407 Chapter 407: Growth

    "A Sky Realm beast? That would be amazing and helpful," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    The Snake Monarch slid over towards the skin lying over the dry leaves, amidst the cracking sound of the branches that came under his body.

    "Finally, I will become the boss! When fluffy sees my Strength, she will bow down to me and beg me to become the boss! I'll become their leader," The Snake Monarch laughed out loud. Long Chen managed to hear his words and couldn't help but smile wryly.

    The Snake Monarch positioned its body in such a way that it was lying over the skin on the ground.

    He began the process of absorbing the skin.

    The Snake Monarch's body started shining brightly as it slowly absorbed the skin and its Strength.

    "I wonder how long it will take for everything to be finished," Long Chen muttered as he looked around.

    "I know what this place has that Lang Jing wants, but I can't understand why the Divine Heaven Sect will have a gloomy place like this. It feels like a weird place, and there's no Qi here either. I can't cultivate either. If I use my Qi, I wouldn't be able to replenish it as long as I'm here," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards a nearby tree.

    "The trees are all dead, which is understandable as this place doesn't have any Qi, but, strangely, these trees managed to grow even without the Qi. I wonder if this place was always like this, or it turned like this some time ago," Long Chen said as he touched the tree.

    He could've left Snake Monarch behind and go ahead in order to explore further while it absorbed the strength, but even though he was told that there would be no beast here, he didn't leave the snake Monarch for even a second as he was still worried about its safety.

    He sat near the tree and watched the Snake Monarch's process without taking his eyes off.

    "A sky realm beast, the fight against Lang Jing just got a whole lot easier. As long as Lang Jing is as strong as I expect him to be, this should be an easy battle now," He muttered.

    The Snake Monarch kept shining brighter and brighter as it started growing in size.

    Soon, it got much bigger than Long Chen had ever seen it before. Even when the Snake Monarch fought the beast of Jichuan, he hadn't been as big.

    Long Chen was unsure if it was because he was never forced to show it's full size or his ability to get bigger became stronger because of its increase in Cultivation.

    "If my second assumption is true, then wouldn't that mean that he would be big enough to swallow the planet if he reaches the highest realm? He even has the ancient bloodline, " Long Chen muttered as he stared at the Snake Monarch.

    Soon, two black wings came out of the Snake Monarch's back and started growing along with its body.

    "Wings?" Long Chen muttered in surprise.

    "Of course, he's going to have wings. Everyone from Ancient Snake Monarch Species develops wings when they become a sky realm beast," Xun replied to him.

    "Really? So he can fly now?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

    " That's a stupid question. Have you ever heard of a beast that has wings but can't fly? He should be able to fly," Xun replied.

    'I saw some animal and birds like that in my previous life, but I guess there's nothing like that in this world,' he thought

    After 3 hours, the Snake Monarch stopped getting bigger. It also stopped shining.

    "Hahahaha, I succeeded. This King is a Sky Realm Beast now! Little Man, where are you? Come bow down to this King's glory," The Snake Monarch laughed as it looked around to find Long Chen and saw him sitting near a tree.

    "Congrats on the breakthrough," Long Chen congratulated the Snake Monarch.

    "That's right. Be glad that you know this king," the Snake Monarch said as it started getting smaller and got back to its tiny size.

    He started sliding towards Long Chen.

    "Alright. I'm going back to that place. Let me brag... I mean, show this King's power to fluffy," the Snake Monarch said.

    Long Chen chuckled as he sent the Snake Monarch back to his storage ring.

    He stood up and continued on his search.


    The Snake Monarch entered the Beast Region and flew towards the place where the other beasts stayed.

    "This King is back," he announced as he flew in front of them.

    Orion stared at the Snake Monarch.

    Little Snow opened her eyes and looked towards the Snake Monarch. She stood up and ran towards the Snake Monarch.

    "Hehehe, You have finally seen this King's full glory, fluffy. That's right. Bow before this king. You aren't bad; this King will make you his assistant. You can handle my business-related matters and look for food for this king," the Snake Monarch said.

    He was waiting for her to praise him when she jumped over the Snake Monarch and landed on his back.

    "Hey, Fluffy! Get down this instant," the Snake Monarch said as he turned his head and looked at Little Snow.

    "What the heck? Was your father the Sleep God? How can you sleep on this King's back? This King is not your ride," the Snake Monarch bellowed as he started shaking his body.


    Little Snow whimpered as she opened her eyes in curiosity.

    "What let me sleep?! I'm not your bed! This King is a Sky Realm Beast now!" the Snake Monarch said.

    Little Snow made another small noise as she looked at the Snake Monarch.

    "That's right. This King doesn't want you to sleep on me!" the Snake Monarch said.

    Little Snow stood up and jumped down as she walked back to her tree in disappointment. She sat under the tree.

    "Is this King the only one who's smart and mature here?" the Snake Monarch muttered as he looked towards the sky and sighed.

    It landed on the ground and made its body smaller once more.

    The Dark Horned Armored Rhino came to the Snake Monarch.

    "You're the only one who's the least bit knowledgeable here. I wanted to make fluffy my assistant, but she's just a naive brat. This King will allow you the good blessing of serving me. You will be my second in command when we rule over this world!" the Snake Monarch said to the Dark Horned Armored Rhino.


    Long Chen walked to the depths of this dreadful place that didn't have a shred of life. Let alone nature; even the air felt dead.

    After walking for over 50 minutes, he got to a place that had a tombstone coming out of the ground.

    "I never thought there would come a day when I would do something like this," Long Chen muttered with a disappointed look on his face as he walked towards the tombstone.

    He caught the tombstone.

    The Tombstone was pretty tall and came up to Long Chen's shoulders, but it was two times the width of Long Chen.

    "I'm sorry for doing it," Long Chen muttered as he caught the tombstone and pulled it out of the ground.

    Long Chen took the tombstone with him as he walked ahead.

    The tombstone seemed to be as light as a feather despite its heavy-looking texture.

    As Long Chen walked further, he realized that the wind was starting to get hotter.

    The temperature was rising rapidly the further he went, and his clothes were covered in sweat by now.

    After walking for over half an hour, Long Chen found the reason for this incredible heat right before him.

    "There it is. Finally I'm there," Long Chen muttered.
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