382 Chapter 382: Stairs of Heaven

    "Are you saying that you're the one that can show me my place?" Long Chen asked him as he smiled.

    "If you want to go separately, then do it. If you want to fight, then do that. Either way, my team will have a few people less," he told Mu Zheng.

    'Have fun while you can, Kid! I'll definitely kill you inside later!' Mu Zheng thought as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Brother Mu, let's do it! Leave this guy behind. It wouldn't matter if he's in our team or not," Su Zhen said to Mu Zheng.

    Without giving Mu Zheng even a chance to respond, she continued, "Do you think brother Mu needs you? We are going separately! Brother Mu isn't scared to go without you!"

    Mu Zheng, on the other hand, was stunned as things took a different turn entirely. He wanted to stay with Long Chen so that he could kill him inside, but after the words Su Zhen said, he felt as if he would be insulted if he stayed with Long Chen.

    'You idiot! You spoiled my plan! Whatever, I can still kill him inside! It's not like we won't meet,' He thought.

    Su Zhen looked towards the other disciples of the team.

    "You guys! Do you want to come with us or stay with the Demon of the Sect who might kill you at any time?" she said to them.

    The disciples of the Dark Soul Sect thought for a while before they stepped closer to Mu Zheng.

    "See? Most of the disciples want to come with us! Senior Martial Brother Mu is the real leader in everyone's mind!" She said.

    "You two! You guys are worse than trash to stay with him! Do you want to stay with that demon? I can understand Chu Miao. She must have been having an affair with him, that's why she sticks close to him, but why are you staying there?" Su Zhen asked Dai Hu.

    "I have faith in him," Dai Hu simply replied.

    "Then, so be it! Let's go, Brother Mu," Su Zhen said as she held Mu Zheng's hand and took him with her.

    Long Chen's team of 10, now had only three people remaining. Only Dai Hu and Chu Miao stayed behind with him while the others entered the sect.

    "They're so naive if they think that they can succeed without teamwork," Chu Miao muttered.

    "Let's get in as well," Long Chen said as he started walking towards the entrance. They entered the sect as well.

    "It hasn't even begun, and your team has already been divided. Sigh, the young never understand that there are things that are more important than petty fighting," Elder Devi said as he sighed.

    "They are idiots!" Mi Yao let out as she clenched her fists.

    "Alright. How about we start the bet guys? Which team will have all their members wiped out first?" The Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect cracked a peal of laughter.

    "I will bet on the great team of Dark Soul Sect!" The Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect said as she glanced at Mi Yao.

    "I say the same. They are divided and weak. It would be quite shocking if they managed to survive," The Elder of the Blood Devouring Sect said.

    Almost every elder said the same thing. The Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect, Dark Soul Sect, and the Devil Worshipping Sect kept their silence, each having a different reason.

    The Dark Soul Sect was the joke in the bet; thus, Mi Yao didn't bet. Elder Devi didn't bet as his Sect had a friendship with the Dark Soul Sect. Even though he believed that the team of Dark Soul Sect behaved stupidly and that they were going to be wiped out, he didn't place his bet. The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect Rin Shan didn't think that these small sects were worth him getting involved.


    As Long Chen entered the Sect, the first thing he saw was the beautiful Red Sky. The inside of the sect was like a completely different dimension that had a sky of its own.

    Other than the sky, the next most Intriguing thing was the Stairs in front of him.

    They had to climb through the stairs to move forward, but it wasn't as easy as it looked.

    From what Long Chen was told, he knew that the stairway was called the 'Stairs to Heaven'. The stairs were a trial that the Divine Heaven Sect had placed on their entrance.

    The first thing someone had to do after entering was climbing the stairs. The Stairs tested the person's faith and beliefs, and only if that person succeeded, he could get to the top.

    As for what the test was, Long Chen didn't know. It was said that the Stairway of Heaven gave every person a different test based on their memories. The test can be about anything, Courage, trust, family, love, etc.

    Long Chen could see that amongst the ones that had entered previously, some of them were still on the stairs going through their test.

    Mu Zhen Su Zhen and a lot of people he knew were on the Stairs.

    Manxiang Li was still there as well.

    Long Chen stepped towards the stairs, but before he could place his first step on the Stairs, he saw Manxiang Li moving upwards.

    "That guy, he passed the test quite fast," He thought.

    Long Chen stepped on the stairs, but nothing happened. It was said that the higher one received their test, the tougher it would be.

    There were 13 stairs, and no one was over the 6th stairs for the test. Even Manxiang Li himself was only on the 7th stair previously.

    Long Chen stepped on the second step, but he still didn't receive his test. Very Quickly, he took five more steps and reached the 7th stair, but he still didn't receive his trial.

    With a frown, he took the next step and kept climbing hire until he was on the last step, but that was when he received his test.

    He could feel his surroundings turn white before they changed entirely.

    Long Chen found sitting on a chair. There was a small table in front of him. He heard the noises of the people talking in his surroundings.

    Long Chen raised his head and saw the blackboard on the wall. A male teacher was writing a mathematical question on the board.

    "Alright, Who will solve the question? Raise your hand. I need the value of X," The Teacher said as he looked back at class.

    He waited for a few minutes, but no one raised their hand.

    "Alright. I'll choose myself! Long Chen, come to the board," The teacher said.

    Long Chen stood up and walked towards the door. His eyes were looking here and there as if trying to understand what was happening.

    The Staircase of Heaven has restricted his memories so that he couldn't know that he was in a test. In fact, he didn't even know about the Cultivation world where he went to after his death.

    "Stop getting distracted! Solve the question on the board and give me the value of X," The teacher said.

    "Oh, right, Sir," Long Chen picked up the chalk and solved the question on the board.

    "X should be 27," Long Chen ultimately said.

    "Good. Very good. You can go back to your seats now," the teacher said to Long Chen.

    "That's how the question is solved! Did everyone understand, or should I solve it for you myself?" the Teacher asked.

    "We Understood everything, Sir!" the students replied.

    "Good. So let's continue with the next question," The teacher said as he picked up the chalk again and walked towards the board with a book on his hand, but right then, the bell rang, signaling the lunch time.
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