392 Chapter 392: The Words of Tian Shen

    Long Chen placed the jug underwater to fill it up, but no matter what he did, not even a drop of water stayed in the jug.

    "It won't work. This Water can only be drunk here; it can't be collected in anything. You don't need to waste your time with that," She said.

    "I can't take the water with me? That's such a waste," Long Chen sighed in disappointment.

    "Don't worry about that; there are many treasures between Heaven and Earth that are even more miraculous than this. With your heritage, you are destined to find them," Xun comforted Long Chen.

    "I understand. I can't complain either way. At Least I got my poison healed," Long Chen said.

    "Oh, right, Xun, what's that on your face?" he exclaimed as he walked closer to Xun.

    "What's in my face?" Xun asked in confusion.

    "I see clearly, it's so small," Long Chen muttered as he brought his face closer to hers. Xun was still in confusion when he kissed her lips once more.

    "Sorry, I couldn't control myself from doing it over more time. It's so addictive," Long Chen muttered as he stepped back.

    "You shameless hooligan! Behave properly with your master," Xun scolded him as she pointed her finger towards him.

    "Yes, Master," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "You know Master, I can't tell you how glad I am of being able to touch you," Long Chen said with an innocent smile on his face.

    "I never knew master's lips were so sweet, I am so thankful for the Darkness that gave me this ability," Long Chen told her.

    "Hmph, shameless. I know that I'm great, but you need to control yourself unless you want to die," Xun snorted, but she didn't disappear.

    "I'll try, but I can't guarantee it. You've been with me the longest, so you're kinda my first wife that I love the most," Long Chen chuckled.

    Xun just stood there stunned.

    She couldn't help but remember a similar scene.

    "You've been with me the longest. You're the only family I have, Xun," the words of Tian Shen floated in her head.

    "Hey? Why are you in a daze? Let's go to the top floor," Long Chen told her.

    "Oh, right," Xun came out of her daze and looked towards him as she said.

    Long Chen walked to the top floor, and he again saw a fountain.

    "I'm starting to see a pattern here. The first building had libraries on all floors, and this place had fountains on all floors. What does this one do?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "This should be the Blessed Water of Phoenix. How can a sect in the mortal realm have it?" Xun exclaimed in shock.

    "Blessed Water of Phoenix?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "When a phoenix blesses the water with its prayers, that becomes the blessed water of Phoenix. Although this water isn't as miraculous as the Phoenix Essence or the Phoenix Blood, it's still an incredible treasure," Xun said.

    "What are its effects?" Long Chen asked her.

    "You can't drink more than a sip of this water, but even a single sip is enough to increase the range of your Divine Sense, and it will increase your comprehension as well, making it easier for you to comprehend difficult skills," Xun responded.

    "Also, before you ask, I'll tell you that you can't collect it and take some of it with you," Xun added. Long Chen nodded his head.

    "If I'm not wrong, this should be a place where new disciples were brought when they joined the sect. They got their impurities cleaned on the first floor, their ailments treated on the second floor, and their comprehension boosted on the 3rd floor," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the fountain.

    "That would make sense," Xun responded.

    Long Chen stepped towards the fountain and took a sip of the water.

    Even though he didn't feel much change, he noticed that the range of his divine sense was increased when he tried to use it.

    There was a 20% increase in the range of his Divine Sense. Even though he couldn't feel the improvement in his comprehension, he was sure that it was the case as he believed Xun's words.

    "This trip is turning out to be really beneficial for me," Long Chen let out with a bright smile.

    "Now, all I need is to find some incredible treasures, and I would be set for killing Lang Jing," he added.

    "There are two more buildings here. Maybe one of these will have the treasures," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "I hope so," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards the stairs. He couldn't help but look back at the fountain one last time before leaving. He didn't want to leave the fountain behind, but there was no choice.

    Long Chen walked out of the building and teleported on the ground.

    He walked to the 3rd building that only had the ground floor and the 1st floor.

    Long Chen climbed the stairs, and after he was halfway through, he teleported to the top.

    Long Chen entered the building and saw nothing but ash there.

    It seemed as if this whole place was burnt down, and only ash had left.

    "What the heck happened here?" Long Chen muttered in confusion as he walked in deeper. He looked at the grey ash everywhere.

    "Even I can't understand. Maybe someone burnt this place down for some reason?" Xun replied.

    "Why this place and not the other place? What did this place have that warranted for it to be burnt like this? The other buildings are left intact. Even the library wasn't burnt down," Long Chen let out as he looked around, but no matter what he tried, he found no clue.

    Long Chen decided to go to the second floor, and it was the same. Nothing was left but ash on the ground.

    "Hmm? a mask?" Long Chen muttered as he saw a piece of mask lying on the ground. He picked up the piece.

    "A half piece of a mask? There doesn't seem to be anything special about the mask, though," Long Chen muttered as he observed the mask.

    "It looks like a piece that broke off from the main mask. Maybe someone fought here, and the piece broke off?" Xun muttered.

    "Maybe, that's possible as well," Long Chen replied.

    He tossed the piece of the mask back in his storage ring.

    Long Chen left the building and went down before walking to the last building in that area.

    He stepped up the 60th step on the stairs, but he didn't use teleport this time. He wanted to see how much stronger he had become after washing his impurities.

    He kept going higher, but on the 69th step, he gave up. He felt as if he was at his limit. There was no way he could face stronger gravity.

    He finally used teleport and teleported to the top of the building.

    Long Chen pushed the door open and entered inside, but it was nothing like he had expected.

    From the outside, it seemed as if the building had two floors, but it was clear as he entered that the building had no floors.

    As he looked up, he only saw the room that was higher than it should have been.

    "I got to say; they fooled me," Long Chen muttered.

    Even though there were no floors above him, there were stairs. The only difference was that instead of going up, the stairs were going down.

    "There should be an underground location here," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards the stairs.

    He went down and found himself in a tunnel-like place. The floor was uneven, but there was light in that place.

    He walked deeper into the tunnel, and after walking for over 10 minutes, he saw a hall like place.

    "What the f*** is that?!" Long Chen exclaimed in shock as he saw what laid ahead of him.

    He had expected treasures, but not this.
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