394 Chapter 394: Spirit Weapon

    "Yes, the Divine Heaven Sect. Are you someone from the Divine Heaven Sect?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "Divine Heaven Sect needs to be destroyed!" the girl abruptly roared as she looked towards the sky.

    "Why? What did they do?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "Give me blood!" the girl didn't answer and commanded Long Chen instead.

    "I'm sorry, but my blood is more precious than you can ever imagine," Long Chen told her as he shook his head.

    "Blood!" The girl roared as she pointed her finger towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen could feel an invisible force holding onto him, preventing him from moving.

    Long Chen used teleport to break through the restrictions as he appeared behind the girl and swung his sword towards her neck.

    Even though Long Chen knew that the girl was someone from the Devil Worshipping Sect and that she was under the control of a spirit, he didn't go easy on her.

    Long Chen knew that going easy on an opponent might cause his death, so he ignored everything when he fought. It didn't matter if the one that wanted to kill him was someone close to Manxiang Li; his life was on the line after all.

    Before Long Chen's sword could get near her, her head did a 180-degree turn. Even though her back was facing Long Chen, her face was also facing him.

    She caught the sword with her bare hands, but she had underestimated the power of the King's sword.

    Her hand was cut off along with her neck.

    The headless body of the girl fell down to the ground.

    "The body should be dead, but the Spirit won't die from a sword," Long Chen muttered as he observed the girl.

    After some time, a small sphere of light came out of the girl's body and took a humanoid form.

    The spirit took the form of a girl with long hair, but she had no face.

    "You destroyed my body!" the spirit shrieked. Her voice was so sharp that it managed to give a headache to Long Chen.

    "That wasn't your body, and you had already destroyed that body from what I saw. The real host of the body was already killed by you!" Long Chen told her.

    "I'll take your body and give male blood to mama!" the spirit let out as she flew towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen swung his sword, but it just passed through the body of the spirit, not harming her in the slightest. Before the Spirit could touch Long Chen, he used teleport and appeared as far away from her as possible.

    "Xun! She's a spirit; my weapons can't harm her. What can I do to stop her?!" Long Chen asked Xun as he kept dodging the spirit using teleport as he believed that she might possess him if she touched him.

    "Did you forget that you have comprehended the law of Darkness? You can touch spirits, and she should be able to touch you. She won't be able to enter your body no matter how much she tries," Xun informed Long Chen.

    "Ah, Right," Long Chen chuckled as he put the King's Sword back in his storage ring.

    He waited on his spot for the spirit to get near him, and as soon as the Spirit got near, Long Chen punched out. He used no skills. It was just a simple pinch reinforced by his Demon Monarch Physique.

    The fist landed on the Spirit, making her fly back. The spirit gave a surprised shriek as she flew back.

    "I can beat her, but how can I destroy her?" Long Chen asked Xun once more. He had thought that his attack might harm her as he was able to touch her, but it didn't seem as if she was hurt. He wasn't even sure if a spirit could feel pain.

    "There is a way for you to stop her, and I think you can definitely do it as you can catch her. You need to put the spirit inside your sword. When you do that, the spirit will be under your control, and your weapon will become a spiritual weapon," Xun said.

    "Oh? Interesting. I can put the Spirit in the Fury. That sword is a golden grade weapon and the strongest sword I have after the King's Sword," Long Chen muttered.

    "Why not in the King's Sword?" Xun asked.

    "Because King's Sword is something that belonged to the Saint King Xianwu himself. I don't want to make any changes to his sword," Long Chen muttered.

    The spirit once again flew towards him, but Long Chen didn't punch her this time. He caught the spirit's neck, preventing her from escaping.

    "Leave me!" the spirit bellowed, but Long Chen didn't respond. He also held Fury in his other hand

    "What next?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Cut your finger lightly with your sword and cut the spirit with the portion of the sword that has your blood on it," Xun told him.

    "Alright," Long Chen nodded as he cut his finger lightly.

    There was a small amount of blood on his sword now.

    Long Chen cut the spirit with the same part that had his blood on it, and surprisingly, for the first time, the Spirit roared in pain. It seemed as if it was actually harmed.

    "Leave me!" the Spirit bellowed in pain.

    The spirit started changing shape, but it looked as if she was unwilling.

    It changed form and turned back to a small sphere of light that merged with Long Chen's sword.

    Long Chen could feel that a link was established between him and his sword, similar to the link that was between him and his beasts.

    "I have a spiritual sword now," Long Chen muttered as he observed the sword with a smile on his face.

    He tried testing it.

    Long Chen commanded the sword to fly, and it began flying as it orbited around him. After testing further, he found out that he didn't even need to speak the command loudly. He just had to think of something, and the sword did it.

    The only thing that the sword couldn't do was that it was not able to go farther than 100 meters from Long Chen.

    "This should give me a great boost when I fight Lang Jing next," Long Chen muttered as he kept the Sword back in his storage ring.

    Next, he walked up to the coffin in front of him.

    Long Chen tried opening the coffin, but he wasn't able to. It seemed as if he wasn't strong enough yet.

    Long Chen put the coffin in his storage ring. He had decided to see inside it after the restriction on his powers were lifted.

    There was nothing else in that place. Long Chen looked towards the body of the girl on the ground and wondered if he should take her.

    He wasn't sure if it would make things better or worse for Manxiang Li. He ultimately decided to keep the body in his storage ring as well, but he wasn't certain that he would show it to Manxiang Li.

    After dealing with everything, Long Chen started walking towards the exit.

    As he left the cave, he saw Chu Miao standing there.

    As soon as Chu Miao saw him, she jumped into his embrace as she hugged him.

    "I'm so glad that you're safe," Chu Miao said as she breathed in relief.

    "I told you not to worry about me. It wasn't like it was anything dangerous," Long Chen said.

    "Was it difficult to defeat that thing?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen.

    "Nope. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience," Long Chen responded.

    They both separated from each other's embrace.

    "Let's continue. We still need to catch up to others," Long Chen said as he started walking towards the exit of the graveyard. Chu Miao followed after him.
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