393 Chapter 393: Spiri

    Long Chen saw what he never expected to see here. Even Xun was stunned.

    "What the heck is this place? I thought that the place would have treasures, but this?" Long Chen exclaimed with a frown on his face.

    "I have a possible explanation for this," Xun responded.

    "An explanation for having so many skeletons at the end of this building? I have a few assumptions as well," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back towards Xun.

    "Yes. There is a possibility that it was a place that was used as a prison to punish the bad Disciples, right? Every sect has a place like that. Normally, the disciples are released after their punishment duration is over, but the calamity struck before that," Xun said.

    "Either these people were killed by whatever destroyed the sect, and only their skeletons remained, or they survived, but with no way to escape, they died here. Their bodies deteriorated, and only their skeletons remained after thousands of years," she further added.

    "I was thinking the same thing. So these should be the skeletons of the disciples. I wonder what happened to the Sect. I heard that even the bodies of the cultivators of the Divine Heaven Sect had disappeared. All that was left behind was their treasures and their clothes. It sounds like their bodies disintegrated into thin air. At Least, these guys had their skeletons intact, but they didn't even have those," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "Let's leave. There's nothing useful here. Unfortunately, no treasures at all," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and left the place.

    He went upstairs and left the building before teleporting down to the ground.

    "Chu Miao, I'm done. We can leave," Long Chen told Chu Miao, who nodded her head.

    They started walking away.

    As they walked together, Chu Miao asked him about the other three buildings.

    "The second building had a few fountains. The water from those fountains could cure ailments of the body and purify it," Long Chen told her.

    "That sounds incredible. Didn't you bring some of it for me?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen.

    "I wanted to, but it was impossible to collect that water in anything. A person was only able to drink the water from its source. That's why I was not able to bring it with myself," Long Chen replied.

    "Oh, what about the other two buildings?" Long Chen asked her.

    "The other two buildings? They were useless. The 3rd building had nothing but ash. I think that someone burnt everything there,"

    "The 4th building was something like a prison, I believe. It went underground and only had skeletons there, which I believe belong to the prisoners," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Oh, I guess we still haven't found a place that contains true treasures. Let's increase our speed. Others are already ahead, and they might find treasures before us," Chu Miao said.

    Long Chen agreed with her words. They both started moving ahead, hoping to catch others.

    They walked for around 2 hours. In these 2 hours, they saw many things. They saw small lakes, gardens, beautiful statues of beasts, and many more things, but not the buildings that they were looking to find.

    Some more time passed away before they saw the wall up ahead. There was a long wall and a door at its center. The wall was only 3 meters tall, so it was clear that people didn't worry that someone would infiltrate the other side.

    Long Chen walked towards the door and tried opening it, but it was locked.

    "You can jump over the wall, right? Or do you need a rope's help again?" Long Chen glanced back at Chu Miao and asked.

    "Of course I can jump this small wall. There's a big difference between a 3-floor building and a 3-meter wall," Chu Miao replied to Long Chen.

    "Just making sure," Long Chen said as he jumped on the other side of the wall.

    Chu Miao also jumped over the wall and appeared on the other side of the wall.

    "This looks like their graveyard," Long Chen muttered as he saw the tombstone everywhere.

    "The Graveyard of incredibly powerful cultivators of the Divine Heaven Sect. We should leave. Let's not desecrate a place like this in search of treasures," Chu Miao said.

    "Yes, I was thinking the same thing. There's no way we can find anything we need here," Long Chen muttered. He was about to turn back to leave when he saw something shining at some distance.

    He walked deeper into the graveyard after that thing.

    "Hey, wait. Don't go there. Let's just leave," Chu Miao called out, but Long Chen didn't stop.

    He walked towards the shiny object and picked it up.

    "An earring?" he muttered as he observed the earring that he found.

    "It should be an Earth grade treasure. Not a bad find," Xun informed Long Chen.

    "It feels creepy picking up an earring from a graveyard, but a treasure as a treasure," Long Chen muttered as he put the earring in his storage ring.

    Now that Long Chen stood at the center of the Graveyard, he was able to see a cave at the end of it.

    "I see a cave. Come here," Long Chen informed Chu Miao. He kept his voice loud so that it could reach her.

    Chu Miao hesitatingly walked towards him.

    "There's a cave there. We should explore that as well. There might be something useful there," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the cave.

    It didn't take them long to get to the cave. Both of them entered the cave together.

    As Long Chen walked deeper into the cave, he found it mostly empty. He only found something significant when he got to the end of the cave.

    There was a coffin lying at the end, and a girl was sitting in front of the casket.

    Long Chen recognized the dress. It belonged to the cultivators of the Devil Worshipping Sect.

    "Are you a disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect? What are you doing here alone?" Long Chen asked her. He could only see her back, so he didn't know who the girl was.

    The girl stood up slowly and turned back. Long Chen finally saw her face.

    "You weren't in the team of 9 of the Devil Worshipping Sect? Wait a minute, are you the girl that disappeared? Your senior brother and the others have been quite worried for you," Long Chen informed her.

    "Do you bleed?" the girl didn't answer him; instead, she asked a question of her own.

    "We all bleed," Long Chen replied to her, but he found something strange. He was having a feeling as if he was in danger.

    He looked at the girl suspiciously and instantly took out his King's Sword.

    "Who are you? Long Chen asked her as she pointed his sword towards the girl.

    "If you bleed, can you bleed for me?" the girl asked another question without answering.

    "I won't bleed for you, but I will definitely make you bleed if you don't answer me," Long Chen told her.

    "I don't bleed," the girl said.

    "Please bleed for me. Mamma needs to wake up!" the girl said in a soft voice.

    "What are you saying? Who is mamma?" Long Chen muttered in confusion.

    "Long Chen, you need to stay careful. If I'm not wrong, a spirit has taken over the body of the girl. She must be talking about waking up the body in the coffin by using your blood," Xun informed Long Chen.

    "Chu Miao, leave this place. It's dangerous here," Long Chen told Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao shifted her gaze between Long Chen and the girl before she decided to listen to him. She ran outside the cave.

    "Are you someone from the Divine Heaven Sect?" Long Chen asked the girl, more specifically, he asked the spirit inside her.

    "Divine Heaven Sect..." the girl muttered. Some emotions were evident in her eyes.
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