387 Chapter 387: Unexplored Region

    Long Chen was collecting the herbs when he saw something moving. With a frown, Long Chen stood up as he walked ahead.

    As he got to the spot, he saw that it was empty. There was only a hole left in the ground.

    "There's something here. Keep an eye out for it. It's in the ground. It might be a beast!" Long Chen warned everyone.

    "It's here!" Chu Miao let out a whimper as she saw something coming out of the ground.

    Long Chen ran towards Chu Miao.

    "Where's it?" he asked.

    "It entered the ground," She replied.

    "What did it look like? It might be a powerful beast if it has been living in a garden with so many resources," Long Chen asked her.

    "It... It was..."

    "It's here!" Before she could answer, Dai Hu called out.

    Long Chen and Chu Miao got there, but they only found a hole there as well.

    "What did it look like?" Long Chen asked once more.

    "It seemed to be a plant," Dai Hu muttered with a weird look in his face.

    "Yeah, it was a tiny plant,"  Chu Miao added.

    "A plant that can move? It should be a Spiritual Plant that has gained consciousness. These things are only mentioned in legends. I must catch it," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the hole in the ground.

    "First, I need to empty the room. There should be no place for it to hide," Long Chen muttered as he started putting all the herbs and plants in his storage ring. It took 2 hours for the room to be completely empty.

    Long Chen saw the empty ground and the many holes present in it, as he stood in the corner.


    As soon as he saw the small plant appear, he used the greatest speed he had to get to it, but he was still slow, as the plant had already entered the ground.

    "It's just too difficult. The plant never steps outside the hole," Long Chen muttered as he stared at the ground.

    "Don't move even if the plant appears!" He told Dai Hu and Chu Miao.

    He sat down on his knees as he prepared to use his Space Law as he kept an eye on the room and stood still.

    After five more minutes, the plant again came out of one of the holes, but this time, Long Chen used his teleportation and instantly appeared behind that plant and caught it.

    He pulled the plant out of the ground and saw that it had white roots with stripes of red.

    "Isn't that the extinct Plant of Immortality? From what I've heard, it's an extinct Plant that was only seen in ancient times," Chu Miao muttered as she saw the tiny plant in Long Chen's hands.

    'Plant of Immortality?' Long Chen thought with a confused look on his face.

    Despite being a peak spirit grade alchemist, he knew nothing about it.

    "It's a good plant, but it's still immature. Send it in the beast region, when it grows up, it will bear the fruits, which would be quite useful for your beasts. Its fruits can wake up the bloodlines hidden in your beasts, no matter how small its quantity," Xun's voice sounded in his ears.

    "So that's it's use. Sounds great for my beasts," Long Chen muttered as he sent the plant back in his beast region.

    "Don't keep that plant in your storage ring. It can't live in environments that aren't filled with spiritual qi. It would die if we take it out of this place," Chu Miao told Long Chen in a hurry as she saw him keep the plant.

    "It's alright. Don't worry about it. Let's continue. There's nothing left here," Long Chen replied to them as he walked out of the medicine garden.

    The others nodded and followed after him as they left the place with him.

    As they walked out of the spirit garden, they found themselves in a different place. When they had entered the Medicine Garden, there were no buildings around it, but when they left, they were in an area that was surrounded by buildings. Even though they used the same door for entry and exit, the outside seemed to have changed.

    "Did the sect use some spatial formations? It's so strange," Long Chen muttered as he saw the new surroundings.

    Previously, it seemed like a desert, but now it seemed like a proper sect with beautiful structures everywhere. They even saw a water fountain in front of them.

    They were not the only ones there, though. They saw a few more disciples there. A few people from the other teams had also managed to get there.

    "Looks like we're not the only ones that are brought here. Also, why do all these buildings have so many stairs? There seem to be over 100 stairs in each one of those," Long Chen muttered as he stared at the tall building.

    "There was no mention of a place like this in the briefings. Is it possible that we have found a previously unexplored region?" Chu Miao let out as he looked towards Long Chen.

    "That seems to be the case. All these buildings are either unexplored or explored by a sect that didn't mention about this," Long Chen responded.

    "Let's enter that one. That seems to be the tallest," Dai Hu said as he pointed towards the building in the front.

    Long Chen agreed to his suggestion as they walked towards the building, but the disciples of the Buddha Temple had reached there first.

    One of the disciples stepped on the stairs, but as soon as he stood on the first stair, heavy pressure was exerted on his body that forced him to get down on his knees.

    His face turned red, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He could feel his foundations getting hurt as he struggled to move back.

    He got down from the stairs, and the pressure disappeared.

    Everyone that saw his condition was intimidated by what they saw. The stairs were not normal, and everyone had realized that by now.

    "It must be some kind of special gravity," Long Chen concluded. Many others came to the same conclusion.

    "You Buddha Temple disciples train your soul and don't focus on your body. I don't think the place is for you," a disciple of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect laughed at the condition of the Buddha Sect Disciple as he stepped towards the stairs.

    He climbed the first step, and the same gravitational force fell on his body. His face turned white, but he didn't fall and kept standing. Even his blood vessels had become visibly, showing how much strength he had to use to resist the gravitational force.

    Long Chen watched the man with great interest. He was also praising the guy for being his test subject and letting him have some information.

    The man took the second step. His condition worsened as he stood on the second step. It seemed as if he was under more force now, but he still held on. He took the 3rd step, but that's where he fell down to his knees.

    He coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell. He rolled on the stairs and landed on the ground.

    He had lost consciousness.

    "The gravitational force seems to be getting more powerful the higher one gets," Long Chen muttered.

    "If his condition is like that on the 3rd step, I don't even want to imagine how fierce the 100th step will be. It seems impossible," Chu Miao said with a frown on her face.

    "Maybe it's these stairs that are under gravitational force; there are more buildings here. Maybe those would be safer," Dai Hu muttered as he looked at other buildings, but he saw a similar situation there.
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