388 Chapter 388: Hes dead

    Many disciples have thought of the same thing as he was thinking now, and they have even tried it and failed.

    "How about we use our flying beasts? If we don't step on the stairs, we won't be under the gravitational pull, and then we should be able to get to the top as well?" Dai Hu gave another suggestion.

    "That seems possible. We can try that," Chu Miao agreed.

    Long Chen also nodded his head as this idea made sense, but he still felt as if this couldn't be as simple.

    Chu Miao tapped on her beast bag as she tried to bring her Winged Tiger out, but nothing happened.

    "Why can't I bring my flying beast out? You try it!" She told Dai Hu.

    Dai Hu also tried bringing his beast out, but it didn't work.

    "It should be some restriction on the Divine Heaven Sect. We can't use our beast here," Long Chen told them. He had also tried calling out Orion and the Snake Monarch, but it didn't work.

    The Snake Monarch informed him that there was a strange force that was stopping him from coming out.

    "So we can't use the beasts either. I can't think of any other idea. It's impossible to enter these places. Let's try finding something else instead of wasting our time here," Dai Hu suggested as he gave up.

    "These places should be where real treasures are kept. Should we really give up? It's an unexplored region, and it might even contain various treasures that we are looking for," Chu Miao looked unconvinced as she didn't want to give up on the treasures.

    "There's only one way to get there, and that seems to be walking up with brute force. A person not only needs a powerful cultivation but an incredible physical strength as well. You guys stay here, I'll try going in," Long Chen let out as he walked towards the tallest building.

    He took a long breath before he took his first step on the stairs. The Gravitational Force started acting on his body.

    Just on the first step itself, Long Chen understood how powerful the gravitational pull was. He has been affected by the same force once before when he was in the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    It was right after he had killed Ruan in front of the Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect. He also used gravity to get Long Chen down to his knees. The gravitational pull on the step itself was only slightly weaker than the pressure he was put through at that time.

    Long Chen took the second step amidst the curious eyes of the watchers. The Second Step did increase the force on him, but it was not enough to get him down to his knees. The force now was equivalent to what he had gone through in the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    "When the second step itself is applying the force equivalent to a sky realm cultivator, can I really get to the top?" Long Chen muttered.

    "Look! The Head Disciple of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect is going to do it!" a disciple exclaimed loudly.

    Long Chen glanced back and saw the man on the first step.

    "Tang Jin?" he muttered.

    'Yang Sen as well?' he thought as he saw another man coming behind him.

    The other disciples were shocked as they saw them both.

    "Wait, isn't that Yang Sen? The Head Disciple of the True Dao Sect is going to try as well?" Chu Miao muttered.

    "If anyone can get to the top, it should be them. I'm sure they can do it. I hope Long Chen succeeds as well," Dai Hu let out as he watched them climb eagerly.

    Long Chen was already on the 5th step, whereas the other two were on the 3rd step.

    The pressure was already twice compared to the pressure on the 1st step, but Long Chen was able to manage. He had activated his Demon Monarch Physique, which decreased most of the pressure on him.

    Long Chen kept climbing higher, but he was taking his proper time. He was allowing his body to get adjusted to the pressure on a step before taking the next step.

    After 20 Minutes, he was on the 11th step, whereas Tang Jin and Yang Sen were on the 8th step. The performance of Long Chen and the others inspired many more who gave it another try.

    Almost everyone was now trying to climb, but none of them managed to get to the 3rd step before falling down to the ground.

    Only the Head Disciples of the various sects had managed to hold on.

    Even Manxiang Li had also arrived there, and he was trying to climb the stairs.

    Although there were many buildings, everyone tried to climb the one where Long Chen was going. It had become something like a race to protect the reputation of your sect, and they all thought that there must be a reason for Tang Jin and Yang Sen to be choosing this particular building.

    Long Chen felt like he was at his physical limit on the 42nd step.

    Although he was able to see the top of the building, he didn't think that he would be able to take even a step further.

    He stayed on the 42nd step for over 30 minutes, barely holding on.

    'I can see the top, I should be able to use teleportation now,' Long Chen thought as he looked above, but there were just too many people here.

    Long Chen waited there for some more time. Ultimately, most of the others gave up.

    Only Tang Jin and Yang Sen were left on the stairs; both of them were on the 40th step. They realized that they couldn't climb higher, but they didn't want to lose face by giving up before overtaking Long Chen.

    "I can do it!" Tang Jin muttered as he took the 41st step, but he soon realized his mistake as he felt the pressure. He jumped back and got back to the ground before his knees could be crushed.

    "Senior Brother Tang!" His fellow disciples came running as they looked at him with concern.

    "I'm fine. Nothing happened to me," Tang Jin muttered.

    Yang Sen also gave up as he tried the pressure of the 41st step. He also jumped down to the ground.

    The only person on the stairs was Long Chen now, who was sitting in a meditative position on the stairs.

    "Let's go; we'll look at other places. It's impossible to get to the top here. I'm sure that kid is also feeling crushed, he's just not showing it. That's why he's not taking a step ahead. There's no benefit in wasting time here," Yang Sen said to his men.

    Their team left the place. The other groups also left. They all felt that there was no need to waste time here as they only had two weeks of time inside the Divine Heaven Sect. Instead of wasting time trying to climb the impossible stairs, it would be better to explore other regions.

    "Almost everyone left, except Chu Miao, Dai Hu, Mu Zheng, Su Zhen, and two other disciples of the Dark Soul Sect that had stayed behind.

    "Chu Miao, Don't waste time here waiting for that idiot. It's impossible to climb the stairs, and we all know it. Even Yang Sen and Tang Jin weren't able to climb to the top, do you really think that Long Chen can do it?" Mu Zheng said to Chu Miao.

    "Yeah, As far as I can see, he's already dead there. That's why he's not moving. The gravity isn't letting his body fall down. Even though you were stupid to choose his team, at the end of the day, we are all the disciples of the Dark Soul Sect. I'll allow you to join our team," Su Zhen said.
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