381 Chapter 381: Control Yourself

    After the barrier appeared, an Illusory figure of the Divine Heaven Sect also began to come into existence slowly.

    While everyone was engrossed in watching the sect appear, the teams of 2 more sects appeared from the opposite sides.

    From the right, the True Dao Sect's people arrived. The True Dao Sect was said to be the strongest righteous sect in the continent.

    From the other side came the strongest Evil Sect. It was the Heavenly Slaughter Sect. It was said to be the only sect on the continent that was on par with the True Dao Sect.

    The True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect were enemies. Whenever the disciples of the two sects met, it always resulted in the complete wipeout of one of the sides. There were only a few occasions when both sides left without any fight, and today was one of those days.

    Even though both these sects saw each other, they didn't clash with each other as they could see that the Sect was about to appear.

    They both landed on the ground at approximately the same time.

    Xu Ming saw the newly arrived people, and he could see two people that gave him a feeling that they were quite strong, just from their aura alone.

    While the Head Disciples of the other Sects were in the 6th or 7th stage of Earth Realm, the Head Disciples of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect and the True Dao Sect were actual peak Earth Realm cultivators. They were just a step away from becoming Sky Realm Cultivators.

    There was also something strange that he noticed. Even though their cultivation was at the 10th Stage of Earth Realm, Long Chen could see that they already had sufficient Qi for becoming Sky Realm cultivators.

    'They must be delaying their breakthrough by suppressing their true essence. I get it. Only Earth Realm cultivators can enter this place, so they didn't break through because they didn't want to lose the opportunity,' Long Chen thought as he shifted his gaze between the Head Disciple of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, Tang Jin and the Head Disciple of the True Dao Sect, Yang Sen before finally turning his gaze towards the Divine Heaven Sect.

    Both of them sensed someone's gaze on them and looked towards Long Chen.

    'Hiding his cultivation? Why did I have a feeling like someone dangerous was looking at me?' Yang Sen Sect thought as he observed Long Chen.

    Tang Jin, on the other hand, looked at Long Chen more seriously.

    "The Sect appeared completely!" someone called out as they saw the full Divine Heaven Sect coming into existence.

    The Sect looked quite strange from the outside. Unlike other sects that made their infrastructure look beautiful and majestic, the Divine Heaven Sect was clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    The Divine Heaven Sect looked like a giant dome from the outside. It was pure white as if it was made of the purest of white marbles. Even though it seemed mostly like a simple dome, there was still a unique charm to it.

    Without waiting for even a single second, the team of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect and the Team of the True Dao Sect were the first to move out.

    "Go now. Remember to work as a team and keep an eye out for the treasures on the list. Best of luck," Mi Yao told Long Chen and the others before they stepped out as well.

    Tang Jin and Yang Sen were already near the barrier. They brought their Divine Heaven Sect token out and held it in one of their hands.

    The Other disciples of their teams touched them and entered the barrier together.

    The team of 10 from the True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect quickly passed through the barrier.

    The entrance of the Divine Heaven Sect was near the barrier on Tang Jin's side; thus, Tang Jin and his team managed to enter first. Yang Sen wasn't too far behind and entered a short moment later.

    Long Chen stood near the barrier and brought the Divine Heaven Sect Token out of his storage ring.

    "Alright. Place your hand on me. I'm about to enter," Long Chen before he stepped forth and entered the barrier.

    The other teams also entered. Most of them were in a hurry to enter the Divine Heaven Sect, but Long Chen was casually walking towards the entrance as if he was in no hurry.

    "Why are you moving so slow?" Su Zhen asked Long Chen as she glared at him. She was annoyed as she felt as if Long Chen wasn't serious about the mission.

    "There's no benefit in being the first one to enter. Don't you remember that there have been many Disciples that have entered the place before us? All the easy places should be wiped clean. The tough places, on the other hand, won't follow the rules of those who come first can enter; otherwise, they would be wiped clean as well," Long Chen replied.

    "So a few minutes of distance won't make a difference," He added.

    "You!" Su Zhen found it hard to respond, but she was still angry at Long Chen.

    "If only we didn't have to stick as a team, me and Brother Mu would have gone alone and found the treasures for the sect!" She finally let out after a long time.

    "You can leave. It's not like you'll be contributing anything to the team," Long Chen chuckled as he replied to her.

    "Y-you are so arrogant! Do you think that you don't need our help? Can you do it alone? Such stupidity. I don't even know how someone trashy like you can be our leader and not someone great like Brother Mu!" She said to Long Chen.

    "Little Girl, don't forget who you're talking to. You'll never know when you might lose your head next. I don't want to be the one to kill you, but I'll definitely do it if you don't shut your mouth," Long Chen let out loud as he glared at Su Zhen in anger.

    He was controlling himself a lot in front of her nonsense, but he wasn't sure how long he could do it before he killed her in anger.

    Su Zhen saw the deep eyes of Long Chen, and she felt his powerful aura locked into her. She couldn't help but start shivering as she saw a glimpse of Long Chen's anger. She remembered the news she heard about Long Chen being the Demon of the Sect and him slaughtering many people in the sect.

    For a moment, she felt as if the next moment might be her last.

    She hurriedly hid behind Mu Zheng.

    "Brother Mu, t-that demon is threatening to kill me! He wants to spoil our mission; he must be a spy of other sects!" She said to Mu Zheng.

    "Long Chen, control yourself! Do you think just because you're stronger than her, you are allowed to bully her? You think no one can put you to your place?" Mu Zheng let out loud as he also released his aura.

    All the disciples of the other Sects had entered the Divine Heaven Sect, and only Long Chen and his team were standing outside the entrance. It seemed as if a fight was about to ensue.

    "I can't believe it. It looks like they're about to fight! Is the Dark Soul Sect really that little united?" Elder Devi asked as he looked at Elder Mi Yao.

    Mi Yao herself looked furious as she saw what was happening. She was cursing them all in her mind.

    The Elders of the righteous sects, on the other hand, were laughing at the team of the Dark Soul Sect.

    The Elders of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect and the Elders of the True Dao Sect looked at the team of the Dark Soul Sect as if they were looking at trash.
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