing," Elder Ku told Jichuan.

    "Ru Shan, you killed the girl who betrayed your love, but you must not leave the true culprits alive!" Elder Sui Ru told Ru Shan.

    The other Sects also told their head disciples the same thing that they should destroy the Evil Sect disciples if they got the opportunity.

    "I asked them, and even Elder Devi checked, but they didn't have her. They weren't the ones who did it," Manxiang Li replied to Long Chen.

    "Strange. Who could have done it if not them? Does your sect have enmity with any other sect?" Long Chen asked.

    "Yeah, We have had a few problems in the past with the True Dao Sect, but they haven't arrived yet," Manxiang Li replied. Long Chen could see the sadness in his eyes.

    "Isn't True Dao Sect said to be the Strongest Sect amongst the Righteous Sects? Maybe they already came and are in hiding?" Long Chen let out softly.

    "They aren't. They haven't arrived. We are certain of that. Elder Devi and I searched every place. We searched this desert, the Royal City, and even the nearby cities. We scanned every place using Spiritual Sense, but she wasn't found. It's like the earth swallowed her," Manxiang Li replied.

    "Strange. I can't think of anything that might have happened," Long Chen muttered.

    "It's alright. I think that she is already dead by now. Whoever did it should have buried her in the ground. That's why our spiritual sense couldn't find her. I am just so angry at not being able to protect her. I don't know how to let this anger out. I'll probably kill a lot of the righteous bastards in the Divine Heaven Sect. The treasures are a second priority to me now," Manxiang Li said in full seriousness.

    A few more seconds passed when they saw three more sects arrive.

    They were from the Evil Side this time, the Eternal Blood Sect, the Dark Art Pavillion, and the Night Demon Sect.

    These three sects also landed near the people of the Devil Worshipping Sect.

    Not much time had passed when four more sects arrived. The sects were from the Righteous Side, the Profound Sword Sect, the Rising Phoenix Sect, the Eternal Peace Sect, and the Heaven's Blessing Sect.

    With their arrival, the power balance shifted as the Righteous Side had nine sects, whereas the other side had eight sects. The most influential sects from both sides weren't here yet.

    It was at that moment that it started thundering. The clouds began roaring as if a massive thunderstorm was near.

    A bright yellow light fell from the sky and landed on the ground, which started expanding until it took the shape of a barrier that covered a circular area of 200 km diameter. Everything that touched the barrier was turned to dust, which was an apparent show of its power.

    "Is that the barrier of the Divine Heaven Sect? Why can't I see the sect inside?" Chu Miao asked with a confused look on her face.

    "That's because the sect hasn't appeared yet. Only the barrier has appeared. It's always like this. The Sect should be appearing soon as well. When the Sect fully appears, you can use the token to enter," Mi Yao replied to her.

    "How can the barrier and the Sect appear separately? Are they not related?" Chu Miao asked again.

    "Logically, that should be what happens, but it doesn't. It has always been like this. The sect appears after the barrier. As for a reason? I'm not sure. The whole Divine Heaven Sect is a mystery at the moment. No one knows how it was destroyed. No one knows why it disappears and appears again. It's all a big mystery, so there's no need to overthink it," Mi Yao replied.
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