395 Chapter 395: Attacked

    Long Chen reached the door of the graveyard and saw a key lying in front of it.

    "A key?" he muttered with a frown as he picked up the key and started observing it carefully.

    He tried putting the key in the lock of the door, but it didn't fit. He realized that it wasn't the key to this door.

    He started wondering what this key opened. As he was coming here, he didn't see anything that used a key. The only lock he saw was on the door of this graveyard, but the key didn't open it.

    "What happened?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen as she saw him stop.

    "Ah, nothing," Long Chen put the key in his storage ring and jumped on the other side of the wall.

    Chu Miao also jumped after him.

    They both continued on their journey in search of treasures.

    They were walking on the grass when Long Chen sensed the danger. He reached out his hand to his left and caught an arrow that was targeting him.

    If he hadn't been careful, the arrow would have penetrated his head and killed him.

    "Come out; you can't do anything with these weak arrows. Face me properly if you're not ashamed of yourself," Long Chen let out as he looked to his left.

    "Your reactions were quite fast. I thought this would be faster and less time consuming, but I guess that's not what's going on here," a man came out from behind the trees.

    Four more men came out as well.

    "Mighty Sword Sect. Manxiang Li was right. Your reputation as a righteous sect is really undeserving," Long Chen said.

    "Did you leave any reputation behind for us to protect? Weren't you the one that falsely accused me and our sect of forcing a girl to marry me? We both know that it was a lie that you and that bastard fabricated with Meng as your accomplice!" Ru Shan told Long Chen.

    Chu Miao looked confused as she heard their conversation.

    "That, I agree. I involved you in something that you guys didn't need to be involved in, but on my defense, it was one of you that attacked me first," Long Chen said, smilingly.

    "What do you mean? We never attacked you! Wait a minute, were you the one that killed our disciples in that valley?!" Ru Shan let out as he thought of something.

    "Yes, I was the one. Wasn't it obvious? I thought there were many witnesses that saw me use my skills related to the Dark Soul Sect," Long Chen muttered.

    "You! 5 of our disciples died because of you! You need to die for your sin!" Ru Shan roared as he attacked Long Chen, but Long Chem teleported and appeared behind Ru Shan as he swung his sword.

    The battle between 2 head disciples ended in an instant as Ru Shan's head fell off of his body.

    "You were not a match for me before and definitely not now," Long Chen muttered as he watched the dead body of Ru Shan.

    The other disciples of the Mighty Sword Sect were still in a daze. Long Chen used that advantage and killed another one of them.

    Only three disciples remained, one of whom was their vice-captain. They attacked Long Chen together, but they were all inexperienced in how to deal with Long Chen.

    Their reactions were slower, and Long Chen's teleportation made it even more difficult for them to fight him.

    One after another, they kept dying. None of them was even able to wound Long Chen.

    Soon, all of them were dead.

    "The breakthroughs because of the Natural Qi Pond really worked miracles for my strength," Long Chen muttered as he watched the dead bodies lying on the ground.

    "What were they talking about? And who is Meng?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen.

    Long Chen only replied to her with two words, "My enemy."

    "Let's continue," He further added.

    They continued on their journey, and this time, Long Chen used his Divine Sense on regular intervals so that the same thing wouldn't repeat itself.

    They walked for over an hour before they saw a crowded place.

    There was a tall tower, and many people were standing around it.

    Long Chen and Chu Miao walked up to the tower.

    "You're here. You took so long to get here," Manxiang Li saw Long Chen and walked up to him. His team followed him.

    "What's happening here? Why is everyone standing outside this place and not entering?"Long Chen asked.

    "That's because they can't enter. This place has no door and no window. There's no opening to enter it," Manxiang Li said.

    "Really? Why is everyone standing here and not leaving then? Aren't they just wasting time here? Unless there's something important here, that's stopping them from leaving?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    "Exactly. There is something here. Look at the top of that tower," Manxiang Li told Long Chen as he pointed towards the top of the tower.

    Long Chen looked at the top of the tower and saw something.

    "That?"Long Chen muttered with a frown.

    "Isn't that the Flute of War?" Chu Miao exclaimed in shock.

    "Exactly. It's one of the well-known treasures of Divine Heaven Sect when it was at its peak. They all want it," Manxiang Li said.

    "It's in the list we were given as well," Long Chen muttered as he watched the flute floating at the peak of the tower.

    "Can't they climb the tower?" Long Chen asked.

    "They tried, but it's impossible to climb the tower. That's no way to grip the walls of the tower. They tried everything they could, including their weapons as mounting treasures, but nothing worked," Manxiang Li responded.

    "Doesn't it mean that it's impossible to get the flute? Is there still a reason to stay behind?" Long Chen muttered in confusion.

    "There is. You can't see it as you're too far away, but when you get near the towers, a small sphere of light appears below your feet. A barrier also engulfs you. No other person can enter your sphere or attack you because of that barrier. No one knows what it does, but they believe that it's the key to getting to the top," Manxiang Li replied to him.

    "Interesting. Let me see for myself," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the tower.

    As they got near the tower, spheres of lights appeared below their feet. A semi-transparent barrier also surrounded each of them.

    "See? This is what I'm talking about. There is definitely a way to get that Flute, and it is somehow related to this light above our feel. They are still trying to figure out how they can use it to get to the top," Manxiang Li told Long Chen.

    Long Chen walked away from the tower and walked back again.

    "Interesting. When I move away from a certain range of the tower, this sphere disappears, and when I come closer, it appears again. It's either a neat trick just for entertainment, or it's actually related to the artifact at the top of the tower," Long Chen muttered.

    He walked closer to the tower to observe it.

    Yang Sen and Tang Jin were also standing close to the tower with their hands on it as they observed it.

    Long Chen also walked to the tower and touched it.

    The texture of the tower was way too smooth. Long Chen finally understood why no one was able to climb the tower this way.

    There were also a few specks of white on the mostly black tower.

    He was still observing it when another person stepped in the vicinity of the tower.

    As the last person entered the vicinity of the tower, there were precisely 50 disciples near the tower.

    The sphere of light below their feet started shining even more brightly.
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