402 Chapter 402: Treasure Hall?

    "That's possible, but..."

    "No buts. I'll show you what it does in the future. This is not the place to be taking the risk," Long Chen said to her in a calm tone.

    "Also, before you ask, I'll tell you, if this formation is bad and we are injured or trapped, it would be much worse than being trapped in the forest. There's no need to be that eager," he added.

    "Alright," Chu Miao nodded her head with an understanding look on her face.

    "Let's continue. We still haven't found their treasure hall or their Skill Hall. No benefit in wasting time," Long Chen said as he started walking ahead. Chu Miao ran after him.

    They walked for over 24 hours without seeing anything.

    Chu Miao abruptly dropped to her knees midway. She looked exhausted

    "I can't take it for longer. It has been days since we entered this place, and I haven't rested properly. Can we rest for at least a few hours?" Chu Miao said to Long Chen.

    "Alright. Let's rest here," Long Chen muttered as he walked to a tree and sat under its shade.

    Chu Miao stood up and walked to him. She sat beside him.

    "Just how big was the Divine Heaven sect? We would have covered our Dark Soul Sect so many times if we walked this much, and somehow it feels like we aren't even halfway through the Divine Heaven Sect," Chu Miao complained.

    Long Chen looked towards her.

    "I can understand what you mean. This place is really too big. To be able to establish such a big sect and maintain its sovereignty at that time must be tough, but the Divine Heaven Sect clearly handled it well from what I heard," Long Chen said.

    "Which is even strange considering how they were wiped out like this. The enemy must be someone really frightening," Chu Miao said.

    "Or maybe they left and abandoned the sect for some reason. Whatever happened, it changed the history of this continent," she added.

    Long Chen brought the formation plate out of his storage ring and started observing it, whereas Chu Miao fell asleep as she was already sleepy because of not sleeping for long.

    'Do you understand anything about it?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "I've seen a few formation plates when I was with Tian Shen, but nothing like that one. Its energy lines don't match the ones that I have seen. After seeing the energy lines, I can also guess that it contains less power compared to the ones I saw, which makes sense as the ones I saw were from higher realms,' She replied.

    "It sucks that I don't know anything about formation and formation plates," He muttered in disappointment as he put the formation plate back in his storage ring.

    "Don't worry; it's never too late to start learning. There should be many places that teach formations," Xun said.

    "I don't have time to waste there, but maybe when I'm free in the future," Long Chen replied.

    He also closed his eyes and took a small nap. Just like others, he hadn't slept in a while, either. He decided to sleep for a few hours now that he had time.

    Seven hours passed away, and both of them were still sleeping.

    After 8 hours passed away, Chu Miao woke up.

    "I'm sorry, I fell asleep. Let's continue," she said as she stood up, but she was surprised as she saw Long Chen sleeping.

    "You were tired as well, weren't you? You just didn't show it," She chuckled as she sat down again.

    She didn't try to wake Long Chen up and just waited on the side.

    Two more hours passed away before Long Chen woke up. He stretched his arms as he yawned.

    "That felt good," he muttered.

    "Oh, you're up. Let's go," Long Chen told Chu Miao, who nodded her head.

    They both continued ahead.


    Manxiang Li and his team were the only ones that were still alive in the Divine Heaven Sect other than Long Chen and Chu Miao after Long Chen slaughtered everyone.

    He knew that he wouldn't argue with Long Chen to distribute the treasures if they found it. He knew that he would just let Long Chen keep it, that's why Manxiang Li had decided to walk a different path.

    They also had some lucky encounters along the way and found some rare fruits that were highly beneficial to them.

    Even though the benefits were excellent, they suffered some losses as well.

    Manxiang Li's team only had four people remaining, including Manxiang Li, when they separated from Long Chen. Still, after finding the fruits and smiling at their luck, they walked into a trap formation unknowingly.

    Amongst those four people, 2 of them were killed in that trap.

    Now the team of Devil Worshipping Sect also had only two people remaining. They were Manxiang Li and a female disciple, Lin Mina.

    The deaths had made them realize how ignorant they were. They understood that there are traps in the sect, which can cause their deaths if they are not careful.

    Manxiang Li had ordered Lin Mina to stay closer to him all the time.


    Outside the Divine Heaven Sect, all the Elders were sitting on a mat, waiting for the disciples to come out.

    "It's been five days already. Only nine days are left. I'm sure that half the disciples that entered should be dead by now. Most of them should be of Dark Soul Sect this time though." the Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect said with a smirk on her face.

    Mi Yao didn't react to her provocation and just looked towards the sect.


    Long Chen and Chu Miao walked for 7 hours before they had to stop again.

    There was a lake in front of them that blocked their path.

    "You know how to swim, right?" Long Chen asked Chu Miao.

    "Yes," Chu Miao said as she nodded her head.

    "Good. Because we need to cross the river," Long Chen muttered as he jumped into the river. The flow of the river was slow, so it wasn't difficult for Long Chen to swim in it.

    The river was 1000 meters wide, though, which took him some time to cross it.

    Long Chen walked out of the other side of the river. He looked back and saw Chu Miao in the middle of the river. Her speed was much slower, so she took twice the time Long Chen took.

    She stepped out of the river as well.

    Her clothes were wet and embracing her body as tightly as they could, which highlighted her figure perfectly.

    "Wait a minute. I'll be right back," Chu Miao told Long Chen as she walked away from him. Long Chen lost her view ultimately.

    Two minutes passed, but she didn't come back.

    "Where is she?" Long Chun frowned as he spread his divine sense to find her, but he immediately stopped it when he found her. He saw her without clothes. Her wet clothes were lying on the ground, and she was about to wear the dry clothes

    "I should've guessed that she went to change clothes. I should do it too," Long Chen muttered as he started changing his clothes as well.

    Chu Miao came back, and Long Chen had also changed his clothes by then.

    "Sorry for taking longer," Chu Miao apologized.

    "It's alright. These things take time," Long Chen muttered.

    They left the place and walked ahead in search of treasures that they wanted.

    After only 2 hours, they got to a place. It was a giant building that was two times bigger than the biggest building he had seen in the sect.

    "That should be an important place. Most probably their Treasure Hall," Long Chen said, smilingly as he walked towards the building.
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