389 Chapter 389:True Demon

    "It's alright. You guys can go on ahead. I'd like to stay here," Chu Miao told them.

    "Hmph, you've lost your sanity. You can die here for all I care," Su Zhen said as she held Mu Zheng's hand.

    "Let's go, Brother Mu," Su Zhen said to Mu Zheng, but Mu Zheng didn't move in the least.

    "Shut up!" Mu Zheng scolded Su Zhen.

    "B-brother Mu?" Su Zhen stuttered as she stood shocked.

    "What Brother Mu! You're making me crazy, spoiling all my plans from the beginning! I wanted to stick closer to Long Chen and kill him when I had the opportunity, but because of you, I wasn't able to do that! Now that bastard is on the stairs, dead, and I can't even get to him! It's all because of you that I lost the opportunity to kill him myself!" Mu Zheng bellowed in anger.


    "It would've been better if I had allowed Long Chen to kill you then! At Least I would have a reason to kill him there! Who do you think you are to make me follow your commands? You hold no importance to me anymore! I already got what I needed, You can die for all I care," Mu Zheng let out as he glared at Su Zhen.

    "Senior Brother Mu, calm down. You're angry," the remaining two members of Mu Zheng's team walked up to him and placed their hands on his shoulders. They thought that he was angry, but he would calm down.

    Their gesture worked completely opposite as it made Mu Zheng even angrier.

    Mu Zheng pulled his sword out and swung it, killing both of them in an instant.

    "How dare you trash touch me! Did you forget who I am?" Mu Zheng let out as he looked at the dead bodies there.

    "Y-you killed them!" Su Zhen exclaimed in shock as she stepped back in fear.

    "I was wrong; you're the real demon!" She muttered, but her words didn't sit well with Mu Zheng, who got even angrier.

    "You called me a demon? let me show you what a true demon is like!" Mu Zhen muttered as he stepped towards her.

    "Stop. I feel like you're not yourself at the moment. Something is definitely different. Don't do something you'll regret!" Dai Hu stepped forward and stood between Mu Zheng and Su Zhen.

    "You think you can save that bit*h from me? Did you forget that you're the weakest one in the team?" Mu Zheng muttered as he moved. He instantly appeared in front of Dai Hu and thrust his sword in his chest.

    Dai Hu looked at him, shocked before he fell down to the ground, dead.

    "You've gone crazy!" Chu Miao let out as she attacked Mu Zheng.

    They both used their swords, which clashed, but it only resulted in Chu Miao flying back like a broken kite. Chu Miao crashed on the ground. Mu Zheng was just way too strong for her.

    "Be glad that there's something that I still need from you; otherwise, I would have killed you in an instant!" Mu Zheng said to her before he started walking towards Su Zhen.

    Su Zhen didn't even move from her position and just stayed there. Her face had lost all its color, and she was completely white in shock.

    "I should thank you for what you gave me, but you aren't important anymore. You've even lost your talent, and you're even useless for the sect. I still kept you alive, but you're not even worthy of that. Die!" Mu Zheng said to her before he swung his sword, which sliced off her head in an instant.

    "You should've stayed more well behaved, and I wouldn't have killed you," he muttered as he looked towards her body.

    He turned back to look towards Chu Miao.

    "You know what this whole situation with Long Chen taught me?" he asked her.

    "It's that I shouldn't delay things. If I had killed him when I had the time, he shouldn't have been killed by the stairs. I had the opportunity to kill him by my own hands, but I blew it up. I don't want to make the same mistake again. I'll take your primordial yin right here and right now!" Mu Zheng let out as he looked at Chu Miao with a grin on his face.

    "You've lost your sanity!" Chu Miao stood up, but instead of walking towards him, she stepped back.

    "Long Chen! Wake up!" Chu Miao roared as loud as she could, hoping that her voice could reach Long Chen.

    She didn't believe that he was dead.

    "Hahaha, do you want a dead guy to save you? You're too naive, my dear Chu Miao. Now be a good girl and come to me," Mu Zheng said as he continued walking towards her.

    Unbeknownst to him, Long Chen had heard her scream for help.

    He opened his eyes and looked back only to find the dead bodies lying on the ground, and Mu Zheng walking towards Chu Miao with a sword in his hand.

    Long Chen stood up and jumped down to the ground.

    "hmm?" Mu Zheng heard the noise and turned back.

    "Hahaha," Mu Zheng started laughing like mad as he saw Long Chen.

    "Looks like heaven truly loves me! They gave you life so that I could fulfill my wish to kill you," Mu Zheng said to Long Chen.

    "Was he the one that killed Dai Hu?" Long Chen asked.

    "There's no need to ask her. I can tell you what she would say. She would say something like, 'He killed them all! He's lost his mind completely!'. Aren't I right, dear Chu Miao?" Mu Zheng responded before Chu Miao could answer.

    "She wouldn't be wrong if she said that, would she? From what I can see, you've indeed gone mad, not that you were any better before," Long Chen muttered as he brought his King's Sword out of his storage ring.

    "I don't know how you hurt me last time, but it's not going to be repeated. You can't even imagine how strong I've become since the last time we faced off," Mu Zheng said with a grin on his face.

    "Even I don't know what happened last time, but what I do know is that you're going to die, no matter how strong you've grown," Long Chen muttered before he used his teleport and appeared behind him.

    Long Chen swung his sword towards Mu Zheng's neck, but Mu Zheng turned back and intercepted his sword.

    "My Martial Soul is more powerful now, and I'm more aware of my surroundings. Your tricks won't work," Mu Zheng said, smilingly.

    "Oh? Thanks for telling me. I guess I'll just use brute force then," Long Chen muttered as he used his Demon Monarch Physique and swung his sword once more.

    The Sword was once again intercepted by Mu Zheng, but Mu Zheng had failed to guess the strength behind that attack.

    He flew back like he was iron being pulled by a magnet far away from him. Mu Zheng fell down on the ground.

    "Thunder Blade!" Long Chen muttered as he pointed towards the sky that got covered in dark clouds. A big thunderbolt fell down on the ground, directly over Mu Zheng's body.

    Mu Zheng roared loudly in pain as the electricity coursed through his body.

    "You think that a single thunderbolt can stop me? My body is reinforced by the blood essence of countless people. A single thunderbolt can do nothing to be!" Mu Zheng said as he stood up.

    Most of his clothes were burnt off.

    "Did I say that it is going to be a single thunderbolt?" Long Chen muttered as he looked towards him.

    "Thunderblade!" he again called out.

    Another thunderbolt fell on Mu Zheng's body, making him scream in pain.
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