390 Chapter 390: Real Treasure

    One after another, a thunderbolt kept falling on Mu Zheng's body, which brought him down to his knees.

    "You know, Mi Yao said that there are sects that kill thousands of people to increase their strength, and the Dark Soul Sect isn't like that. I didn't believe her at that time, and you have proved me right. There's no difference between all these sects. They pretend to be different from the others, but on the inside, they're all the same," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards Mu Zheng, who was lying on the ground, weakened.

    "I'll destroy your soul, you bastard! Last time you survived, but my soul is way stronger now!' Mu Zheng roared like a mad person as he used his dark skill.

    A dark mist left his body and went towards Long Chen, but Long Chen had already been affected by it last time, and he was ready.

    Before the mist could touch him, he appeared behind Mu Zheng and thrust his sword in Mu Zheng's neck.

    The sword penetrated his neck and came out of the other side. Long Chen pulled the sword back, and blood started flowing everywhere.

    Long Chen swung his sword and separated Mu Zheng's head from his body.

    Mu Zheng died, and his dream of killing Long Chen remained unfulfilled.

    Long Chen put the sword back in his storage ring.

    "I can't believe Mu Zheng was like that. He talked about stealing Su Zheng's primordial yin. Such a beast. Because of him, our whole team is dead now," Chu Miao muttered with a blank look on her face as she stepped towards him.

    "Our team isn't dead, You and I are still alive," Long Chen comforted her as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

    Chu Miao nodded her head but didn't respond.

    "Stay here; I'll be going into the building. I'll try to be back as fast as I can," Long Chen said before turning back towards the building.

    "Wait, can you really get to the top? It seems impossible. Don't harm yourself for treasures," Chu Miao told Long Chen.

    "It is indeed impossible with just strength, but I have more tricks up my sleeve. Anyway, you should hide behind the building. There might be other disciples who will come here. If they're enemies, they'll attack you. Stay behind the building so that they don't see you. I'll find you there when I'm back," Long Chen told her before he stepped on the stairs.

    The pressure felt less this time, but Long Chen assumed that it was because his body had adjusted to the pressure of the higher steps, and that's why he didn't feel much pressure.

    Long Chen stepped higher and higher until he was back in his original position, but he didn't stop and kept climbing higher until he reached the 60th step.

    He could feel good blood acting up under pressure, which further helped him resist the pressure.

    Long Chen was standing on the 75th step before he felt like he couldn't climb higher, if he took even a single step higher, his knees would be crushed, but being able to come so far was enough for him.

    He had a clear view of the top, which was a necessary condition for him to use his teleport.

    Long Chen used his teleport and disappeared from the 75th step and appeared on the top.

    Just as he had imagined, there was no pressure on the top.

    "As I expected, I was able to use the space law in the herb garden and similarly, here as well. I should be able to use all my laws, just not my beasts," Long Chen muttered as he turned back to look toward the door.

    He walked to the door and pushed it, but it didn't move. He decided to pull it towards him, and the doors opened this time.

    Long Chen entered the place. He was amazed at how beautiful it looked. It seemed as if this whole place was made from gold. The ground was covered in ancient carvings. There were various planets carved on the walls as well, and one of them looked exactly like the earth with the position of continents and sea.

    "Just what is this place?" Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the wall.

    He touched the carving of the earth, which started shining.

    The carving came out of the wall. It seemed as if it was a golden globe of the earth. It even showed his home country.

    "Amazing," Long Chen muttered as he walked toward the different carving. He touched that, and it came out of the wall as well.

    Long Chen kept walking through the room, touching the carvings on the walls.

    After some time, he had touched all these carvings. There were hundreds of planetary spheres floating around him.

    "It looks so magnificent," Long Chen muttered as he looked around the room and all these golden planet replicas.

    "I can't help but grow curious about the Divine Heaven Sect. They even knew about the earth? I would have loved to ask them if I had an opportunity," Long Chen muttered.

    He tried putting the globe of earth in his storage ring, but he wasn't able to. It looks like it's impossible to take these things," Long Chen let out as he left them behind and walked towards the stairs in front of him.

    He went to the 1st floor, and what he saw brought a smile on his face.

    "Incredible. These are the treasures that I did need," Long Chen muttered as he looked at what laid before him.

    There were hundreds of shelves filled with books in there.

    "The Vault of knowledge of Divine Heaven Sect. This knowledge should be so important. Maybe I can find more about this earth and the mysteries of this world," Long Chen muttered as he walked to the nearest shelf and picked up a book.

    He opened the book and started reading it. His facial expressions went through a wide variety of changes. He opened the book excitedly, but he went from excited to stunned to blank immediately.

    He put the book back in its place and picked a different book, and opened it. He put that back as well. He went to the books on various shelves and checked them as well.

    "This is useless. They are all in the ancient language. Xun should be able to read the language, but I can't ask her to narrate these books for me when I don't even know which one of these might contain important information. She can't even hold the books," Long been muttered, disappointed.

    He still didn't leave them behind, though. He placed all these books along with their shelves in his storage ring.

    He walked to the second floor, but it contained the same thing. There were only books as far as his eyes could see, but the number of books was half compared to the first floor.

    He checked one of the books, and it was in the ancient language as well. He put all these shelves of books in his storage ring before he walked up to the 3rd floor.

    No matter which floor he went to, there were only books. The number of books kept getting halved the higher he went. The highest floor was the 9th floor, which had less than a thousand books.

    Long Chen checked one book there and sent all the books back in his storage ring with a disappointed look on his face.

    "I should ask Xun to teach me the ancient language. It would be better than asking her to read hundreds of thousands of books for me," Long Chen muttered as he went to the lower floors.

    He walked out of the tower and straight away teleported to the ground instead of going through the stairs.
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