398 Chapter 398: Shes dead

    "A Spirit Weapon?" Yang Sen let out with a surprised look on his face as he saw a sword blocking Tang Jin's sword, but Long Chen wasn't holding that sword. His sword was flying in the air.

    Everyone else was shocked as well. A Spirit Weapon was one of the most special types of weapons that had a soul of its own. Although a Spirit Weapon was not super strong compared to other weapons of similar grade, it was much more useful for a cultivator as it could defend them and attack the opponents without them having a need for it.

    Tang Jin moved back as he stared at the Sword flying near Long Chen.

    "That was a surprise. I didn't know that you had a treasure like that. I'll definitely take it after killing you!" Tang Jin said as he again attacked Long Chen, but this time he used a martial skill.

    "Wind Blades!" He muttered. A few invisible blades appeared near him, made entirely from dense winds.

    The Wind Blades attacked Long Chen, which were supposed to make it difficult for Long Chen to escape, but Tang Jin didn't know that Long Chen had also comprehended Wind Essence. Even though his comprehension was only minor, he was able to feel the blades coming towards him.

    He gestured for his Spirit Sword, and it accordingly dealt with the wind blades.

    "How did you find the blades!" Tang Jin exclaimed in shock, but Long Chen had already disappeared from his position and appeared behind Tang Jin.

    Tang Jin sensed the danger and moved to the left, barely dodging Long Chen's King's Sword, but he hadn't expected the Spirit Sword to be waiting on the other side of the mountain.

    The Spirit Sword stabbed Tang Jin's stomach but missed his vitals as he managed to make a slight adjustment to his trajectory at the end moment.

    Long Chen was about to deal the finishing blow when he abruptly used teleport.

    An orb of red flame passed through where he was just standing.

    He appeared in a different spot.

    "What's the benefit of attacking from behind? Come to the front as well," Long Chen told Yang Sen, who had attacked him.

    "I must say your speed is too fast, even for my eyes. I didn't see you move at all. It feels so surreal," Yang Sen muttered as he stepped forth with a blade in his hand.

    "No matter how fast you are, you'll die!" Yang Sen let out as he attacked once more.

    "Palm of Judgemental Blessing!"

    A giant golden palm appeared above Long Chen's head and fell on top of him, crushing everything in its path. The palm disappeared as it left a deep crater on the ground, but Yang Sen wasn't happy.

    He looked back and saw the Spirit Sword coming towards him. The Sword struck his chest but wasn't able to harm him.

    "A Gold Grade Sword can never break my barrier. Even an Earth Grade treasure can't do it. It's something made using our Sect's Defensive artifact and reinforced by our core skill," Yang Sen laughed, but he heard a scream.

    He looked to his side and saw Tang Jin lying dead on the ground.

    "Good. Done with one idiot, I can focus on another," Long Chen muttered as he looked at Yang Sen.

    "You can dodge my attacks with your speed, but it won't last long. Your Qi will definitely be depleted, whereas my barrier will be unbreakable for days. Silently accept your death!" Yang Sen told Long Chen.

    "Let me try that unbreakable defense of yours!" Long Chen muttered as he teleported near Yang Sen and attacked with his King's sword.

    "Hahaha, it's a futile effort," Yang Sen laughed, but his face was immediately covered in pain as his barrier was broken. A deep sword wound was left behind on his chest.

    "H-how," He was so shocked at his barrier being broken that he didn't even react as Long Chen's Spirit Sword penetrated his chest.

    "Arrogance begets death," Long Chen told Yang Sen right before he closed his eyes.

    "Alright. Now it's time to kill all of you as well," Long Chen said as he looked towards the rest of the disciples.

    "W-we didn't even do anything!" The other disciples said as they stepped back.

    Long Chen teleported behind the person who said it and sliced his head off of his body.

    "Well, I just killed two heirs of 2 of the strongest sects. I feel like killing you as well; otherwise, you might go out and try to create difficulty for me. Don't think that I didn't see you guys getting your weapons ready," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    He attacked the disciples nearby. His Spirit Sword also killed the disciples one after another.

    The ground was covered in a massive amount of blood that seeped out of the bodies of the disciples that Long Chen had killed.

    He killed all of them except the disciples of the Devil Worshipping Sect and Chu Miao.

    "Aren't you going to kill us as well?" Manxiang Li asked as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "I believe you. And I'm sure that you'll teach your fellow disciples not to spill the beans as well," Long Chen chuckled.

    "I don't care who you killed. I would've killed most of them myself, but I must say, that was interesting, to say the least," Manxiang Li said.

    "What was interesting?" Long Chen asked.

    "I knew that you were strong, but I realized that I underestimated you when you defeated Jichuan last time, but that wasn't enough for you, was it? It turns out that I was still underestimating you. I wouldn't even be able to kill Tang Jin alone, let alone killing both, Tang Jin and Yang Sen," He said.

    "I expected them to come after me for the flute, so it was clear that I had to eliminate them all right here. Anyway, now there's less competition for the treasures," Long Chen let out.

    "What less competition? There's only my team left other than your team, and I would only be crazy to consider fighting you for treasures. We can search for it, and if luck wills it, I'll get some, but if I had to face you for them, then you can have them," Manxiang Li chuckled.

    "I found the girl that you were looking for," Long Chen abruptly said. He decided that he didn't need to be worried about it. At Least he could give Manxiang Li some closer this way.

    "What, girl? Do you mean my Junior Sister?" Manxiang Li asked eagerly.

    "Yeah,"Long Chen replied.

    "Where is she?! Please tell me she's safe," Manxiang Li asked Long Chen in concern.

    "She's dead," Long Chen replied. Manxiang Li's face lost all its color.

    "S-she is dead?" Manxiang Li muttered.

    "Yeah. She was already dead when I got there. A Spirit was possessing her body. I'm not sure how she got in the graveyard of the Divine Heaven Sect," Long Chen told him.

    "In the graveyard? I need to go see her right now!" Manxiang Li let out as he turned back to leave.

    "You don't need to go. I brought her body here," Long Chen told him as he brought out the body of the girl.

    Manxiang Li looked back and saw a body lying on the ground.

    He walked up to the girl and put her body in his storage ring without giving many reactions.

    "Are you alright?" Long Chen asked him as he saw his blank look.

    "It's nothing. Let's go," Manxiang Li said as he started walking ahead.

    Long Chen also went in a similar direction with Chu Miao.

    That walked through the Sect for a day. They saw nothing but desert, but on the next day, they found a small hut at the end of that desert.
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