383 Chapter 383: Little Brother Chen

    "Hey, are you coming to the cafeteria or not?" Someone said from behind.

    Long Chen turned back and saw a girl standing behind him with her hand behind her back.

    "Su Min?" Long Chen responded after looking at her for quite some time with a perplexed look on his face.

    "Hey? Why are you looking at me like it's your first time seeing me? Cheh, you should take proper sleep, man. You always sleep in class, and now your memory is getting weak. I can't believe that it took you so long to remember my name," the girl laughed out loud as she tapped on Long Chen's head.

    "Ah, Sorry. I remember. I guess I had a dream, and now I don't even remember what dream it was, but it should be a good dream," Long Chen replied as he stood up.

    "I'll come with you to the cafeteria," Long Chen muttered as he stood up and left the room with her.

    Long Chen and Su Min walked to the cafeteria and collected their lunch before sitting on one of the tables together.

    "Were you reading those weird fantasy novels last night as well? You should keep your health in mind as well, right? Don't read the stuff at the cost of your sleep. You have so much time in the day for that," Su Min told Long Chen.

    "What can I do? The novel is so good that I can't stop reading. And the damn author always ends the chapters on a cliffhanger, and I can't stop myself from opening the next chapter," Long Chen replied with a wry smile on his face.

    "Alright. Tell me about the book. I'll read it as well. We can both sleep in the class then," Su Min said as she let out a pearl of laughter.

    Long Chen just looked at her laughing and couldn't help but smile.

    "It's a book called Divinity written by this new author Demonic; it's really good. You should really give it a try," Long Chen replied to her.

    "I sure will. Oh, right. Do you have any plans for Sunday?" She asked Long Chen.

    "Plans for tomorrow? I have no particular plans. I'm just going to stay at home and be lazy," Long Chen answered her.

    Su Min looked at Long Chen for a brief moment in hesitation as she played with her fingers.

    "Well, ah, the thing is that there is an amusement park that is having an opening tomorrow. It's nearby, and I heard that it's a beautiful place. I have also received two entry passes from my father. Would you like to come with me?" she ultimately said to him.

    "Sure. I would love to go with you," Long Chen replied excitedly, but he immediately controlled his emotions and started looking more casual.

    "Great," Su Min replied with a bright smile on her face.

    They ate their lunch before they walked back to class together.

    After a few more lectures, the school was over, and the students started leaving.

    Long Chen and Su Min left the class together.

    As they left the school, they saw a luxurious black car waiting outside.

    "My ride's here. Don't forget tomorrow, alright? I'll wait for you there at 9," Su Min said to Long Chen before she entered the car.

    The car drove away.

    "How can I forget it. I myself wanted to ask you out for so long. Maybe I'll use the opportunity to ask her to become my girlfriend," Long Chen muttered as he started walking home as well.

    He was walking on the side of the road when he heard a loud scream from behind.

    "Thief! Stop him!" a female voice bellowed from the back.

    Long Chen looked back and saw a man running towards him with a female purse in his hand.

    Long Chen decided to try to stop the thief by blocking his way. As soon as the thief was near him, he jumped at the thief. The thief swiftly took out a knife from his pocket without Long Chen noticing.

    As soon as the thief grabbed hold of the thief, the knife was fiercely thrust at Long Chen's chest. But Long Chen's body reacted on its own as he caught the knife of the thief and kicked him in the balls.

    The pain made the thief tremble. It made it difficult for him to breathe. The Thief's face turned red as he fell down on the ground.

    More people stepped forward and caught the thief.

    After Long Chen had died last time because of the thief, he had thought so deeply about how he could have survived when he came to the new world. When he thought about it, there were so many ways he could have done it better.

    Even though Long Chen only had fake memories at the moment and he didn't remember anything about his rebirth in the new world, or his previous life, he still had a small bit of subconscious reaction and survived.

    "Thank you so much!" the middle-aged woman came to him and thanked Long Chen profusely. She had seen how bravely Long Chen handled the thief. She took the purse back and gave Long Chen some money as her gratitude.

    The cops also arrived and took the thief under arrest.

    Everyone praised Long Chen, but Long Chen wasn't thrilled. He had realized that if he hadn't reacted fast, he would have been dead and that too for someone else.

    The thought kept floating in his mind as he walked home. He thanked God that he hadn't died by the knife.

    Long Chen entered his home and got busy in his book, ultimately forgetting about the happenings of today as he threw that to the back of his head.

    The night passed away, and the day arrived as Long Chen left the house, dressed like a boy that wanted to impress someone.

    The new amusement park was near his house, and it only took him 20 minutes of walking to get there from his home.

    As Long Chen got there, he saw Su Min standing right outside the entrance.

    A smile formed on Su Min's face as she saw Long Chen there.

    "You are right on time, But I wouldn't have minded if you were earlier," She said jokingly as Long Chen got close to her.

    "Sorry, I'll be earlier next time," Long Chen replied.

    "Yup. I'll hold you to that!" She said.

    They entered the Amusement Park after showing their passes at the entrance.

    The time inside was enjoyable as they went to many rides together, and only after 2 hours of going to various rides, did they go to a food court.

    Su Min sat on one of the chairs while Long Chen left to bring ice cream for her.

    He was coming back with ice cream for her while making a firm decision in his mind. He had decided to ask the question right now. It was a perfect time, according to him.

    Just as he got near the table, he stopped abruptly as he saw the table empty. Su Min was not there.

    He started looking around, but he didn't find her anywhere.

    He called her phone number, and after some time, the other side picked up the phone.

    "Su Min? Where are you!" He asked in a concerned tone.

    "Su Min can't come to the phone, Little Brother Chen," a male voice said to him, from the other side of the connection. A frown appeared on Long Chen's face as he heard the voice on the other side of the phone. He felt as if he had listened to the voice before.

    "Who are you?" Long Chen asked.

    "You forgot your elder brother that you killed? Hahaha, so cruel. I only put you to sleep, and he decided to kill me? Such a cruel little brother," the person on the other side said as he cracked a burst of laughter.
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