406 Chapter 406: Ancestor

    "They don't need your permission to get what they want from you, if they needed that, they would have long ago kidnapped your family and forced you to listen to them," The girl said.

    The man still didn't say anything.

    "You aren't going to listen, are you?" The girl muttered.

    "Anyway, it's going to be the time soon. It's something that will happen if you want it or not," she said before she left.

    The man finally opened his eyes and raised his gaze upwards. His eye color seemed to match Long Chen's eyes as well.


    Long Chen raised his gaze and looked towards the sky. He saw a dark cloud. It was the first time he saw a natural dark cloud after he had entered the Divine Heaven Sect. Even though dark clouds appeared when he used his Thunder Blade, they were different.

    Even though the wind was flowing, the cloud wasn't moving in the least as if it was stuck in its position.

    Chu Miao had walked further, but she stopped and turned back.

    "What happened?" she asked Long Chen.

    "Did you find it's alignment wrong as well?" She chuckled as she joked around.

    Long Chen didn't reply to her, and he simply looked down towards the place where the cloud's shadow was falling.

    He walked to that place.

    "This should be the place," he muttered as he stood at the center of the cloud's shadow.

    He brought his Fury out and put it on duty to dig the ground.

    His Spirit Sword started removing the soil from the ground and kept digging deeper.

    Chu Miao just watched everything happen before her eyes with a curious look on her face.

    After ten minutes of digging, Long Chen heard a metallic sound.

    "There it is," he muttered as he stepped forth and removed some of the soil using his own hang and brought a small box out of the ground.

    The box was the size of a book.

    "You found a treasure? How is that so easy for you?" Chu Miao muttered as she stepped closer to Long Chen.

    Long Chen opened the top of the small box and brought out the item from inside.

    "A paper?" Chu Miao said with a weird look on her face.

    Long Chen smiled as he put the paper in his storage ring along with the box.

    "Aren't you going to read what's on that paper? I think I saw a glimpse of some words," Chu Miao asked Long Chen.

    "You won't be wrong if you think that way. The paper has some words," Long Chen said.

    "Really? Why didn't you read them?" She asked.

    "It's not the right time yet. There will come a time for it," Long Chen muttered.

    "Why do I feel like you knew about this? Is there something that we weren't you in the briefing, but you were told?" Chu Miao said.

    "I'm the head disciple. What do you think?" Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "I think that you knew about it and where to find it," She said.

    "You might be right," Long Chen replied.

    "Can you tell me what that letter is then? This curiosity is eating me up," she said.

    "The letter is something that will get me to what I truly need. It's a key," Long Chen said as he put the Spirit Sword back in his storage ring.

    "The letter is a key to get you to your destination? Does it have the directions to get to what you need? Oh, I get it. It should have the instructions to open some lock," she exclaimed after she thought about his words.

    "Yeah, something like that," Long Chen said as he started walking ahead.

    'Since I found that cloud, that thing shouldn't be far away. I wonder how Lang Jing even got this information. This information shouldn't be something that should be allowed to escape the walls of the sect,' He thought as he moved to his left.

    He kept going further and ultimately got to a Black Barrier. Nothing was visible inside, and he couldn't see on the other side of it.

    "Another barrier? Let's walk around it. I don't want to be trapped inside again," Chu Miao said to Long Chen.

    "That's not it. It's not a place I can skip as it's my destination," Long Chen muttered as he told her.

    "Your destination? You mean the one you talked about when you got that later?" She inquired.

    "Yeah. You stay outside. I'll go inside alone. You might die if you enter," He told her.

    "What about you? Why are you entering if it's so dangerous?" Chu Miao asked.

    "I'm stronger. I should be fine, but I won't be able to take care of you if you come as well. I'll be right back. Just wait here," he told her as he walked towards the barrier.

    Long Chen stood near the barrier and brought out the paper that he had found previously.

    He unfolded the paper and started reading from it.

    "Heaven is divine, and the Divine is human. The Ancient is past, and the past is dead. O Merciful Lord, let this person enter to see the full glory of the Divine. Akhumba Mikaaku Xalami Sensen Kekeni," Long Chen read from the letter.

    A door like opening appeared in the barrier. Long Chen stepped forward and entered the barrier.

    Chu Miao thought for a while if she should let Long Chen enter alone when she saw a barrier open in front of him.

    She ran towards him, but Long Chen had entered, and the barrier returned to normal.

    "I hope you will be safe," She muttered as she looked towards the dark barrier.

    Long Chen appeared on the other side of the barrier and found himself in a barren land.

    There was no Qi in the place. Although there were trees, they were all dead.

    "Exactly as described. It's scary how accurate Lang Jing's information is. This place is just as he described. Someone from the Divine Heaven Sect must've leaked this information which somehow found its way to Lang Jing and no other Sect," he muttered as he stepped forth.

    He started his journey alone into the depths of that gloomy place.

    Long Chen felt a mental message suddenly. The Snake Monarch was asking Long Chen to bring him out of the storage ring.

    Long Chen guessed that it wouldn't work because of the sect restriction, but it worked this time.

    He managed to bring out the Snake Monarch from his storage ring.

    'Looks like this place don't have the restrictions of the sect,' he though

    "What were you talking about? Why are you so eager to come out," Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch.

    "What is this place? Where are we?" the Snake Monarch asked.

    "We are in the Divine Heaven Sect. What happened?"

    "I feel my bloodline getting excited as if there's something really useful here for me here. Let me stay with you," The Snake Monarch said.

    "Alright," Long Chen nodded.

    He continued walking further before he saw something. It looked like the shredded skin of a giant snake.

    "There it is!" The snake monarch excitedly said as it increased its speed.

    "What is that?" Long Chen asked.

    "It is something that belongs to my ancestor, I think. When we die, we leave our skin behind where our body turns to Qi and gets one with nature," Snake Monarch said.

    "Is that thing useful for you?" Long Chen asked.

    "Useful? It's super useful to me! I can absorb it, and I'll bring a Mid Sky Realm beast!" Snake Monarch said excitedly.

    "Really?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    "What's so shocking about it? The ancestor that was here should be a heaven realm beast. Even though the skin doesn't have any Qi, since I have the same species, I might absorb it to fasten my growth. Be happy kid, You'll be the friend of a sky realm beast!" the Snake Monarch proudly said.
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