405 Chapter 405: The Trapped Man

    "The flute of war is already the 2nd ranked item on the list. We're pretty lucky to have found it already," Long Chen said to her.

    'Also, it's not like I'm going to give anything to the sect even if I found the items,' he thought.

    "It's not bad, but we shouldn't stop looking. There are still so many things to discover. We've barely scratched the surface of the sect," Chu Miao said to Long Chen.

    "That's true, but even still, the rewards have been pretty substantial," Long Chen said as he walked further.

    They got to another forest after walking for some more time.

    They were in a forest at the moment, and the ground was covered from the dry leaves of the trees that fell down.

    Their feet fell on the twigs and broken branches of the trees, which kept making noises the more they walked.

    For the first time in a while, they heard the sound of something that was not their own.

    It was the buzzing sound that was coming closer to them.

    Long Chen looked to his left in curiosity and saw a group of giant bees coming towards him.

    He brought Fury out of his storage ring and sent the sword to take care of the bees.

    "Thunder Blade!" Long Chen muttered as he raised his hand towards the sky and made it fall in the direction of the bees.

    The sky was covered in dark clouds that started roaring, and a massive thunderbolt left the deep embrace of the cloud and fell on the group of giant bees like a heavenly punishment.

    The thunderbolt managed to kill most of the bees, whereas Fury killed the ones that had separated from their groups.

    The spirit sword came back to him after killing all the bees.

    Long Chen caught the sword.

    "Good job, Fury," Long Chen muttered as he put the sword back in his storage ring.

    "What happened?" Long Chen asked Chu Miao, who was looking towards him. Her face looked as if it had lost all its colors.

    She raised her hand and pointed towards Long Chen.

    "B-behind you!" She said.

    Long Chen turned back and saw a bee that was ten times bigger than the previous bees.

    It seemed to be much more powerful, as well. From what Long Chen understood, she was a Sky Realm beast.

    "It should be their king or queen. It doesn't matter, though. It's going to be in the same condition as its family is in," Long Chen muttered as he brought out Fury once more.

    Fury started flying towards the bee, but Long Chen didn't leave it at that.

    He also used the Thunder Blade as the sky again darkened.

    Long Chen teleported to the left of the giant bee.

    "7 Forms of Saint Sword: 6th Form!" he muttered as he swung his sword.

    A bright arc of light left his sword and moved towards the bee.

    Three things were targeting the giant bee at the same time.

    From the sky, the Giant Thunderbolt fell on top of its body, whereas from the front, the Spirit Sword cut off its wings.

    Lastly, Long Chen's sword attack cut the bee in half.

    "Amazing. You killed a sky realm beast with such ease," Chu Miao exclaimed.

    "When the opponent might be stronger, it's best to overwhelm them," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and looked towards Chu Miao.

    "That's a strategy, but it would not work on the opponent who is as versatile as you," She said as she chuckled.

    "I don't even know if it's possible for anyone to defeat you," She added.

    "That's not true. As much as I hate it, I've been defeated before?" Long Chen said as he sent the King's Sword and the Spirit sword back to his storage ring.

    "Oh, really? He must have a way higher cultivation than you, I'm sure," Chu Miao let out as she shook her head.

    "That's true. He had stronger cultivation, but that doesn't work as an excuse. One shouldn't be defeated no matter how strong the opponent is. Only then will the person be truly considered strong," Long Chen said.

    "There's no one in the world that can remain undefeated against a person at higher realms. There are mountains beyond mountains. You should already be invincible at the same Cultivation Realm. From what I've seen, you can even defeat some of those that are in the higher cultivation realm," she said.

    "Let's leave that topic. It's too broad, and I feel like we'll never get to a conclusion since you find me invincible, and I find myself trapped for not being invincible," Long Chen said as he continued walking ahead.

    "It's so difficult to understand your words," she muttered as she looked at his back before she started following him.


    In the Dark Soul Sect, Lang Jing was sitting in his room.

    Another person was sitting in front of him, wearing a mask.

    "You know how important it is, right?"  the masked man said.

    "I know. The person I sent will definitely achieve the target. Rest assured," Lang Jing told him.

    "Good. If we're successful, then everything will change. Things will become how they should be," the masked man said.

    "On the other hand, if it fails, then we won't have any other chance," Chu Miao said.

    "We won't fail, Father. Everything is going according to plan so far. Now we just need that last piece to fall into place, and we will be set," Lang Jing said as he smiled.

    "She still doesn't know, does she?" the masked man asked.

    "She's naive. She has no idea what's going to happen. Her face would be worth seeing when everything unfolds," Lang Jing said.


    The Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect was sitting in her room. She was looking at a paper and frowning.

    "This shouldn't be," she muttered as she crushed the paper and threw it towards the wall.

    She looked towards the moon that was rising high in the sky from her window.


    Far away in the distant horizon, there was a big island. Many people were living on that island. All of those people had high cultivation.

    There was a giant black tower on the Island.

    This tower was used to imprison the people, and in one of the cells of the tower, a man was sitting in darkness.

    He was shirtless, and there were many wounds on his body.

    Some of these were sword wounds, whereas some looked as if they were made because of being beaten by a whip.

    The man had long black hair that looked ruff at the moment. Half of his face was covered because of the hairs, but if someone moved the hairs to the side and exposed the face of the man, they would have been able to see the face of a bearded man. The face seemed to contain similarities to Long Chen's face.

    There was a peculiar mark on the back of the man, which wasn't visible because of the darkness.

    The man had his eyes closed as he didn't seem to care about anything around him. His hands were tied together, whereas his legs were tied to the walls using a chain.

    The condition of the man was proving that he had been here for a long time.

    The metallic door of the cell opened with a creaking noise. The imprisoned man heard the sound of footsteps, but he didn't open his eyes.

    It was a woman that had stepped inside the cell. She had beautiful blue hair, but her eyes were as dark as the abyss

    "Are you still not going to cooperate with us?"  the girl asked the man.

    The man didn't respond and kept silent.

    "You know, the higher-ups don't care if you agree or not. This is something that's going to happen, no matter what," The girl said.
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