385 Chapter 385: Natural Qi Pond

    Long Chen and his small team moved deeper into the sect.

    "It's so beautiful. The grass and the trees. I've never seen some of these trees and flowers. These must be what Ancient cultivators liked," Chu Miao muttered as she walked through the soft grass in the sect.

    "It is amazing. Most of these rare trees should be extinct in the outside world, and they only exist in here," Dai Hu muttered.

    They kept walking, and it had been 4 hours, but they saw nothing but grass, plants, and trees.

    "Just how big is this place! We have been walking for so long! The Sects have entered this place so many times. They should've told us how long we would have to walk!" Chu Miao complained with a confused look on her face.

    "That didn't say it because it's not the same every time. The entrance brings the people to the Stairs of Heaven, but the stairs of heaven are on a different part of the sect every time the sect appears. Apparently, this time it brought us to a place like a garden," Long Chen replied.

    "A garden? Why didn't I see Medicinal Plants and rare herbs then?" Chu Miao asked.

    "That's because it would be a normal garden and not a herb garden. This should be a garden that was made for people to take morning walks in. There should be a different medicine garden in the sect which would be full of rare herbs," Long Chen responded.

    "Hey! Look there!" Chu Miao pointed in the distance.

    They saw a beautiful white structure that looked like a tall tower.

    "I'm not hallucinating, am I?" She asked.

    "Not unless I'm hallucinating about the same thing. That place should be real," Dai Hu replied.

    "Awesome. Finally, something good. I hope we can find some good things inside,"  Chu Miao muttered with a smile.

    After ten more minutes of walking, Long Chen and the others entered inside the tower.

    The beautiful tower had three floors with no doors.

    "What the heck? Did they forget to make a door?" Chu Miao cursed as she saw that the tower had no entrance.

    "There is a door," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Where?" Chu Miao asked him.

    "Look up," Long Chen said as he looked at the top of the tower.

    "The heck! They made the door of the tower on the 3rd floor? Did they go crazy? Why would someone make the door on the 3rd floor instead of making it on the ground floor?" She asked.

    "I'm sure that they would have loved to answer you if they were alive," Dai Hu said as he burst into laughter after seeing the expressions on Chu Miao's face.

    "The problem is how to get to the top? We can't fly yet!" Chu Miao said with a depressed look on her face.

    "Just jump. It's not that high," Long Chen let out as he jumped towards the sky and caught the handle of the door on the 3rd floor. He was hanging on the handle, but after some effort, he opened the door and entered inside.

    Long Chen looked down at Chu Miao and Dai Hu, who still had mouths wide open.

    "Come on. Just do as I did. It's not difficult!" Long Chen tried to convince them.

    "We're not like you! We can't jump like we're flying!" Chu Miao said with a wry smile on her face.

    "Alright. Take this rope," Long Chen said as he brought a rope out of his storage ring. He held one end of the rope and threw the other end on the ground.

    "That's better," Chu Miao said with a bright smile.

    "You go first," She said to Dai Hu. She was wearing a knee-length skirt and didn't want to go before Dai Hu.

    Dai Hu understood her concern and didn't say anything as he went up first.

    Chu Miao was the last person to climb up.

    Long Chen closed the door of the tower and turned back.

    "It's completely empty," Dai Hu muttered as he looked around. There was nothing on the 3rd floor.

    "There might be something on the lower floors. Don't forget; the building starts from the 3rd floor. It should be considered the ground floor if we were to look at it normally," Chu Miao replied.


    They walked towards the stairs that spiraled down to the second floor.

    The Second Floor was quite different from the 3rd floor. The walls of the second floor were painted in various colors. There were also many portraits and paintings on the walls.

    Long Chen walked closer to one of the paintings, which was of a person, although Long Chen didn't know if it was a painting of a real person or a painting that was the work of a painter's imagination.

    The man in the painting only had the top half of his body painted. He was wearing a beautiful white dress and a starry black robe on the back.

    Although the man wasn't smiling, his eyes expressed happiness.

    The more Long Chen looked at it, the more he felt as if something was unique about the painting. He took the painting off the wall and put it in his storage ring before he walked up to another painting.

    The Second Painting was a painting of a sword. Even though it was just a painting, Long Chen was able to feel the sharpness of the sword. Even some of its sword intent was also apparent.

    Long Chen put the painting in his storage ring as well. There were 12 such paintings in the hall, and he kept them all in his storage ring.

    "Are you taking those paintings? Although these don't look like treasures, they would be good to hang in your room," Chu Miao smilingly said.

    "Something like that. Let's go down," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the stairs. They got to the first floor, which also had something similar to the 2nd floor. There was something on the wall. This time it was the paintings of the beasts.

    There were nine paintings on the wall which looked to be the paintings of powerful beasts.

    Long Chen saw a White Tiger in one of the Paintings, Black Tortoise on another. There was also a painting that belonged to Azure Dragon, Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, 9-tailed fox, and others.

    Even though the paintings were so well made and looked so detailed, they failed to capture the true essence of these god beasts, which was impossible for any mortal to do as these 9 were the 9 God Beasts.

    Long Chen placed the paintings in his storage ring.

    "This place is useless. There's nothing but paintings here. I wonder whose paintings the ground floor will have," Chu Miao muttered with a frown.

    They moved to the ground floor, but instead of seeing paintings, they saw something that shocked them.

    There was a Pond on the ground floor that was filled with a deep blue liquor.

    "T-that's Natural Qi Pond! I can't believe we found it!" Chu Miao jumped excitedly into the air as she saw the pond.

    "Amazing! It's said that you can absorb the Natural Qi in the pond to increase your cultivation! We are quite lucky to have found it," Dai Hu said with a bright grin on his face.

    "It's really great. I really needed something like this. Let's get into it and cultivate," Long Chen muttered as he entered the pond without taking his clothes off.

    Dai Hu and Chu Miao also entered the pond fully clothed as clothes didn't affect the absorption of Qi.

    They all closed their eyes as they began absorbing the Qi.

    Even though they were all absorbing the Natural Qi, Long Chen's speed was multiple times faster than the others.
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